DAS FORGE OPEN!!.. (in Services)

Kefeck [BlackSmith] November 24 2008 12:12 PM EST

DAS members come first but I will forge for everyone.

(DAS MEMBERS will also get a percent or two cheaper interest rate, Dont hassle me though!!).. hehe.

I'm a pretty decent forger 450-500k net worth a day.
If you need something done Chat-mail or feel free to post here.
Btw: I will not forge for ridiculously low interest rates. I am in debt, and need to get out of debt, So yeah.

Fatil1ty November 24 2008 1:01 PM EST

I am waiting on a BoM at about 1M NW can you add another 1M? and I am planning to buy up the named msk in auctions and take it to about 6M NW...what are your rates on those?

Kefeck [BlackSmith] November 24 2008 1:49 PM EST

I would rather not forge the buckler the rates are terrible, but I would gladly forge the mageseeker. Normally the rate is 71% but since your in DAS it'll be 69%.

Kefeck [BlackSmith] November 24 2008 9:53 PM EST

A bunch of people asked me to forge for them, but no one sent any items over =/, So i guess the first one to send an item over i'll start for you in the morning.

Adios Muchachos November 25 2008 9:47 AM EST

Tal Destra (Tal's Bank) Plagues(BassHunt3R) (BrokenCyde) $1500000 9:46 AM EST
Tal Destra (Tal's Bank) Plagues(BassHunt3R) (BrokenCyde) A Pair of Alatar's Gloves ($445924) 9:46 AM EST

make +10 to +13
paid in full

Kefeck [BlackSmith] November 25 2008 9:48 AM EST

A Pair of Alatar's Gloves [0] (+10) 445,924
taking them to +13 thanks bro. he already payed.

Kefeck [BlackSmith] November 25 2008 11:49 AM EST

I just did the math, and the cost actually came out to about 1,620,000. At a 72% interest rate. So if you could send over 120,000 more at some time i'd greatly apreciate it. =).

DoS [Demon Forging] November 25 2008 11:51 AM EST

Blacksmith only?

Kefeck [BlackSmith] November 25 2008 11:52 AM EST

Wow. I'm pretty sure were both retarded, seeing how these gloves are not forgeable. Sending them and cash back now.

Adios Muchachos November 25 2008 11:56 AM EST

you can say that again

Fatil1ty November 25 2008 12:10 PM EST

SupperMan (demol1tion man) Casper (BrokenCyde) Warley Seeker ($255) 12:08 PM EST

Casper is taking my MsK to x800 +25

Kefeck [BlackSmith] November 25 2008 12:14 PM EST

Warley Seeker [5x1] (+0) 255

DoS [Demon Forging] November 25 2008 12:20 PM EST

O.O nice.

Kefeck [BlackSmith] November 26 2008 11:37 AM EST

Warley Seeker [5x41] (+0) 348,260

Amount due so far: 239,919.
Double check if need be =).

Fatil1ty November 26 2008 11:40 AM EST

SupperMan (demol1tion man) Casper (BrokenCyde) $400000 11:39 AM EST

sent 400k to help cover fees...keep it up

Kefeck [BlackSmith] November 27 2008 11:16 AM EST

Warley Seeker [5x79] (+0) 678,865
<no spellcheck><no Spellcheck/>

Adios Muchachos November 27 2008 11:18 AM EST

Adios Muchachos November 27 2008 11:20 AM EST

<no spellcheck>your words go here</no spellcheck>

just remove the spaces

Kefeck [BlackSmith] November 27 2008 2:52 PM EST

Warley Seeker [5x87] (+0) 748,466

Amount added: 516,096
You paid: 400k

Due: 116,096


Fatil1ty November 27 2008 3:31 PM EST

SupperMan (demol1tion man) Casper (BrokenCyde) $600000 3:30 PM EST

another 600k paid.

keep it up

alisa [The Forgehood] November 28 2008 1:54 PM EST

I wanna forge my MSK to X2000.. its X5 +0 right now..

Kefeck [BlackSmith] November 28 2008 1:56 PM EST

From the basic estimate that lost said, its going to cost a little over 11 million keep that in mind. Please dont forget either. =). The rate will be 71%. I'll chat-mail you when i'm done with my current job.

Kefeck [BlackSmith] November 28 2008 6:36 PM EST

Warley Seeker [5x137] (+0) 1,183,474

Kefeck [BlackSmith] November 29 2008 3:51 PM EST

Warley Seeker [5x176] (+0) 1,522,780

Amount added:1,050,338
You paid: 1,000,000

Due: 50,338


Fatil1ty November 29 2008 3:53 PM EST

SupperMan (THE Banker) Casper (BrokenCyde) $1000000 3:52 PM EST

another 1M paid...keep it up...

2M total paid

Kefeck [BlackSmith] November 30 2008 1:42 AM EST

Warley Seeker [5x199] (+0) 1,722,883

Kefeck [BlackSmith] December 1 2008 12:33 PM EST

Warley Seeker [5x252] (+0) 2,183,991
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