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Brakke Bres [Ow man] September 21 2008 8:37 PM EDT

Yes its strategy talk.
I want to include this strategy into the Wiki and maybe run it myself.

So this week we are viewing:

The strategy ETWW(PL) or Tank Enchanter Wall (high AC) Wall (with PL/TSA)

Enchanter carries the RoBF and is only training HP and EC, maybe some decay
With Corn, BoF (or SBs), AoI, (NSC's)

The Tank trains BL, HP, STR, Dex
His items will be a MoD, BoM and AoI, EBS, EC, tulks, HoE, TSA

Wall trains HP, SS and maybe a good measure of AMF for those pesky mages,
His items will be AC, SC, CMLS, HoD, MS, AoAC

Wall PL trains HP and PL
His items will be TSA + elvens + MGS

Choice for tattoo: RoBF, the tattoo wasn't and easy choice, because I don't like to rely on just one damage source, as a tank is susceptible to EC and GA I'm rather afraid it would die of too quick. This gives the team the option of having a 'backup' damage dealer.

Choice for weapon: With all the PL/TSA combinations the MoD is the obvious choice in the matter, its one-handed, its does double damage against AS and it ignores PL. Why no SoC? I want opponents to bash them selfs to death on my wall.

Choice for arrangement: The RoBF and the Enchanter stuck up front for one reason and that is SG. The small amount of AC upfront combined with the RoBF backed up by AMF would reduce the opponents damage done by SG to near nothing (or at least that is what I hope). At least nothing the PL/TSA can't handle.

So as you can see this team is not susceptible to DM as there are no ED to dispel.
Spread fire DD like CoC and FB are taking care of by the RoBF and the MGS and the number of minions and of course the famous TSA/PL combination.

Minion hiring is a sort of a snag here. You want your main damage dealer to be huge, so this team will probably start of as a single minion with RoE (easiest way to do so is of course SFBM). But you would lose precious EXP, which you don't want as if you have a N*B character.

Of course after hiring another minion to be the PL/TSA wall, I could turn the main minion into a tank and continue with the RoE on the tank. Maybe around 500k MPR or so? I want that PL/TSA wall to be big.

After that the question is what to hire next? the Enchanter or the Wall? or both after a while? (and I'm dirt poor so I will probably hire after a 1mil mpr or so, if you're rich this option might be open after 3mil mpr or so)
But would I continue with the RoE on the tank? or switch the RoE to smaller minions?

So does anyone see a snag in this design? And pro's or Cons? Any improvements or tips?

3D September 21 2008 9:05 PM EDT

SG? If your AC minion is up front to soak physical damage, itll get destroyed. And you have no AMF. Granted, you said you're walls will have AMF. But how much? MGS negates it for one wall. The other has massive penalties from high AC. And your Enchanter is doing EC.

3D September 21 2008 9:06 PM EDT

Ok, I forgot to look at minion order. so nevermind about what I said, but anyways I still would think SG might hurt because of the lack of AMF? or maybe CoC? because you have no ranged damage

Conquest September 21 2008 9:56 PM EDT

SG will kill your RoBF wearing enchanter if he is leading in front, PL won't keep him alive in the lead position. How do you plan on training AMF on a heavy wall as well? I don't know the ED/EO penalty off-hand, but I am sure it is no less than 30-40%.

Colonel Custard September 21 2008 11:06 PM EDT

I agree with the comments above: SG will need focused AMF to really whittle it down. I like your idea of having minimal base AC and RoBF on the front minion, but I don't think that alone will be enough magic protection.

I would go with training AMF on the Enchanter, because that's what you really want to get up high, and you can train EC on the Heavy Wall if you think it will help. EC tends to be somewhat all-or-nothing, though (either zero the opponent's stats or don't), so it may be better to just leave it out. Physical damage should be easier for your team to mitigate because the AoIs on the two front minions will make physical attacks go right through to your heavy wall (excluding specialty Xbows), who will reduce it significantly (and then it can be absorbed by your PL wall).

Good thinking, though. It's looking pretty good to me.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] September 21 2008 11:38 PM EDT

Couple of recommendations, Leading front minions with DB + high ac are nice to mitigate physical damage... 180 DB reduce opponent CTH 180 points and that's almost two hits a round.

Secondly, you can't use amf to reduce SG by very much.... you can try and try but SG will almost always overpower your wall with mgs etc. and Pl minion's ability to soak up enough damage. The only way I have found to combat SG is either huge amounts of HP + Ga or fighting fire with fire, your own SG minion.

Thirdly you want to make sure that if you go up against any Mod using tanks that your lead minion, or the one that you want to take all the damage, can take several hits. That's where those DB on the wall come in so to speak.

Of course Robf is nice to use, but have you ever tried to use it against a huge Wall? Even large Robf's get reduced by a huge amount against huge walls. It might be best to think of a junctioned EF to really dish out the hurt... Of course you are then vulnerable to Msk's but that is what you have that tank for anyways... No use using one type (and I'm going to call physical and Robf damage one type for now due to the reduction from walls for both) when you can use a DD and a Physical to hurt your opponent more than just using one type.

And if anything, if you can afford it, and if you think you can make it work... three damage dealing minions works rather well if you have the items and the cash to back up the strat.

Any of these ideas work rather well for me.... but I'm sure it could be completely different based on what you really want out of the strat and who you want to beat.

three4thsforsaken September 22 2008 1:33 AM EDT

yeah, I feel the front is definitely weak to SG. There is no way that the AMF will be enough to stop anything but a decay.

The thing with early game, you will find yourself fighting tons of SFBM so more often than not, the effect that your AMF will give you at first will be minimal. I say trade the EC for AMF as well. Perhaps putting RoBF with MgS will be your best bet to survive.

In other words, go all or nothing with AMF (nothing being enough to kill decay). If you go EC though, it'll be fanastic against tanks as it kills ENC among other things. I'm not sure how many NCB tanks there are, but you'll probably be able the farm the few that are out there.

The tank might work if he has the NW behind him, but personally I feel that RoBF damage will be your saving grace half the time. RoBF does really good damage ATM, people don't comment about it too much, but if you have the tattoo it's so worth it. Of course that's assuming that you make it to melee.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] September 22 2008 6:22 PM EDT

Well yeah that is what the PL/TSA minion is for try to make it through to melee.

AMF in favor of EC? Well it would help against those pesky mages.

So this strategy is viable? mmm NCB uh a year of forging here I come.

Colonel Custard September 22 2008 8:46 PM EDT

Bump for humorous effect.
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