Give FB some Help. (in General)

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] November 27 2008 11:06 AM EST

It might just be me, but I think there's one thing about FB that could be changed. With so many of the battles going into melee, FB is going to be really working your teammates. It would be nice to see that the friendly fire of FB be removed, it already hits like a "wet noodle" in comparison to CoC and SG, I think we should just give it a little help.

GoLDeNGaTE November 27 2008 11:42 AM EST

second that

QBsutekh137 November 27 2008 12:06 PM EST

Or a skill to reduce the backlash, like "Precision".

In fact, Precision could work to make all DD more precise, reducing variance in blows and then stopping backlash for FB in particular.

In any case, such a skill would have to do more than just stop FB backlash, because I don't think Jonathan is going to make an FB-specific skill.

Or maybe just tone down the backlash damage, as has already been said...

three4thsforsaken November 27 2008 12:32 PM EST

I think the DD Belegs would solve the FB noodle syndrome.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] November 27 2008 12:43 PM EST

hmmm... Altars and NSCs, yea I don't think we need DD belegs. Just some small adjustments to FB.

Phaete November 27 2008 12:52 PM EST


three4thsforsaken November 27 2008 12:52 PM EST

that was kind of the point, it competes with both

but around a 30% - 40% boost to damage (which would mean proportionally more backlash) would make it anything but a wet noodle.

Picasso November 27 2008 1:31 PM EST

Yes, Phaete, currently being a single fireball mage is the only way to avoid the effects of damaging your own team. However, with Jon's well known and documented dislike of the SFBM strat, why would he keep in place an effect practically ensuring that single FB mages stay that way?

Phaete November 27 2008 1:34 PM EST

I can't answer that question since you are actually asking Jon.
But yeah, it prevents me from going multi minion and/or using a familiar tattoo

Picasso November 27 2008 1:41 PM EST

Yeah, not an accusatory question =D You're right it is kind of directed at Jon... you just happened to bring it up. But I mean, of course most of the FB use is for single minions.... Who wants a strategy that actively kills its minions? Why waste the money in hiring minions you're going to kill yourself?

Soul Eater November 27 2008 2:05 PM EST

I agree the backlash should be removed because thats why
I had to change strats.

kevlar November 27 2008 2:27 PM EST

I think it should be removed since other spells like "shocking grasp" don't do the same thing?

And striving to make battles longer, aka push more into melee rounds is reason enough to remove backlash.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] November 27 2008 5:59 PM EST

That was exactly my thought kevlar, Jon wants to push games into melee, but wants to have a spell that hurts you in melee. That just doesn't make a lot of since.
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