The defender of the gate has arrived (in New players)

Mortifer November 4 2008 4:28 AM EST

I am Mortifer, the curse upon cast upon the Lanphrost family and all it's mortal descendants, guardian of the immortal gate of Yggdrasil and the half-cat embodied.
Immortal Neko

Adminedyit [Superheros] November 4 2008 5:21 AM EST

welcome to CB

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 4 2008 7:10 AM EST

I mean, welcome to CB!

Mortifer November 4 2008 6:42 PM EST

(I'm an RP dramatist, and I play to make an impression on people. I have an entire RP family, but so far you'll only see me as Mortifer. Mostly because you won't be able to tell who's who until you learn their last name.) -nods to both of you in turn- THank you for the welcome. Is there something wrong Marlfox?

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] November 4 2008 6:45 PM EST

Welcome to CB Mortifer... If you want to get involved in some role playing, you might be interested in our CyberGen game, we run it every thursday and sunday at 8pm PST.

If you want some details send me a CM.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 4 2008 6:45 PM EST

welcome to the blender...

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] November 4 2008 6:49 PM EST

welcome now go slaughter someone

Mortifer November 4 2008 7:17 PM EST

I don't slaughter. I defend. Slaughter is a matter of simply killing something without reason.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] November 4 2008 7:39 PM EST

Dang. this guys cool haha.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] November 4 2008 7:57 PM EST

make that girl =D

three4thsforsaken November 4 2008 8:37 PM EST

welcome to CB, go defend something violently!

Mortifer November 4 2008 11:49 PM EST

Thank you. I have been trained in the basics of your strange realms tactics and strategies. Hopefully I can fully understand them soon.

QBOddBird November 4 2008 11:59 PM EST

Welcome to Carnage Blender, Mortifer, Lanphrost curse.

I am OB, the curse laid upon birds of oddness that causes their booties to jiggle and become attractive.

Fear the bootydance.

Mortifer November 5 2008 12:04 AM EST

Hm... you seem like an odd person... still nice to meet you, but... -mumbles things about odd and strange as I reach to shake everyone's hands roughly-

BootyGod November 5 2008 3:08 PM EST

A player named OddBird who's Odd? Blasphemy. What's the world coming to???

Welcome to Carnage, Mortifer. As intended, you've made quite a first impression. Hope you stick around.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 5 2008 3:25 PM EST

Nope, nothing wrong. Just... wow. ;)

Mortifer November 5 2008 3:49 PM EST

Godwolf: of course.

Marlfox: ...

BadFish November 5 2008 3:51 PM EST

Just be careful when Odd Birds and Bad Fish get together.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 5 2008 4:01 PM EST

Rofl, I was just saying that you seem like a very colorful person. In the best sense of the word.

Mortifer November 5 2008 4:04 PM EST

Marlfox: Um... Thank you?

Mortifer November 5 2008 4:32 PM EST

(Note to my fans: sometimes I'm using a computer with no Java capability, if I'm not in chat, it's not because I'm ignoring anyone)

QBsutekh137 November 5 2008 6:40 PM EST

Best. New Player. Thread. Ever.

Welcome. I am Sutekh The Destroyer, and where I walk I leave nothing but dust and darkness.

I find that good.

Continue with your defense, you groveling insect, as I also find slaughter good.

Again, welcome. I don't chat, either.

Mortifer November 5 2008 7:12 PM EST

Hmph. Pathetic mortal, how dare you speak to me in such a way? I shall soon enough break your back over my pinky finger if I ever hear you speak to me or any of my underlings in such a way again.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] November 5 2008 7:51 PM EST

Ohhh. Insults, promises of carnage and slaughter.

Here, I brought beer and crackers.

BootyGod November 5 2008 8:15 PM EST

Oh, no, what if AoD sees this!? Just the idea... Mmmm.... Chat violence.

And beware, Mortifer. Sutekh is quite powerful. Would be a shame to see you dash yourself to nothing against an opponent who you couldn't defeat ;)

And if that upsets you, feel free to destroy me =) I'm reborn again every month. As I'm sure many other players can attest to ;P

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] November 5 2008 10:32 PM EST

Mortifer your awesome =D

QBsutekh137 November 6 2008 10:16 AM EST


I am not mortal, insolent plaything! I am one of the Shields of Phaester Osiris, a guardian in my own way. I can harness the power of Ra to shred your nervous system into a million fibers if I so wish.

And my recent dabbling into the food service industry has made me even more powerful! My Hubbell crew is a force to behold, a team of immense power, character, and janitorial capabilities!

Take THAT, primitive!

Mortifer November 6 2008 10:58 AM EST

Hmph. So you say you have the power of a god. I have the power of Yggdrasil, the sword of the fallen angels, and the power of infinite ill fortune. I need no one to help me destroy anyone, though I must admit, you make me laugh. You may be stronger than me, but I am the ultimate guardian, and one day I will destroy you. Brutally.

kevlar November 6 2008 11:00 AM EST

rockstar, I wish my new thread was 1/100000000000000 this cool

Mortifer November 6 2008 11:12 AM EST

(I tend to do that)

Ernest-Scribbler November 6 2008 11:12 AM EST

Welcome to the game, hope you enjoy:)

QBsutekh137 November 6 2008 11:17 AM EST

Then we shall eventually meet on the battlefield, worthy adversary!

I'll bring my mop.

Mortifer November 6 2008 11:18 AM EST

Why, so you can mop yourself up?

QBsutekh137 November 6 2008 11:56 AM EST

No, because I like mops and they make me feel safe. And powerful. Don't underestimate the power of a clean floor!

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 6 2008 12:00 PM EST

/me trips and falls on the clean floor

Mortifer November 6 2008 12:01 PM EST

You plan to make me slip to death... =-.-=

BootyGod November 6 2008 12:14 PM EST

He's crafty like that.

Mortifer November 6 2008 12:32 PM EST

Bad Wolf! No trying to claim me!

QBsutekh137 November 6 2008 3:08 PM EST

No no, clean enough to eat off, not clean enough to slip on.

Professionalism in food service, primarily and always. Evisceration in battle, secondarily and as-needed.

We'll see which you experience, new warrior!

