DM for quick kills in SFBM (in General)

Wizard'sFirstRule November 21 2008 8:26 AM EST

I just realised I have syphoned like 600k score on each of my targets, thus lowering my challenge bonus. I think my XP gain is worse than without DM. I think I can safely draw the following conclusion:
DM is a hit or miss spell, missing more often than AMF. When it misses, your XP is essentially not there, and people way smaller can pick on you. In the long run, you lower everyone's score and your rewards suffer. It is just not as good as pure SFBM.

Wizard'sFirstRule November 21 2008 8:26 AM EST

P.S. I think I will just tank it until the next changemonth in like a few weeks?

DoS November 21 2008 8:29 AM EST

I agree, totally hit or miss >.<.. I would have like 1mil more HP with it if I put it all into HP, hmm.
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