Single minion GA team FTW (in General)

Wizard'sFirstRule November 24 2008 6:00 AM EST

HP + GA = OP

I shouldn't have unink my RBF back to ROS... take out FB, and put that into GA would have been just as good, and more offense AND defense at the same time. Of course, I lose 40% protection from RoS, but I don't think that matters at all. :P

Rizy November 24 2008 6:08 AM EST

throw a base amf on over the ec though imo^^

Wizard'sFirstRule November 24 2008 6:10 AM EST

I guess so. but RoS doesn't increase EO, so I don't think it makes much difference.

Cube November 24 2008 6:10 AM EST

RoBF and Armored damage dealer both work versus GA still.

Rizy November 24 2008 6:12 AM EST

but base decay > you.

Cube November 24 2008 6:25 AM EST

Not to mention that's a pretty small FB there.

Wizard'sFirstRule November 24 2008 6:35 AM EST

my FB become the mop up spell, it doesn't need to be big. My GA kills damage dealer, I just need something too kill enchanters. As far as decay go, doesn't GA retailate decay as well (maybe not). and I am feeding on the quick kill teams, like single archer, they are NEVER heavily armored.

Cube November 24 2008 6:42 AM EST

Peg cast Antimagic Field on Pyromancer (0.82)

Heh, just saying you're clearly not unbeatable.

Wizard'sFirstRule November 24 2008 6:54 AM EST

I can't GA back your RBF damage. Of course I am not winning. :P

QBsutekh137 November 24 2008 9:53 AM EST

And how do you beat DM teams?

You'll need something like a 12 million level GA to take on Hubbell when you reach the higher echelons... What is your plan then?

You got the HP part right, I will say that. Native HP is damn fine. I don't think it's over-powered on its own, though, because hey, it's just HP...

Wizard'sFirstRule November 24 2008 10:02 AM EST

I think everything I need after the 10m HP is just GA and more GA, right? DM team have very limited damage, with RoS, a small GA is fine, or with RBF (if only I haven't been stupid and un-ink), I just tank the damage and RBF them away.

QBsutekh137 November 24 2008 10:34 AM EST

We'll see how that all works out as your team gets bigger (with my very limited damage...) By then I should have a 13 million DM and a 12-13 million MM (plus moderate fireball). But I am sure you will be able to find plenty of targets in any case...

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] November 24 2008 11:01 AM EST

with igot i played with many different robf scenarios. the one that gave me the best ratio of adding to my fightlist while keeping me off of others lists was the 1/4 total exp into hp, amf, evasion & ga. dropping some things and going more heavily into others would often buy me one or two opponents on my list at the cost of 6 to 10 others being able to farm me.

there have been some changes since then, but i really think they would have just made matters more extreme rather than alleviating them.

with the changes that have been made to the robf, i feel that it is only really that great at the lowest levels unless you have one of the top 3 tats in game.

with all of that said though using robf strats and ga instead of any dd is the best way to go up top in my mind. adding a dd is just giving amf users free damage against your team.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] November 24 2008 11:04 AM EST

fyi, when i was playing with the different spell, skill and attribute levels i had about 160 million xp to mess with and my robf was around 4.3m in level.

three4thsforsaken November 24 2008 4:01 PM EST

I thought about going single minion with HP and GA, but I realize that I would need too much GA against spread damage DDs, and it would also be pretty difficult to deal with the bigger melee weapons. Plus overall, the glaring weakness with DM and decay (even if you train AMF) are nothing to shake a leg at.

It's far from the most effective use of a single minion, and pretty far from being OP at all.

QBsutekh137 November 24 2008 4:12 PM EST

Why would you need more GA against spread-fire? You just mean that it is concentrated? The MPR on that single minion should be pretty concentrated too, and fairly easy to keep pace with damage.

But I agree with you, Decay (even base/NSC) and DM are troublesome enough that I don't think it is over-powered either...

three4thsforsaken November 24 2008 4:18 PM EST

I was expecting at least a 2-3 million hit from bigger DDs when concentrated. That's about 5-6 million GA to get it's maximum effect? With 15 to 18 million levels to work with, that's a large dent in one's MPR and you're still very vulnerable to DM.

In the end, I think one would need a pretty large MPR advantage to work really well with single minion GA. Something that's probably not possible with current characters :P

three4thsforsaken November 24 2008 4:42 PM EST

in other news

The Great Enchanter's familiar's Cone of Cold hit Pyromancer [6276656]
Pyromancer's Guardian Angel smote The Great Enchanter's familiar (1275594)

Wizard'sFirstRule November 25 2008 8:32 PM EST

my paper beats rock (quick kill teams, e.g. archers or multi-minion MM teams) and loses to scissors (melee team)

Rawr November 25 2008 10:52 PM EST

As is the case with most GA based teams is it not?

Wizard'sFirstRule November 25 2008 11:33 PM EST

I suppose so, but with RBF, I might be near immune to DM team (although DM team is already bad enough).

Usul [CHOAM] November 26 2008 3:37 AM EST

RBF ? It helps against dispel now? That's new.

Wizard'sFirstRule November 26 2008 4:38 AM EST

no, it doesn't stop my GA being dispelled, but I think RBF outdamage DM based teams (DM doesn't add damage, XP dilution etc)
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