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] November 6 2008 3:24 PM EST

Sut has just been feelin' his Wheaties since the Daleks were defeated by an opponent with a mighty staircase. He's right about the clean floors though, except for a missing "of".

(Off of which one might safely eat, if you care to avoid the hanging "of".)

Mortifer November 6 2008 3:32 PM EST

... can I get fries with that? ((Random and OOC but funny))

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 6 2008 4:02 PM EST

sanitized in such a fashion as to make them an acceptable surface for the purposes of serving a meal

(think I managed to rip every last bit of fun out if it with that)

QBsutekh137 November 6 2008 4:59 PM EST

Daleks? Sniveling cower-rats. Also, over-used in the new version of Doctor Who (where staircases are hardly an issue for them).

Oh, how I loathe The Doctor!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 6 2008 6:56 PM EST

The air around you crackles, charged with Flux, as two figures snap into focus before you. Your attenion is drawn first to a man, the charred sockets of his eyes instantly betraying him as a Brain Waster. His poise arrogant, lips curved into a slight sneer. The torso of his Deathsuit shimmers etherial and transparent, revealing arms encircled by faintly glowing Glyphs.

You're sure you spy scars on his arms, covered carefully by the Glyphs, but the bulge of obvious Nuke Tendon (tm) implants make it difficult to accurately confirm your suspicions.

You then focus on the figure held in his arms. A young woman, of Ebon origin, lays limp in his grasp. His right palm pressed firmly against her bare forehead, draining the last vestiges of Flux from her unconcious body. With the last drops, he discards her, letting her slump to the ground in front of you.

Casting his gaze upon you all, his right hand strays near an archaic Flintlock held by a Mag Grip at his waist, while Flux coalsces and solidifies around his left arm forming a blade of pure ice.

"Hmph. After revealing everything the 'Truth' held secret, after the trails of binding myself to realtime and confronting Slayers empire and Bitterness' cults, after folding reality to bring myself here, I find myself confronted by this pathetic rabble. You're all a waste of my time."

The charred eyes, pupil less, pass over each of you in turn.

"You're not worth my Gore Cannon, stay sleeping my precious Celrydrehad. Begone, the lot of you, before you find yourselves bansished to the White. I have more important things to do."

His right hand raises to curtly dismiss you. As it does, you're physically shaken by a radience of pure cotempt that begins to emanate in waves from him.

"Go now, and tell this world that the Necanthrope Token has arrived."

Mortifer November 6 2008 9:24 PM EST

Mortifer resists the force of the waves with slight difficulty, staring this new strange man in the face the whole time, "Do you think you can be rid of the gate guardian so easily? You may be physically powerful, but you are weak willed and simple minded to expect me to follow such a command. You are not my dominant, you have no control over me." With the last few words Mortifer stands straight under the force of the waves, gazing at the man eye-to-eye. "If I can't destroy you in hand to hand combat, then I shall simply tear you limb from limb using the powers granted to me by the gods of ill fortune and Yggdrasil itself. I draw power from every unholy source on earth, do you really believe you can defeat me?" Mortifer steps forward, a little less influenced by the waves of contempt, and stares the man dead in the face, only inches from him. "Do you really think contempt or anger can stop me? I thrive on it. If you want to defeat me, try something a little smarter." At this Mortifer grins and moves one hand silently beside her, drawing darkness from the air, and contempt from the man into a single force.

QBsutekh137 November 6 2008 10:26 PM EST

Yep, I'm definitely getting the mop.

three4thsforsaken November 6 2008 10:33 PM EST

/me points to undefended Gate

Bad Gatekeeper! Stay at your gate!

Mortifer November 6 2008 10:52 PM EST

It's the hidden gate, you wouldn't be able to point at it. Nice illusion I made though. *points at the false gate that you're pointing at, then turns my attention back to the newcomer*

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 7 2008 3:41 AM EST

"That you resist the White Reverence is of no consequence. Even the most inept of Vassals can do that. Still you show no other promise."

Detaching itself from inside Tokens flesh, a sphere of white milky fluid rises to rest atop his right shoulder. Tendrils from the sphere coil down his right arm, flowing into and out of the skin, ending in a gauntlet, clawed barrels rising from it's back like Taloned fingers.

You have the uneasy feeling it's watching you, and that it wants to eat you.

"Awaken Celrydrehad, my Gore Cannon. It might be time for you to feed. Now, where's Mornington Crescent?"

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 7 2008 7:48 AM EST

Gore Cannon?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 7 2008 8:03 AM EST

"The common name for the Ebon Celrydrehad. Like Glacial Ebb is known as Blue Thermal. As you seem interested in my Gore Cannon, wish to sample its powers?"

Token fixes you with a wry grin.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 7 2008 8:06 AM EST

You're sure the Gore Cannon pointed at you shivers in anticipation of the delight to come.

Mortifer November 7 2008 9:31 AM EST

*Taking one look at the supposed Gore Cannon Mortifer smiles, still watching your face, "So this is your famed weapon? A living gauntlet... interesting, frightening to a child maybe, but I feel we should really act mature." Mortifer holds out her hands to her sides and her claws unsheathe instantly, cackling with electric energy. "Now you meet my weapon. Call it whatever you will, most people just call it 'agh' since it's the last thing they do before their life ends on it's tip. Let us find out if you can really handle the simplest of my weapons, and then maybe I'll give you a taste of real power." She blows in your face and a stream of earth issues from her lips, concealing her for the moment she needed to safely back away and face you.

BootyGod November 7 2008 1:20 PM EST

Gore cannon vs cat claws. *rubs hands together in anticipation*

(No offense, Mortifer, but messing with a dude with charred eye sockets who's NOT screaming in pain is typically a bad idea ;P)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 7 2008 2:11 PM EST

"Hmmm... You might be useful. Seems like you have some control of the Ebb. I'll drain all your Flux girl, like..."

Token waves his Ice Blade dismissively at the figure of the prone Ebon woman lying at his feet.

"You claws do not impress. They are less potent than Ebon Razor Claws, a power of Ebon Manipulation I surpassed long ago on my path to mastery of the Ebb Daemon. My Deathsuit is Angel Grade and impervious to even 17mm HESH shells fired from MAL's largest Assault Cannons. You wouldn't hurt. And you'll be surprised if somehow you actually did penetrate my armour."

