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Newlin [SeeD] October 27 2008 4:45 PM EDT

I was wondering if any of you knew a good RPG I could play on my XP either off line or with my amazingly fast dial up connection? (I would prefer that it was free but I guess I'm willing to spend like $10 USD)

Revs October 27 2008 5:23 PM EDT

I know of a few online browser RPG that are pretty fun to play. Rogue Vampires (www.roguevampires.net)and Torn City (www.torncity.com)to name a few. Might be worth checking out.

Newlin [SeeD] October 27 2008 6:36 PM EDT

Rogue vampires seems to be a pretty fun game at the moment...

Nehemiah October 27 2008 9:29 PM EDT

um, when i had DSL i down loaded a bunch of free online games, here are a few i enjoyed.

Fly for Fun or Flyff, its a bit grindy but it has a pretty decent sized world, and its torable up to around level 80, goes up to lvl 120 i think, its free for the most part unless you want to buy cashshop items.

Last Chaos is ok, but also a bit grindy, it has decent graphics and some neat features, worth checking out if you got a high speed connection like you said. And is free also, unless you want to purchase cash shop items.

i been hearing good things about Cabal online, but havent tried it myself, i am planning on it once my connection gets upgraded. From what i understand its also free with cash shop items as an option.

as far as browser games go, Adventurequest is good for like the first 7 days while it allows unlimited logging in, after that you gotta flip a coin if you wanna get it, it gets restricted, but until then it plays like a old school RPG with some humorous turns and cool art work. you can get unlimited log in after 7 days if you become a memember with a one time payment of like 19.95 i think. it gets updated weekly.

a place i visit often to check for news on new free online games is
www.onrpg.com, it has a very active message board forum, for browser games and mmorpgs, check it out, there are like hunders of games i havent listed that you can read about there.

God Bless you!

Jesus Loves you!

3D October 27 2008 9:30 PM EDT

Are you excluding MMORPG?

Nehemiah October 27 2008 9:33 PM EDT

whops, i just noticed you said amazingly fast dial up ... sarcasim that i missed until i posted .... i retract all that except for the AdventureQuest game, it will work fine with dial up for the most part, being that its a browser based game.

you may want to save up to 20 bucks and get dsl for a month, many DSL services offer DSL for a month by month basis. Meaning that you can get it for a month for 20 bucks, and down load all the games you want, 30 days should be plenty of time to down load any games you may like. for like 20 bucks! not counting the modem cost, hopefully you can score a cheap one or borrow one or something.

Nehemiah October 27 2008 9:44 PM EDT

Another Browser RPG that i enjoyed is called - No Where Else and Beyond.

it has combat/quests/mining/crafting and a lot more stuff, no level cap from what i understand, i have seen characters over level 400, my guy is lvl 45.

if you do check it out, send my guy a message using the post office if you would like some help, my guys name is Nehemiah on NWEAB, i could give you some gold.

God Bless you!

Jesus Loves you!

Stephen Young October 27 2008 11:24 PM EDT

Rogue Vampires. Tried to search a graveyard, fell into an open grave and ended up in the hospital, unable to act for 30 minutes?!? Any PBBG that penalizes me by taking away control for that long due to a random event does not deserve to be played.

lostling October 27 2008 11:47 PM EDT

try www.roseon.com i play this from school when i have to use tunnels that are like 64kb/s... should be fine on dial up although your patching would be a nightmare =x

DoS October 27 2008 11:59 PM EDT

I played Torncity for a few years then quit. Gets boring after a while :X, and semi hard to get into

Stephen Young October 28 2008 2:23 PM EDT


I just tried this one, and it's not bad. If you like the whole build-an-army-and-fight-other-kingdoms concept. Make sure you bank your gold. It can be pillaged by other players (poor, poor design choice).

Newlin [SeeD] October 28 2008 3:38 PM EDT

"Are you excluding MMORPG?"

Nope, I prefer multiplayer games over others but will play any.

"you may want to save up to 20 bucks and get dsl for a month"

I would have dsl right now except I live way out of town to the point were it isn't even available. The only means of internet I can get besides dial up is satellite which costs about $55 USD a month.

QBOddBird October 28 2008 3:45 PM EDT

I'm with ya there, Newlin! No highspeed for me! *high-fives*

...*breaks down and sobs*

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] October 28 2008 3:52 PM EDT

minions of mirth is a pretty cool 3d mmorpg that runs ok on dial up (56k or close to it) and is open to community development. you can try it out for free and if nothing has changed, you can pay 30 bucks for a lifetime memebership that allows you to multiclass to 100.

here's the link:


Newlin [SeeD] October 29 2008 4:05 PM EDT

Still haven't found a real promising game, but would be greatly interested in a game similar to carnage blender.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 30 2008 12:05 PM EDT

You may want to look at HuntedCow's games... clickey.

5583 days old {Gaza} October 30 2008 5:55 PM EDT

www.deadawaken.com - browser based Zombie killing game...
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