NSC vs AG (in General)

Wizard'sFirstRule September 24 2008 5:19 PM EDT

I just realised there is no contest. NSC wins hands down. With my current fight list (SFBM), AG doesn't make any difference except give me a 70% win rate against 2 person, while NSC give me a full win against one and probably higher than 70% against the other. The AG is +15, with 3m NW, and the NSC is +10, with 400k NW.

Solare September 24 2008 5:22 PM EDT

Yes, the NSC is far better against AMF users, but AG is useful in all scenarios. That's basically the decision you have to make.

Cube September 24 2008 6:35 PM EDT

NSC is better hands down. Anyone without AMF you are likely to beat anyway.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 24 2008 6:49 PM EDT

I'd have a MUCH easier time beating NWO and Hubbell with AG... there are plenty of people against whom my 47m worth of NSC do nothing.
I also question if NSC are always better against AMF users... but grinding out that data on that would be hard.

That being said, the NSC are very powerful, without them AMF would be the best secondary offensive spell in the game.

Cube September 24 2008 6:55 PM EDT

I crunched out the numbers before and and I think that the Noldorin s negated about x3 the boost that AGs give with an equal investment of AMF to DD, but of course only on teams with AMF. I admit AGs will win you a few fights, but NSC will win way more.

3D September 24 2008 8:31 PM EDT

Depends on strategy imo. If you're going for a strategy that kills only SFBM, for example, NSC's will do you no good. And there are strategies like that out there, since there are so many SFBMs. But yes, NSC's are better overall I would think, that is why they cost more ._.

DoS September 24 2008 8:41 PM EDT

^They are a special item that do not spawn in auctions, if they spawned in auctions than they would probably be about the same price as a corn.

3D September 24 2008 8:43 PM EDT

Well I did not necessarily mean Auctions only. In the CB2 community, lets say FS/WTB forum, a 1mil nw NSC will be sold for higher than a 1mil nw AG.
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