Tokens' Gore Cannon clad right hand reaches behind his back to draw a pistol of alien design.

"You, I'll spare from bodily harm. Until I've taken your Flux that is. The standard issue FEN 603 has one redeeming feature. It's ability to chamber Hotline shells. One of these will incapacitate you long enough, without causing you damage. Then I'll feed you to my Gore Cannon, and you will be frightened, child."

Tokens pupil-less eyes begin to Glow white with Flux.

"You profess to like Illusions, child, let's see you foil my Senses now."

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 7 2008 6:47 PM EST

"I'm feeling generous, so a warning. My mastery of Ebon Guard and Illumination offer me total protection from any amount of Electrical charge."

Token Raises the FEN 603 to point at you. Out of the corner of your eye, you swear the taloned barrels of the Gore Cannon start to twitch.

"Do you have the same immunity?"

AdminG Beee November 7 2008 7:50 PM EST

Good grief, it's official. Brandy and this thread do not mix.

Sut, be a good chap and pass me that mop.

PS. Welcome Mortifier.

Mortifer November 8 2008 10:45 AM EST

"Your control of Ebon does not match nor surpass my power. These claws are among the weakest of my toys, but they will be able to defeat you easily in my hands, and you show no promise of beating me if all you can do is give a warning. True death comes with no warning." Mortifer begins to charge at the man, claws at the ready, and leaps into the air about 20 feet. "The curse of Yggdrasil and the Lanphrost family is upon you!"

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 8 2008 12:31 PM EST

Token lets out a brief sigh.

"Ebon is a race. The Ebb is not. Do your worst, I grow tired of you."

There is a tiny amount of concentration on Tokens face, as formulae run through his mind.

"Inferno Ebb, Red Thermal. Body Blaze."

Tokens body errupts in a conflagration of Flux fueled fire. The ground beneath his feet scorch, blister and burn. Heat rolls off his now alight form at temperatures hot enough to liquify metal.

The Blade of Ice surrounding his left forearm seems uneffected.

Standing there, a Pillar of flame, Token awaits you.

Andy November 8 2008 1:15 PM EST

"Sir, delta one reporting in."
"This is base, carry on delta one."
"It's, a duel by the looks of it sir. Two people, or what looks like people."
"Roger that delta one."
"Awaiting orders base."
"Hang back, continue reporting in, we'll send reinforcements"

Hehe I love my squad xP

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] November 8 2008 4:11 PM EST

well godwolf i saw it and what can i say but hahahahaha
well i havent been in chat or forum in a long time but this gone be intresting

mortifer you may think your all powerfull and imortal but noone is immortal, when i come for your soul your done, in other words dead
you can always try to kill me but i am forever so you can never beat me but im always up for a good fight

im the Angel of Death and i welcome you to cb and you will soon meet my powerfull helper and i'll let you meet him too

Andy November 8 2008 4:58 PM EST

"Sir, another entity entered the battlefield, readings come up with nothing but I see it with my eyes"
"Are you sure there's something there?"
"Yes sir, I asked my squaddies they agree!"
"Must be immensely powerful to not be detected by our equipment"
"Sir, what's the ETA on backup?"
"ETA 10 minutes son, hold out a lil longer the hummers are coming"
"Thanks sir! Over and out."

The squad huddle and some nod as other whisper. After several minutes they scatter and lay prone still observing what's happening beneath them. Andy raises his binoculars to his eyes and clicks onto normal vision. Lying completely still they wait....

Mortifer November 8 2008 9:45 PM EST

As Mortifer approaches the form of the stranger, her skin boils and blisters, becoming nothing, and all that is left is a swirling black mist, that can neither be touched, nor touch anything around it, but rather it simply exists instead.

"You fool, flesh is insubstantial, and souls are weak and easily tainted. I am a base, a curse and an ill-omen. I have no soul to reap, nor do I have flesh to feel, only illusion and sadness. I've been exorcised, banished, destroyed and reborn. I may not be immortal, but I am undeniably indestructible until I am removed by the family of the one who put me here."

Andy November 9 2008 6:50 AM EST

"Holy Moly!"
"Base, this is delta one reporting in, reqeust a retreat."
"Delta one, this is base, why do you request a retreat?"
"Sir one of them just turned into smoke! How are we supposed to fight that?"
"SOLDIER! Calm yourself down NOW! Are you sure it turned into smoke? Not just thrown a smoke grenade?"
"Sir I see nothing on all views of my nocks, I'm pretty sure"
"Hold out a lil longer delta one, I need time to make a decision."
Realising that he was gripped by fear, Andy starts to settle down, but the stark realisation that his weapons may not be able to harm them in any way still leaves him shocked.
"Y-y-yes sir!"
Andy reforms his squad so that all have grenade launchers ready and full clips loaded, he was gonna need everything to stop these monsters.

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] November 9 2008 7:31 AM EST

and there is the nonsens about not having a soul, even if you are nothing but smoke or mist or whatever, you were born and everything that has been born has a soul nomatter what form you have

you can always challenge me and then you will find out that you have a soul and will stop to exist there is nothing my Reaper cant touch

Obscurans November 9 2008 3:32 PM EST

Drawn by the mess of invective, in a far-off patch of shadow cast by the flames a dark form coalesces and writhes, eventually settling on humanoid. The semblance of a hooded robe appears, within two circles of bottomless sable open and gaze at the combatant(s).

What looks to be a frozen skeletal hand snakes its way from the cloak grasping a deck of cards. The hand tosses the cards upwards and they fall back down neatly in complex spiraling patterns. A solitary card lies upturned on top of the rest, depicting twelve swords crossed in a star pattern.

The figure peers at it. "This will be interesting", a deep, grating voice whispers. The other hand, skeletal and charred, picks up the card and it bursts into flame. The ghostly outline of a flamberge flickers for a moment where the card was and disappears. He hovers just beyond sight, waiting in the shadows.

(OOC: joining the fray for no apparent reason)

BluBBen November 9 2008 3:49 PM EST

OK, so... Three serious RPGers, one half stupid computer geek trying to be more then one person at the same time and the Angel of Death....

