lostling loan repayment (in Public Record)

Wizard'sFirstRule November 8 2008 8:48 PM EST

Soxjr Clone (Fasunaus II) lostling (The Triad) $1000000 -- 63m left 8:47 PM EST

as above, 63m left, getting there.

Wizard'sFirstRule November 14 2008 12:09 AM EST

Soxjr Clone (Fasunaus II) lostling (The Triad) $1000000 12:09 AM EST

62m left. sigh, can you just write off my whole debt? :P

lostling November 14 2008 12:15 AM EST

unfortunately nope... :) but keep up the good work :)

three4thsforsaken November 14 2008 1:51 AM EST

how did you get so far in debt? O.o

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 14 2008 9:22 AM EST

Don't worry, PK. It will only take you a few more years to pay off. ;)

Wizard'sFirstRule November 22 2008 2:59 PM EST

Soxjr Clone (Fasunaus II) lostling (The Triad) $1000000 2:59 PM EST


BluBBen November 22 2008 4:23 PM EST

What did you use all that money on?

AdminTal Destra November 22 2008 4:41 PM EST

quit buying ba with money you don't have lol

Wizard'sFirstRule December 7 2008 12:28 AM EST

BBB (Fasunaus II) lostling (The Triad) $2000000 12:27 AM EST


lostling December 7 2008 5:13 AM EST

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