Junction (in General)

3D October 25 2008 1:41 PM EDT

I want to junction my Hal to my enchanter. But when I put it on my enchanter with a base junction, my hal had 0 STR and 0 DX. Does this mean that I have to have 1.0 junction for my hal to have at least the stats it would normally have? Because I thought junction was simply a transfer of bonuses from items (+ or -), and I have no - STR armor.

Cube October 25 2008 2:00 PM EDT

Yep, it's a bug with the Halidon. You have to have 1.0 for it to work normally.

3D October 25 2008 3:22 PM EDT

That is very annoying :(

3D October 26 2008 12:51 PM EDT

Is there any way this can be fixed because my team is hurting w/o Hal junctioned

winner winner October 26 2008 12:53 PM EDT

don't use a base junction?

3D October 26 2008 12:55 PM EDT

But I need 1.0 for it to work normally otherwise my Hal is loses str and dx

DoS October 26 2008 12:57 PM EDT

SK is saying get it to 1.0, or that's how I interpreted it.

3D October 26 2008 1:00 PM EDT

Oh, well that requires untraining and I don't really want to do that, I've been saving exp on the minion but I guess I'll just have to store it up.

winner winner October 26 2008 2:03 PM EDT

Just untrain it and store exp until you have enough for 1.0
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