/me brings popcorn!!!

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] November 9 2008 4:34 PM EST

then who is the tirth blubby

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 9 2008 6:55 PM EST


Token turns his back on the black mist.

"You are truely nothing. An illusion easily seen through by anyone of power. Your lack of, well, anything, means you are utterly worthless. Crawl back to the family who cursed you and bore them with your empty words."

The pillar of flame falls.

"Now these others, at least they are substantial and will placate my Celrydrehad. Do not presume you cannot be seen or heard."

With flawless grace and accuracy, Token turns to the distant forms of Delta one, raising his right arm.

The FEN 603 barks once. A Squad member is breifly iluminated by a crackling electrical charge, instantly paralysing him, his muscles seizing.

In tandem, the talon tipped barrels of the Gore Cannon fire, attacking with a life of thier own. They streak towards another squad member, wraping around his prone form. The talons bite deep, and connected to the Gore Cannon by sinuous cords, begin to drain the Flux, their living energy, from the entagled foe.

"Feed, my pet."

Obscurans November 9 2008 7:22 PM EST

Behind Token's back, the shadow-apparition reaches down into his deck and draws a card, with three staves upon it. The skeletal hand taps the card and it shatters. The misty remains of Mortifer are carried upon an insubstantial wind towards his hiding place.

The hand draws a third card with four swords arrayed and throws it at the mist. The mist glows navy blue for an instant and from its core mortal flesh re-knits into her previous form, albeit with a couple of burn marks in some... inconvenient places.

The figure now draws a card inscribed with the number VII and suddenly vanishes, reappearing in another shadowy corner, looking bemusedly at the Gore Cannon's utter lack of feeding etiquette and general civility.

BluBBen November 9 2008 11:45 PM EST

AoD : It's Andee

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] November 10 2008 8:27 AM EST

and who is that?

BluBBen November 10 2008 8:51 AM EST

Andee = Ahhhn Deee

Mortifer November 10 2008 12:38 PM EST

Mortifer looks around the cavern dazed and confused as her flesh re-knits itself of someone else's accord. "What, what happened?" Mortifer sniffs the air, and smells something oddly familiar, but different at the same time, and turns towards the one in the shadows. "You... I know that scent from... from somewhere... but it can't be..."

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] November 10 2008 12:54 PM EST

but yet it is

Mortifer November 10 2008 1:18 PM EST

Mortifer spins around to see the dark angel behind her. "And you. You say I have a soul, but that simply isn't possible. I am a curse. Have you ever seen the soul of a spoken word? Have you ever seen the soul of a drumbeat? You, my mistaken friend, are far from immortal, and much farther from destroying me." Mortifer turns away looking into the shadows once more, "And you... who are you? I've smelled this before... this scent...."

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 10 2008 2:11 PM EST

"The only drawback to Hotline shells, are you can only chamber one at a time"

Token reloads his FEN 603, pushing another Hotline shell into the barrel. The Gore Cannon continues to feed fromt he struggling member of Delta 1.

Seemingly absent minded, Token raises his Ice Blade clad left had behind him.

"Inferno Ebb, Red Thermal. Thermal Ball."

A sphere of molten magma forms in his hand, tempered by his Deathsuits Thermal Gauge.

It flies unerringly towards the re-knit material form of the Lanphrost family curse.

Andy November 10 2008 2:34 PM EST

After recovering from the shock of having one of his squad members eaten alive, Andy closes his mouth for a second before training kicks in.
"Squad target on your 12! OPEN FIRE!!!"
"Base this is delta one, we have been engaged! I repeat, we have been engaged!"
"Return fire as necessary delta one."
"Sir, it ate one of my squaddies!"
"Please clarify delta one, ate?"
"Yes sir, bite chew swallow eat!"
"Sir, the hellfire missiles..."
"Yes, yes, I think so. Hold on hummers ETA in 2 mins!"
"Sir, our guns are ineffective! I repeat ineffective, how are hummers gonna do any better?"
"They can bloody drive! NOW SHUT UP AND FIRE!"

Shouting continues from the delta squad as they open fire, some using their grenade launchers and others throwing their frags. Some pray to God to protect them, others pray that Shiva will be merciful and others still pray to God for help, not to save himself, but to save his squad. Marksman of the team - Donald takes aim with his M82, hoping that he can get this shot right. It is hard for him to know what to aim at since the being does not seem to be human, even knowing this he does not know where to aim but the heart. He edges his rifle to the left, and presses the trigger.

Mortifer November 10 2008 2:51 PM EST

"I'm getting real tired of you. No more mercy." Mortifer stares at the ball of fire, and then as it hits her her entire being bursts into flame, a walking inferno. "Elemental absorption."

Mortifer takes a shaky step forward, nearly falling over. "The greatest powers in the universe, the powers I willingly told you I control, and you would still think to use them against me? I see I'm outnumbered, 2 to 1 at least." Mortifer eyes the shady corner quickly before returning her attention back to her current assailants, "so as far as I'm concerned this is a losing fight. But I will not give up."

Mortifer finally regains her balance and stands in a ready fighting position, her claws now burning with a blue glow, like frozen fire.

Mortifer November 10 2008 2:55 PM EST

Mortifer Glares at Donald, who falls over with sudden heart failure.

"Cowards. Fighting from afar with guns." Mortifer turns her attention back to the fight at hand, still in a fighting-ready stance.

Andy November 10 2008 3:22 PM EST

Andy glances over as he heard the shot, he sees Donald with his M82 so he looks down, just to see if the shot harmed it. Not really >_< He looks back at Donald about to utter some praise when he says Donald slump, as if lifeless.
"Donald!" he shouts as he tries to resucitate the sniper.
"MEDIC!" calling to his medic, unfortunately, he remembers his medic was eaten by the other beast. Despair.
"Base we need this retreat ASAP!"
"A minute longer delta one! Choppers should be arriving in minutes, prepare your squad for a hellfire run!"
"Yes sir!

Shouting commands his squad finally starts a steady retreat. The heavy gunner still spraying, his arm trying to hold the M249 still.

"RUN YOU IDIOTS! It's a hellfire strike!"

