DoS / Itz Nic trade (in Public Record)

SimplyNic November 16 2008 6:29 PM EST

I'm paying DoS 1.5 mill (+ transfer fees) cbd for his combat gi.
Reply to confirm

DoS November 16 2008 6:30 PM EST


DoS November 16 2008 6:30 PM EST

DoS (Demon) Itz Nic (Original Elites) A Combat Gi ($41020) 6:30 PM EST

SimplyNic November 16 2008 6:32 PM EST

Itz Nic (Itz NIc) DoS (Demon) $1503000 6:31 PM EST

Done and done. Thanks a lot :)

PearsonTritonRaveshaw November 16 2008 7:30 PM EST

Didn't I see a Gi go in auctions a while ago for like 400k? *shrug*

PearsonTritonRaveshaw November 16 2008 7:35 PM EST

No, sorry, it was 200k, and that was three days ago.
And the one before that was 330k, which was six days ago.

Judging by the value of the gi, which looks base, it looks like you got ripped off Nic. 8(

DoS November 16 2008 7:47 PM EST

He offered, I only accepted heh..

BootyGod November 16 2008 8:11 PM EST

Rave, rather inappropriate. Neither of these players are new. Next time, please consider sending a chatmail if you're concerned about a deal :P

Rawr November 16 2008 8:18 PM EST

Who would WANT to know they got ripped off?
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