Leaving: Do you have to? (in General)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] November 10 2008 5:39 PM EST

That's the ultimate question. Seeing as most supporters don't ever get their accounts removed, do you ever really have to leave? No, the answer is no. Please stop leaving if you can, and don't forget to pick up a brochure for my day spa on your way out.

Say your goodbyes if you must, but I will just say "so long for now", as I expect to see you in the future. I'm pretty sure of this, as the internet gets smaller and smaller, with more and more online communities being interconnected every day, there's a good chance we'll all see you very soon.

BadFish November 10 2008 5:54 PM EST


I know if I ever left, it wouldn't feel complete unless I said goodbye. I'd feel like I left people hanging, wondering if I'd ever be around in Cgen or farming their teams or playing DotA with them. It would help me with leaving.

BadFish November 10 2008 5:55 PM EST

Is this because you're sad th00p is gone? Awwww!

Sweet little babeh!

Dark Dreky November 10 2008 6:20 PM EST

People always come back. It's hard to log in and burn BA everyday (or close to it) for a year and NOT type www.carnageblender.com into your browser ever again.

Its just too easy.

I don't understand why you would "quit" CB. Quit as in never log in ever again. Won't curiosity eat you up in a few changemonths? I think so! Then there's always the option to start a NUB account to play and spy... that makes me sick to think about though.

Taking an extended leave of absence is normal, expected and often times completely necessary, but...

Quitting is for quitters.

QBOddBird November 10 2008 7:57 PM EST

I disagree.

The only thing that keeps me coming back to Chat is my friendship with Hakai (who comes in less and less frequently, and whom I may contact elsewhere) and my role in Cybergen. The latter is a thin attachment, at best.

I already don't come to CB unless I'm looking for a certain person (fex, NS, hakai, gun, whoever.)

You can easily leave and never come back, and once the few attachments that remain for me break, I'll be gone too.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] November 10 2008 8:00 PM EST

never is a long time to be proven wrong in. ; )

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] November 10 2008 8:01 PM EST

Gosh OB, don't love us too much.. jeez.

QBOddBird November 10 2008 8:03 PM EST

Aw. I love you guys. (well, some of you)

I just don't love CB any more. This is not the game I used to play.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] November 10 2008 8:06 PM EST

Honestly, if I wasn't paying off a debt right now, I'd of left. While not as influencal as others, it wouldn't stop me from leaving.

CB is so cut and dry now. Its boring.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw November 10 2008 8:55 PM EST

What about me OB1? 8(

Dark Dreky November 10 2008 11:13 PM EST

Some pathetic responses I must say. If you don't like the game, then don't play it. To sit around and complain to the people who actually LIKE IT AND PLAY IT... well, I already said it's pathetic.

If its debt that keeps you here spend some USD, buy some CB (it is at record lows now!) pay off your debt and go. This is after all a game, you aren't FORCED to stay. If its only a certain person, its called AIM.

While I have "sold out" a few times for USD and taken an extended break from CB, I am still here. I play because I enjoy it. It's a game. That's what they're all about. If you don't want to play a game, don't play it!

Go already.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] November 10 2008 11:35 PM EST

Nooo Dreky its called Skype :D

QBOddBird November 10 2008 11:38 PM EST

You might think my response is pathetic, Dreky, but that's simply your opinion, and a more respectable person would keep it to themselves.

FYI, I do not play anymore.

Dark Dreky November 10 2008 11:52 PM EST


QBOddBird November 10 2008 11:56 PM EST

Forum trolls are a good reason to quit, too.

[P]Mitt November 11 2008 12:57 AM EST

Dreky, I barely know you, and I'm happy to keep the status quo.

I don't understand why you would "quit" CB. Quit as in never log in ever again. Won't curiosity eat you up in a few changemonths? I think so! Then there's always the option to start a NUB account to play and spy... that makes me sick to think about though.

I too have not been playing the game for quite a while. Mainly because my schoolwork has been piling up. To answer your rhetorical question that isn't so rhetorical, NO, curiosity would not eat me up. I have been playing CB for over 5 years (Yes, FIVE) and while changemonths do change strategies and items and such, the fundamental part of the game - the Down-Enter part has stayed constant for the entire time. That part gets very boring.
I am sure I could quit and never come back. What keeps me here, like OB, is not the game part of CB, it's the community. The game was dead to me a long time ago, and while I have had periods of time while I played it, I never got into the obsession with it that I had when I just started out.

And as more and more people leave, I will have less and less reason to come back, as the "community" as I know it disappears.

I am still here. I play because I enjoy it. It's a game. That's what they're all about. If you don't want to play a game, don't play it!

The big hole in your logic, Dark Dreky, is that you assume that CB is only just a game. It is far more than a game, as shown by OB and me and everyone else who stays active but does not participate in battles. If you think CB is only just a game after being here for more than a year and a half, you really are blind.