After the realisation that is was a -hellfire- strike they turn around and leg it. A mile radius. They had to make a mile in a minute!

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] November 10 2008 4:42 PM EST

im not a dark angel neither am i a light angel, im the Angel of Death and no im not immortal, but i am forever
and you the curse of whatever have a soul and when its your time i will get your soul whatever you say

you may think you say me in the dark but that wasnt me cuz you cant see or smell me, im a white none smelling skeleton

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 10 2008 6:27 PM EST

The Talons retract back from the consumed Delta 1 member. Token turn to face Mortifer.

"You are still here? I'll just have to destroy your corporeal form again."

Token latches the FEN 603 onto the Mag Grip on the small of his back, then draws his Flintlock.

"Force Ebb Kinetics, Blast. Bomb."

The power of the gathers as Flux is concentrated into the Flintlock. There's a release of energy as pent up force is released, the point of impact a hair bredth in front of the curse of the Lanphrost family.

Exploding outwards in all directions, the rippling, destructive power of raw Flux demolishes everything in its area of effect.

"Now, Hellstrike you say? Reality Fold, Wallwalk."

Tokens form wavers in your sight, becoming intangible.

Obscurans November 10 2008 6:44 PM EST

Seeing the imminent barrage of crude human missiles, the figure sighs softly and draws yet another card from inside his cloak. This new card looks different from the others, emblazoned with an ornate letter X on it, with the hint of a circular design in the background. He holds it up and starts muttering words of a long-dead language: "tempestas oriens emana, et tela circumfla!"

He throws the card high into the air and it vanishes in a crackle of electricity. Out of the blue black storm clouds gather around the battleground and an eerie wind starts picking up the dust in swirling, biting clouds of grey. He looks up at the sky, which greets him with a minor thunderclap. And he retreats again out of sight. The approaching hellfire strike doesn't seem to be that much of a problem anymore compared to this.

(OOC translator: arise, storm of the east, and buffet the missiles around. PS: telos can mean any type of thrown/hurled/shot weapon)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] November 10 2008 7:57 PM EST

Background: As a VX-56 model android, I was sent back in time to prevent the conditions that brought about the downfall of the mechanized revolution.

Current Mission: Sent to eradicate all forms of non-corporeal and corporeal beings that have manifested control over supernatural or extraterrestrial forces.

After materializing in a blinding light behind a small grove of trees, I decided to scavenge some clothes and equipment from a nearby abandoned wood house. My internal system diagnostics shows all vital systems are operational. I proceed to execute the first phase of the mission. Having climbed a nearby mountainous landscape, I am rewarded with a view over the nearby landscape that can easily be scanned with my MDDRES (multi-dimensional dynamic-range energy sensor) which provides my internal navigational system with huge quantities of data to process and use in order to carrying out the second phase of the mission.

According to localized data scans, massive energy fields are present. As a VX unit, I have a standard weapons payload of 8 fusion rockets, 4 multidimensional OX detonators, and 6 magna-fusion transducer guns with 2 liter raw material stores. Tactical situational analysis dictates that multiple threats located in the vicinity. High energy radiation scans have sensed multiple high-intensity energy objects approaching target area at relatively high velocity. Taking no action at this point, targets appear to be engaged with each other. Reassessing situation, secondary mission objectives met.

Mortifer November 10 2008 10:13 PM EST

Upon hearing the strange language Mortifer instantly disappears in the form of wind, and goes out to meet the missiles with a barrage of wind.

Obscurans November 10 2008 11:40 PM EST

On seeing the robotic combatant materialize, the yet-unnamed hooded figure stealthily flits through the gathering shadows and while running, with his frozen hand draws a card with thirteen stars upon it. The card freezes over and with a soft tinkle shatters into dust. In its place the outline of a blue staff flickers and disappears.

He seems to be aiming to simply maximize distance between himself and the newcomer android, circling around Token's backside. No feet visible touch the earth as he half-glides part in shadow, part as shadow. The hood tilts upwards momentarily to look at the nascent storm as a loud thundercrack punctures the silence. He stops behind a large rock scorched by the Flux blast and hovers there.

Andy November 11 2008 12:12 PM EST

"Base, this is Silver Eagle, do you read me?"
"Read you loud and clear Silver Eagle."
"Sir, my systems detect large scale interference on target area."
"Sounds troublesome Silver Eagle, can you still bomb the target area?"
"Sir, I have never seen this interference before, it's off the scale!"
"Proceed with caution Silver Eagle. May I also remind you that those monsters are a danger to humans, so withdraw at the slightest hint of danger towards you and your flight."
"Roger that."
"Over and out."

Flight Squadron 772-A1 continued to follow their course and in less then a minute they reached bombing distance.

"Flight prepare for bombing."

All pilots flicked switches and turned on computer interfaces.

"I'm good sir!"

"Push it!"
They all pushed the red button after hearing the command. The Hellfire fuses lit and burned and they all fired. An uncommon occurence due to the lack of reliability from the Hellfire missiles.

"Withdraw team."

Each pulled their planes up in uniform and proceeded to head back to base.

Mortifer November 11 2008 12:41 PM EST

The wind picks up with immense fury, spinning in circles to create a vortex that begins to suck in all the missiles, as the wind was commanded to do.

QBOddBird November 11 2008 12:56 PM EST


Andy November 11 2008 2:53 PM EST

The hellfires explode to create a burning inferno heading for Oddish! It's effective and deals 300981764 damage!

QBOddBird November 11 2008 3:04 PM EST

It's super effective!

Oddish fainted!

Use next Pokemon?

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] November 11 2008 3:24 PM EST

The Angel of Death calls on his Reaper and all pokemon and cb players run away screaming

Obscurans November 11 2008 4:34 PM EST

Seeing the angel of death expose himself, the figure hisses and steps out from behind the rock, a card of five jumbled wands in his hand. The bluish outline flickers in and out as he intones: "Lituus mei calores aeri laxa, illud accende!"

It solidifies into a ornate, deep blue frozen full-length staff, within an expanding halo of incandescent flame. He swings the staff down in a wide arc, strikes the card and chants: "Flabra ardens te flagella
!". The card dissolves into a howling mantle of flame, rushing at the angel of death, burning the ground as it passes.

