Week 12 Football Pool (in Contests)

PeterGriffin November 18 2008 12:42 PM EST

100k entry fee.

Also only 1/4 of the total pool will go towards the Fantasy Football league.

Send entry fee to FootballWeeklyPool


1st place (75%), 2nd place (25%)

New Football Pool Site

Invitation code: carnage

If anybody who has an account can't see their past results just let me know and I will go in there and update it. You can click results and click any week you want to see the past weeks. Any questions or help just let me know I can put in picks for anybody and change picks if needed but of course no changes after first kick-off.

Also it asks for an email but it doesn't matter you don't have to enter a valid email address I don't use it I just haven't take the time to remove that, but you do have to put in something (example asdf@dfsd.com).

Check HELP for questions, or just CM me.

Reference these contests for questions

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Week 2 Football Pool

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Also if everybody who plays could just post a little message on her saying that you put your picks in, nothing major just "did picks" or something, it is easier when I am doing the prizes to reference this thread instead of hunting for guys. THANKS!!!

Last Gasp November 18 2008 12:53 PM EST

Last Gasp (Jingleheimer Schmidt) PeterGriffin (FootballWeeklyPool) $100000 12:53 PM EST

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] November 18 2008 12:56 PM EST

Tal Destra (Tal's Bank) PeterGriffin (FantasyFootball2008) $100000 12:41 PM EST

oops didnt read before i sent lol

fatty the loner November 18 2008 8:43 PM EST

evilfattyman (storagefatty) PeterGriffin (FootballWeeklyPool) $100000 8:42 PM EST

[RX3]Cotillion November 18 2008 9:48 PM EST

[RX3]Entreri (A Murder of Gods) PeterGriffin (FootballWeeklyPool) $100000 9:47 PM EST

PeterGriffin November 19 2008 10:43 AM EST

ALL RIGHT GUYS got some entries, game starts tomorrow so get your picks in, I am gonna toss in another 400k to match what is in there and bring the pot up to 800k. If you forget to make your picks by tomorrow you can still put them in after the game you just won't get that game. and if you still need more time you can CM me your pick for the thursday game and i will put it in for you and you can do the rest of your picks later when you have time.


PeterGriffin November 20 2008 1:38 PM EST

game tonight!!!

I am putting in another 200k, pool up to 1 mill, more entries means more cash for winners, come on guys.

Dudster4 November 20 2008 2:17 PM EST

{cb1}lover (The First Team) PeterGriffin (FootballWeeklyPool) $100000 -- football 2:16 PM EST

Josh [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 20 2008 5:13 PM EST

Josh (The Quarterback) PeterGriffin (FootballWeeklyPool) $100000 5:13 PM EST

PeterGriffin November 21 2008 9:01 AM EST

you guys can still get in, just 1 game down and only a few guys had that pick right... good luck!!!

Dudster4 November 21 2008 9:12 AM EST

only a few guys, that was an easy pick lol

PeterGriffin November 23 2008 12:26 AM EST

still not too late... get your picks in...

kevlar November 23 2008 12:30 AM EST

darn thursday games... and the Steelers rocked the Bungles. *waves terrible towel*

fatty the loner November 25 2008 12:22 AM EST

wow I actually won

Dudster4 November 25 2008 12:26 AM EST

i dunno where green bays defence was this week. :/

PeterGriffin November 25 2008 11:59 AM EST

woops forgot to announce the winners

1st - evilfattyman
2nd - Last Gasp

good job guys, if you want to see the detail results just go to the site and find Results, then click 12.

GO PLAY WEEK 13!!! we already have 1.2 mill in the pot...

{cb1}Linguala November 25 2008 1:33 PM EST

{cb1}Linguala (Vlad Tepes) PeterGriffin (FootballWeeklyPool) $200000 -- donation

Just to make sure, I'm not playing!
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