strat help (in General)

AdminTal Destra October 11 2008 1:02 PM EDT

i need to know about dex and str mine are pretty much the same and i was told that was not a good thing.

three4thsforsaken October 11 2008 1:10 PM EDT

you only need about 2.5 the opponents dex to get all the possible dex CTH, which is overkill btw.

Just get enough dex till you can hit and double hit consistantly, then pump str. Excessive dex isn't that beneficial unless you have evasion.

Colonel Custard [The Knighthood] October 11 2008 1:45 PM EDT

Considering that you're an archer with no melee weapon equipped, I would pump DX heavily. I kinda discovered this by accident, but ranged weapons are freakin' sweet in melee as long as you can hit with them. And if you want to maintain DX advantage in melee, you'll need a bit of it. I tried to train my DX at about a 3:2 ratio with my ST on my SoD guy.

Sickone October 11 2008 2:35 PM EDT

I'm still a bit fuzzy on the exact version we have now (see wiki "to-hit" page), but fact is, you can reduce the DX-based chance to hit of an enemy down to zero if your DX is high enough (exactly how high, no idea), and you can still hit with ranged weapons in melee (and since the ranged damage is only 60% of melee damage, they still deal a respectable amount of damage in melee - bows not so much since they only fire every other round, but the rest are quite devastating).

Damage is a function of base weapon damage (at x1 and 20 ST) * sqrt (weapon x * ST/20 ).
With equal DX (and nothing else involved), you always hit at weapon base chance to hit.
DX can only help you gain one additional full hit over that, no more.
Additional hits can only come from + enchants (on weapon, from ToA or other items, including leadership bonus).

If you're fighting enemy tanks, high DX is a good thing, since it not only increases your number of hits, but also decreases theirs - but, like you can see above, you need a huge investment in DX for a small change (if you fight high DX enemies), so it might not be worth that much.
If you're fighting enemies without trained DX, getting more than some token DX is a waste of time, better just pump ST instead.

One other reason to train DX however is to combat enemy EC - you want to still have several time more DX leftover after their EC casts in order to hit enemy 20-DX minions at maximum effectiveness.
Still, even so, ST is far more important - better hit once per round at significant damage than hit 2 or 3 times for negligible damage.

Overall, I'd say ST > HP >> DX in most situations.
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