(OOC back-translator: staff of mine release your heat into the air and burn it; burning winds scourge you)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 11 2008 6:37 PM EST

Hellfire Strike over, Token relaxes his grip on Reality Folding, and Wallwalk ends, returning his body to a corporeal form.

There's another gust of air. A similar charge of Flux felt when Token arrived makes the hairs on your body stand on End.

Another figure appears before you all. Standing nearly 12 feet tall, a massive suit of white and steel grey Power Armour flexes into life. Spotlights on the Dogeybones sholders blast into life, bathing the area with an intense glow. Two massive and obviously customised Mutiltor Fists grind into action on the Dogeybones hands. The figure drops into a fighting stance as it spies Token.

Loudspeakers built into the armour boom across the ruined and scorched landscape.

"Token! You wil not succeed! I've found you at last, and I will stop you! Your time has come to an end traitor."

Token turns slowly to face the newcomer.

"Oh. I don't know quite who you are, Operative, but this has now got interesting. Celrydrehad, Gore Cannon. Flesh Friction!"

The milky white fluid flowing inside the cyst on Tokens right sholder begins to swirl. The Flux reactive gore flooding through the Cannon and bursting as a foul wave towards the white and grey Dogeybone armour.

"You should well know even the stongest of SLA Industries Power Armour is no match for the seeping corrosive Gore of my Cannon. Prepare to die."

The Dogeybone braces itself for the impact of the gore.

Mortifer November 11 2008 10:13 PM EST

Lightning strikes down behind the armor, creating a crater about ten feet wide, and at the crater's center the smoking form of a handsome young man carrying a sword nearly larger than he is stands, looking up from the hole.

"Am I late for the party?" He smiles up, literally looking through the armor-clad man before him, at the Gore Cannon, "Pretty nice weapon you've got there. Who's soul did you have to give to get one of those?"

He jumps from the hole into the air as though he weighed nothing, landing behind the man with the Gore Cannon, the sword shielding him from behind, "I'm not here to hurt you, so don't try attacking me. It would definitely be against your best interests to attack me." He turns around and flashes a peace sign, "I'm Auren. Auren Lanphrost."

He draws his blade, which seems strangely fluid and solid at once, "and this... this is Immortera, the promised sword. Made of the five magical elements: Jade, Starmetal, Moonsilver, Soulsteel, and Orichalcon. Bound together using Alkehest, the universal acid. beautiful." He rubs the multicolored steel with his right thumb gently before turning his attention back to the man holding Gore Cannon, "But I'm sure your weapon is just as powerful and interesting."

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 12 2008 3:39 AM EST

"Feh. Go deal with your curse."

The Gore Blast smashes into the Dogeybone. Instead of seeping thorugh dead material, to ravage living flesh as usual, the Blast is stopped on the armour itself, eating away at the front of the plate.


"Karma has been busy since you left Token. This is no ordinay suit of Power Armour. Karma bred it, it's a Stomer Varient based on the Dogeybone chassis. It's living, designed to withstand Gore Cannons flesh eating attacks."

The front of the armour starts to mend the corrosive damage the Flesh Friction caused.

"And just like a Stormer, it regenerates."

Plates slid open on the armours back, powerful thrusters fire briefly. The massive suit rockets towards Token as a speed hard to follow with a mortal eye. A Mutilator Fist smashes into Tokens chest, rokcing him, but not penetrating the protection of his Deathsuit, mearly grinding away at the suit itself, gouging chunks from it.

"It also incorporates the Silverbacks propulsion system."

"Hmph. Ineffective Operative. You failed to penetrate."

Token lashes out in return, the Ice Blade wrapped around his left arm flashing towards the right side ofthe Power Armour, puncturing thorugh, implaing itself into the wearers flesh below. As the Blade hits home it shatters, embedding itself as a million tiny fragments within the body it just struck.

The figure in the power armour cries out in pain. Blood gouts from the wound, spraying a crimson arc into the air.

"Wrong Token, I know you can't kill a Necanthrope." The figure speaks painfully. "I'm going to kill your Deathsuit instead."

Both wrists flick downwards, activating drug injectors.

"Kick Start. Ultra Violence."

The Power Armour suit starts to repair the breach the Ice Blade made, and the wound itself starts to heal due to the concotion of drugs.

"How dare you threaten my Deathsuit. Ebb Manipulation, Enchancement. Ebb Demon."

The plates of Tokens Deathsuit crack and split, no longer able to contain his increasing bulk as his body grows and shifts into a massive demonic form. Ebon Razor Claws, sheathed in crackling electricity grow from the fingertips of both hands. His teeth elongate and his skin darkens and thickens. Without seemingly any concentration the Deathsuit is interdermalised, drawn beneath his skin.

The Gore Cannon purrs.


Palace of the Broken Oath steps out of the shadow lands, resplendant in his Soulsteel Plate. His soulsteel Reaver Diakatana resting lazily on his shoulder.

"Hmmm.. That Sword looks interesting."

Obscurans November 12 2008 4:30 AM EST

OOC: what's with *everyone* getting multiple characters in the brawl at once... some with themselves?

8DEOTWP November 12 2008 5:02 AM EST

here kitty, kitty

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] November 12 2008 5:44 AM EST

The Angel of Death walks trough the fire and takes back his Reaper and start laughing, you cant hurt a skeleton with fire and teleports away

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 12 2008 6:03 AM EST

OOC: :P More dramatic. ;) Necanthrope really needed someone from SLA to but(t?) up against.

And I hope I recognised the Lanphrost families origins in Exalted, so added in an Abyssal Exalted for fun. ;)

Besides, why not! :P Especially if people are gonna have teams, and armies of pokemon! ;)

Obscurans November 12 2008 6:22 AM EST

At least the cloak of the reaper burned off, revealing nothing but a skinny, malnourished skeleton. The embarrassed reaper runs away in shame. The figure steps back into the shadows, muting the flame from his staff as he waits... again.

