Moving to UC Davis (in Off-topic)

three4thsforsaken September 19 2008 12:08 AM EDT

This saturday, I'm moving to UC Davis and will be sharing a IP address with 30k + students.

Just thought I'd share. Btw, are there any other CBers out there at Davis?

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] September 19 2008 12:09 AM EDT

Nope, I'm A&M College Station :)

[P]Mitt September 19 2008 12:20 AM EDT

Nope, I'm on the east coast in NJ. But you already know that :)

Good luck!

Oh and Yale sucks.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 19 2008 1:23 AM EDT

I know of at least one... and I've got another friend who is up there.

three4thsforsaken September 19 2008 1:59 AM EDT

I put this in PR, because of the IP notice. Just saying...for mulis and stuff?

Ryuzaki September 19 2008 2:04 AM EDT

Good luck! I myself will be moving to UC San Diego this weekend for those who didn't know already.

Goodfish September 19 2008 2:32 AM EDT

My brother (Badfish) and I have been playing since 2001 and we've never been accused of multi'ing. You'll be safe, although the notice is certainly nice. ;)
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