I think I found luen's B's (in Off-topic)

Wizard'sFirstRule December 3 2008 12:05 AM EST

look at me. look at me. :P

DoS December 3 2008 12:11 AM EST

Don't change your portrait, if you do I will never remember who you are. xD

Wizard'sFirstRule December 3 2008 12:28 AM EST

I believe caly drawn it, and I don't think I can find something as good to replace it with.

DoS December 3 2008 12:30 AM EST


BluBBen December 3 2008 3:25 PM EST

There they are!!! I have been looking for them all around.

Hmm... this must mean that Brawlfox and InmybenZ got fake B's!

IndependenZ December 3 2008 3:55 PM EST

Yup, mine isn't a capital B. Just a normal one. You didn't notice? :P
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