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] November 12 2008 6:48 AM EST

Obscurans was just dreaming and when he woke up he saw that the robe of The Angel of Death was still on him and he starts to run away because he tought that The Angel of Death will come after him

Obscurans November 12 2008 7:17 AM EST

Hidden and out of sight, the figure cocks his head in amusement as the angel of death prances around swishing his nonexistent cloak. Alas, he is not entertaining enough and after a short while the figure just watches the 4 (5?) real combatants duking it out, keeping a good eye on the android thingy.

(OOC: never named my character, you missed :P)

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 12 2008 7:29 AM EST

I think this is the first NP thread ever to get over 100 posts.

Mortifer November 12 2008 10:19 AM EST

Auren Steps back and looks up at the abyssal demon before him with a look of excitement, "Hm... this could get interesting."

(Actually you're absolutely right about the source of my materials, considering I can't find any other references to magical materials worthy of being the ultimate sword. Orichalcon and Alkahest was however an original idea, the search of which led me to the other four materials. An indestructible element harboring an all-corosive solvent. It just seemed like an interesting thing to have... And I actually have another character to bring in later, it's too bad i only have space for two characters on my account :P )

Andy November 12 2008 3:58 PM EST

As soon as the general finished his interrogation with Captain D. Ahhn he ordered that a squadron of low visibility/detection F-22s. Instead of normal bombs, the general ordered for modified nukes to be loaded. He was not gonna take any chances with this one. Each one would drop a nuke and hope to atomize all those dangerous beings whilst the planes make a quick getaway before taking a detour and landing.

The pilots put on those weird scientist suits to try and help prevent them dying from radiation in case they don't exit as fast as expected. Also put on them are those badges. Though these suits may impair movement the risk of dying from radiation is greater then not being able to jerk the stick up in fractions of a second.

As they walk up the stairs and strap in the modified nukes are loaded.

The guy with the lights start waving and the planes are wheeled out.

"Go go go! Nuke those freaks!"

The jets blast off on course.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] November 12 2008 4:17 PM EST

Watching the heavily armed conflict take place safely from a far away cliff, I decide to head back into a more populated area. After successfully blending in with the local populace at a social meeting place also known as a "shopping mall", I attempt scan and research for other possible high-energy beings in my midst. Focusing on maintaining inconspicuousness.

4 targets in local shopping mall located: Engaging non-confrontational and anonymous method for eliminating targets.

Successful eradication of targets 1 and 2 through special use of neurotoxins introduced to targets 1 and 2 through food contamination. Neurotoxins produced from readily available chemicals and materials.

Targets 3 and 4 eliminated through causing electro-mechanical failure through transmitting special frequencies in intersecting large objects with targets. Object 1: Supply truck collided at a high velocity with target 3. Object 2: Utility truck with extensible maintenance platform was moved and caused supporting structure to collapse on target 4.

Continuing mission objectives.

Mortifer November 13 2008 6:28 PM EST

A laugh comes from a ledge over the cave, and on that ledge appears to be a young girl, about 15 years old from appearances, giggling and pointing at Auren, then she begins to shout, "Auren, are you done playing with these toys yet? I'm bored... and you don't want me to get bored." She laughs more, and falls from the ledge, but in her fits of giggles she hardly notices as she floats softly to the ground behind Auren.

Andy November 14 2008 12:42 PM EST

"Command, we are reaching target area."
"Roger that."
"Command, we ask once again, do we nuke these monsters?"

Silence fell upon the pilots, last time something was nuked hundred of thousands of Japanese died. Were they making the right choice? Radiation was gonna sweep over the land, should they do it?

With sullen faces they carried on towards their objective, questions rolling through their heads.

"Alpha One, you sure about this one?"
"Not at all dude. I mean nuking some people having a lil fight? Even if they killed one of our dudes still dun mean we have to nuke em."
"Yeah and plus these nukes ain't been tested before, what is something goes wrong?"
"Dunnaw dun care just do what the general says and shut it!"
"Hey Alpha Two we just having a lil convo here!"

"Command we are in position, launch nukes on your mark."

Pew pew pew pew they all dropped. Wind whistling behind them as they plummeted.

Mortifer November 14 2008 12:51 PM EST

The young girl began giggling furiously as the bombs dropped, and then pointing to each nuke in turn they burst in mid-air, flowers streaming from them rather than radioactive gas.

"This is fun, why didn't you invite me Auren?"

"Alexa, you know this isn't the time or place for your childish antics. You're going to hurt some-" Before auren could finish his sentence the Alexa magically summons his sword which he had been leaning on, causing him to fall backwards.

Andy November 14 2008 1:09 PM EST

"Sir, satellite images show that the nukes were unsuccessful!"
"Roger that son."

The General picks up the phone and turns the dial...

"Hello, you have reached Cleanies Home Cleaning Services how may I help you?"
"Papa Alpha Sierra Sierra Whiskey Oscar Romeo Delta."
"Lemme patch you through."

The General waited a few moments...

"This is the Secret Weapons And Defenses Project, who are you?"
"General Shirley, I need permission to get a squad of them mutants."
"Why would you need a squad of mutants, Shirley?"
"We have some freaks on our land and they're battling it out putting the population in danger! We HAVE to take them out!"
"Send me the reports and an official request."
"Sir, sending now."
"I got it gimme a few hours to process this and I'll put the squad through!"
"Thanks you SIR!"

He hangs up the phone. Glad. It was gonna be all okies.

Obscurans November 14 2008 10:51 PM EST

Mr. hood was following the android into that filthy hole known as a "town" when a sudden series of explosions rocked the earth and clouds mushroomed over the horizon. Utterly crude worms, he thought, couldn't even get any less discreet than this.

As he was entering human-infested territory, he picked up a card with the number XVIII on it, a wordless chant cringing the air. It vanished as usual, but bringing him out of sight as well. Gliding around the town, truly insubstantial as a ghost, he shadows the android, smiling grimly as it executed several of the gift (albeit minorly gifted). This was becoming really interesting.

Mortifer November 15 2008 7:27 PM EST

Alexa takes the sword and holds it high, laughing and staring at the squad of humans, before turning to Auren quickly, "Sorry Auren, but they tried to hurt you. Do you know what was in those things? It wouldn't have been very effective, but it was a threat no less. I'll be back with your sword in a moment, just be careful while I do."