Dark Dreky November 11 2008 1:17 AM EST


This is just ridiculous now.

CB is a game. There's really no need to over think that point. Yes, forums and chat are nice. The community is good. But that is not and nor should it be the reason that we all came to CB in the first place. While you can go through lengthy posts picking apart my "logic" you should realize that it's not about being witty in forums that is important, it's playing the game and enjoying it.

If you do not enjoy the game, do not play it. I think its a pretty easy concept. I mean that IS what CB is, right? A game. If it was a social networking website you were looking for, I believe there's FaceSpace or a Mybook somewhere on the Google Internet machine. You don't have to have this long drawn out battle of wanting to quit... just do it.

QBOddBird November 11 2008 1:28 AM EST

"But that is not and nor should it be the reason that we all came to CB in the first place."

IIRC, this was originally intended as a game built around the forums/chat?

Stephen Young November 11 2008 10:18 PM EST

you remember correctly.

QBPixel Sage November 11 2008 10:44 PM EST

Yeah, no leaving necessary. Heck, look at me. I pop in every once in a while.

Did someone say DotA?

Tylan November 11 2008 11:14 PM EST

Well as i'm leaving, i'll put my 2 cents in. I've never been big into the chat aspect of CB, for the simple fact most of my gametime has been played from work, where firewalls block the chat aspect of the game. When I started CB, it was for the pure gameplay aspect, which at the time I enjoyed immensely. But over the last 2 years, I've found that the lack of "change" in gameplay mechanics has caused me to focus more on other aspects of the community, as well as other things outside CB. (god how I miss Ranger's ong winded debates during changemonths).

But simply put, the community IS what makes CB what it has, and currently is. I highly doubt 2/3 of the people that are active would still be so if CB did not have chat and the forums.

For me, it's just the right time to leave. Will I ever come back?........Who knows. I took a 6 month hiatus, came back for awhile now, and am leaving again. I suppose only time will tell.

fatty the loner November 11 2008 11:32 PM EST

I "quit" but couldn't help stopping in just to see what had changed and now I'm playing again.

Dark Dreky November 11 2008 11:33 PM EST

Ok. So to answer Verifex's question: Yes, some people just HAVE to leave. They simply cannot stand to bear the pain of playing CB any longer. Even their friends and chats and forum posts cannot keep them here.

Rawr November 11 2008 11:53 PM EST

You are very negative and sarcastic :(

QBsutekh137 November 11 2008 11:54 PM EST

I'd just like to make a point about change and perception.

Has CB changed? Sure, of course. It has to, it's an organic thing. That's why most of us started playing, and stayed.

Have all of us changed? Of course, we're organic creatures.

So any answer, to anything, based on "this place has changed" most assuredly needs, at least internally, a tad bit of, "And I've changed, too."

I started playing CB when I had started a new job in a new city in a relatively new marriage. Since then, I've gotten a different job, a divorce, a different house, dated a bunch of women, met a really cool woman, and am now married again.

Could I possibly, in any conceivable way, say, "CB has changed" without having to admit that perhaps I have changed as well?

Is that really even the question?

If it doesn't work for you any more, I'm not telling you to leave. But you'd be doing yourself a great disservice not to, yes? There's a fine line between casual play and sticking around "just 'cause". I've been on that line a lot: fired up, fired down, trodden upon, the trodding-uponer. All of that.

But on a personal level, the toughest question I have ever asked myself has never varied in the past five and a half years -- "How much have _I_ changed?"

Has it been for the better?

lostling November 12 2008 12:29 AM EST

/me thinks everyone is retarded!!!! *grins* fancy quarreling about leaving =.=

and yes goodbye to whoever goes off... and i wouldn't be around much... any longer... have to go into the army.... nthing that i can control of course...

P.S. 1 word... adapt

I was Dignifried Bean November 12 2008 1:20 AM EST

I'm ba-ack (and loving it). They should rename this game "Hotel California" because you can never leave. I know; I have tried.

I know everyone is saying "Who's he", but I have at least one good friend here.

drudge November 12 2008 12:50 PM EST


i still haven't quit this lovely website

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 12 2008 2:21 PM EST

""How much have _I_ changed?"

Has it been for the better?"

I know I should ask myself that. I contemplate doing so often.

I never get round to doing so, because I don't think I'll like the answer. :(

Phaete November 12 2008 2:33 PM EST

I left within a year that CB2 came alive, but since a few months i'm back.

The vacation, and seeing that forum trolls and pre-adolescent behaviour are everywhere on the internet, makes it bearable here.

I do feel like i wanted a NUB while starting again after several years, NCB won't do.

/me joins in the collective singing of Hotel California :)
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