A crazy idea. (in General)

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] October 23 2008 5:26 AM EDT

I was thinking that maybe we should change the way the Tutorial functions.

Instead of its current state, maybe ask a new player what they'd be interested in, Mage or Tank. Give examples of the abilities they'd use as either basic strategy, how they work together and what you'd do to raise them. I understand this is already in the Wiki but this way, they would know more as they started.

The Tutorial would also have to be changed so that way it tailors between the two, giving each one a different set of things they must do instead of just buying certain items, equipping them and fighting. Because someone who is more interested in running a Mage but is wearing a full set of armor and using a weapon wouldn't exactly be playing a mage.

Thoughts, ideas, ridicule?

Red Flame October 23 2008 5:28 AM EDT

Sounds a good idea to me

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] October 23 2008 5:45 AM EDT

Basic Example:

Welcome to Carnage Blender, "RandomNub". Before you begin your journey to the top, we should think about what kind of a team you'd like to create.

Within Carnage Blender, the two fundamental teams are based around one of two types, The Mage and The Tank. (Insert Links over the words to the Mage and Tank Wiki pages respectfully. Making them open in new window if possible.) We'll cover the two teams so that way you can decide which you think would be best for you to learn how to play. Don't worry though, you can always Retrain (Link to Retraining here.) later, at a cost.

The Mage (Link to SFBM page.)

The mage relies on his Direct Damage Spells (Wee for links, I'll use www from now on to shorten this.) to overcome his opponent. By training Hit Points and Fireball, along with another spell of your choice if(italics!) you choose, you will be able to build a team that can grow quickly and in great force while being able to take out multiple Minions.

The Tank (www to Single Archer page)

The tank, or Archer as in this variation, relies more on physical power to destroy his enemies in both the Ranged and Melee rounds of Combat. More in the lines of focused damage, you train your HP, Strength, Dexterity and a skill of your choice, Archery in this case, to help you become more powerful than your opponents and crush them. The Tank is more gear reliant and you must ensure to stay below your Encumbrance Rating (www to Enc) but you will learn fast how quickly you can destroy others.

So, the hard part of this is the choice. Which would you like to try to begin your journey in Carnage Blender? The choice is yours.

(Selection buttons here and then starts the Tutorial.)

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] October 23 2008 6:00 AM EDT

i like the idea. it would make it more into lines of other games i've played where they allow you to see the different classes and other basic information before beginning.

BootyGod October 23 2008 8:48 AM EDT

Noway! Change the tutorial to something useful!? Blasphemy ;P

Seriously, Jon has seemed very against a change to the tutorial/mentor system. I have no idea why, but the fact that neither have ever been changed should say that much. So your possible choices are that he simply hasn't made time for it, doesn't care that it's flawed, or he thinks that the system is fine.

This is a fine idea. Here's hoping it gets used. Here's someone not holding his breath ;P

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] October 23 2008 8:55 AM EDT

i would go against it too. if i can make it through with just questions in chat why cant any new RandomNub? oh well

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] October 23 2008 9:06 AM EDT

Because we need to increase the amount of people playing CB. The random four to ten that stay per month arn't enough to offset the fact that CB is, statistically, dying.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 23 2008 9:29 AM EDT

Good idea. This has my support behind it, although it has been suggested before, and now I don't think Jon has enough time or energy to redo the tutorial...

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] October 23 2008 3:34 PM EDT

Is making the tutorial focus on one or two different strategies the best thing to do? I mean what got most of you hooked on CB, was it the large amount of strategies or the few amount of strategies? Or was it the vast array of possibilities of ways to implement that same strategy?

BadFish October 23 2008 3:37 PM EDT

The tutorial needs a change. Whether or not one thinks that outlining only 2 possible strategies is a good/bad idea, it's GUARANTEED going to be better than the current tutorial. The current tutorial is sad, sinful, flaccid, and lethal to new players.

Melissa75 October 23 2008 4:18 PM EDT

When I joined, I thought a high schooler made this tutorial because it was so weak. Sometimes I believe that this game was made by one >.>

Wizard'sFirstRule October 23 2008 5:48 PM EDT

maybe give it a sample of strategies, like mages (both FB mage and MM mage, probably not the melee spells) and tanks (show both heavy and light, aka, archers) and give them an option of "I know what I am doing, I have someone with me" or "I am smart enough to figure out strategies for myself" and throw them into the deep end.

Unappreciated Misnomer October 23 2008 8:45 PM EDT

the tutorial teaches them how to buy whips, so you dont have to! the wiki is there to independently educate themselves.

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