Alexa turns away and jumps into the air, until she is looking down at the squad. "You filthy humans attacked Auren. You're in for hell now." Bringing the giant sword down in a vertical swing she releases shockwaves of force as she spins to the ground, ravaging the hillside until she lands neatly in the middle, still surrounded by a few of the still standing men. (I don't say any of them have died, they may have been knocked back, but the shockwave would have sliced anything it touched, so if someone's missing an arm or a leg that'd be great ;) )

Andy November 16 2008 7:26 AM EST

But my squad already disappeared xP

The general paces up and down in front of the line of 12 boys standing at attention.

"For this mission you will be Alpha 4!"
"Yes sir!" they chimed in unison
"Your mission Alpha Four is to eradicate these monsters." Flicks through photographs of each celestial being.
"Roger that, SIR!"
"You may use any means necessary as long as they do not harm the human population, if there is a risk consult with base."
"Yes sir!"
"Now go!"

The whole squad dashed, as fast a cheetah hunting his prey. They sprang the several hundreds of miles from the base to the combat site.

The leader a boy with shaven brown head and black eyes held his right fist up. The whole squad stopped. The squad observed as the leader made a series of hand signals, they readied their guns (which I do not have a name for yet ^^) and waited patiently, like a panther on a tree limb.

Mortifer November 16 2008 12:45 PM EST

(GAH!!! ): I missed... I'll blame it on Alexa's overactive imagination) Realizing her targets were already gone Alexa stands up on the hills and looks around, soon finding the strange pack looking down on Auren.

"Hm... guns huh? I wonder if they've ever seen a real gun before." Alexa sticks out her tongue and laughs, throwing Auren's sword back at him, where it lands neatly a few feet away from him, and reaching behind her back.

Andy November 16 2008 2:13 PM EST

Upon seeing the strange girl draw something from behind her back the squad opened fire with their Phaser 4-11s. The proton beam ripped through the air and hit deep.

Back at base the general opened the files about the mutant squad. Every mutant was genetically modified to make the best predator from all the animals on Earth. Eagle DNA for eyes, Bat DNA for hearing, all senses have been enhanced. Every one of them had different abilities which allowed the team as a whole to carry out any normal mission with ease. Each mutant was better then a whole platoon of normal humans. Even their weapons are superior. The newest most powerful technology is used to create their weapons. The standard Phaser 4-11 shot a proton beam. If the proton beam connected with flesh it would ionise and the genetic information of each cell would mutate. Used on humans they just simply melt. The leader was the best of all. The first of the whole generation to be created by the project(code named Manticore). Each mutant was assigned a designation code which acted as their names. Trained in supreme efficiency, they could kill before a man could even blink.

The squad along with others of it's generation was the most hi-tech squad controlled by humans.

"Alpha 4 you may communicate using waves we do not need to know what you are doing. Talk to us if need be."

Through the sonic wave translator the computer said "Roger"

Shirley sat with a certain glee on his face. The tide has turned, they were a definite win.

Mortifer November 16 2008 11:15 PM EST

Auren, Mortifer, and Alexa all sigh at once and whisper, "These humans are too much trouble."

Andy November 17 2008 12:38 PM EST

General Shirley looks up to the top of the screen...

On that screen he sees:

Species: Homo Superior

[Insert random text here]

OOC:They're not human actually =P

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] November 17 2008 4:50 PM EST

After purging the high-energy beings from the town, I proceed to enter the clearing on the outskirts of town. Witnessing some lull in combat, I decide to assemble the OX detonators to take advantage of the largest surface area possible while maximizing their effectiveness. After finding a good defensive position near the OX detonators, I manage to put together a crudely designed poly-phasic force neutralization field in my location. This should protect me and my crucial systems from most of the effects of the OX detonators when they are triggered.

Proceeding then to engage MDDRES scanning system for tactical analysis of situation for best probability outcomes. After a few minutes of gathering more data, I decide to get a few target locks. I proceed to launching a fusion rocket from my rear torso mounted housing. Guiding the rocket to the way-point in which the optimal number of acquired targets is within the area of effect and detonating the rocket. After provoking the HEBs (high-energy beings), I will remain behind the poly-phasic force neutralization field for protection and wait for them to approach.

The fusion rocket is a stealthy little mini-missle that, upon reaching a point at which there is an equidistant space between the three HEBs in sight (Auren, Mortifer, and Alexa) the fusion rocket explodes. The explosion is a white-noise sound and causes a moderate amount of pain to all those within it's 25 yard radius, possibly including mutants or troopers or whoever else happened to be within range of the three people.

Andy November 18 2008 5:13 PM EST

Member designated X7-978 oldest of the squad spotted the danger and ordered the squad to scramble. They sprinted back and dived behind some huge rocks for cover. After brief thought a new tactic was laid out and the members got ready to execute. Each focused, breathing heavily.

X7-979 tapped into his brain trying to sense the beings around him with his minds. He first found his brothers and then moved further into the field hoping to glimpse the enemies.

X7-980 was first of his lil ten brothers and so had the strongest power of the batch of 10. Well offensively the strongest powers. He took off his right glove and pulled his sleeve up to reveal his half mechanical half denatured flesh of an arm. He held his right arm with he left, supporting it as he tried to gather energy from surroundings into his palm.

X7-981 Second to be fertilized of the batch was a defensive player, his body had huge reserves of iron. If he concentrated enough he would be able to focus all the iron and push it round his body. Combining it with other minerals in his body he made a mysterious metal which has not been named by any of the scientists back at Manticore. He himself likes to call it Magimanium.

X7-982 was another defensive player except he just had extroadinary healing abilities. All the mutants had faster healing but his was accelerated so much that he could attach a limb that had been cut right off in a matter of seconds.

X7-983 to X7-988 were just a normal mutants with insignificant powers that have not been recorded in Manticore databases from the batch made to simply follow the leaders instructions.

X7-989 was a powerhouse. Made to survive. He would be the rock for the whole squad. He was able to create small fields of matter which deflected all atoms sent at it. They were only palm sized but he was also able to project them to send enemies flying through the air without being anywhere near them. These projections normally had an average of 50 metres before they became ineffective. But they were useful.

The squad prepared waiting for X7-978's command.
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