Is there a reason for this? (in General)

Aera Cura December 8 2008 7:56 PM EST

I've been attacked almost 900 times in the last 24 hours. I can barely stay positive, and i'm a new user? Seriously what the heck is going on? This is how you treat new users?

Rawr December 8 2008 7:57 PM EST

It has nothing to do with your new user status. You're in the midst of a clan war at the moment, and you are just on the side that is getting beat up.

three4thsforsaken December 8 2008 7:59 PM EST

oh my, 900 times...

Well, at least you're still getting a clan bonus I presume? Most new players don't have any.

LittleLauren December 8 2008 8:22 PM EST

Why would we discrimate new users from old users anyways?

Soxjr December 8 2008 8:22 PM EST

oh my. 900 times. I get attacked between 700 and 1000 times per day every day for over a year. It's part of being in clans. :)

Aera Cura December 8 2008 8:26 PM EST

I just find it funny how I go from being attacked maybe 300 times a day to now well over 900. Seriously?

Rawr December 8 2008 8:26 PM EST

What I said above.

Aera Cura December 8 2008 8:27 PM EST

Because some stupid clan war that i had nothing to do with. Or is it because, some vet has an ego that needs boosting? Either way i dont think I"ll be playing much longer.

Rawr December 8 2008 8:29 PM EST

You getting attacked affects you in no way though.

Soxjr December 8 2008 8:44 PM EST

That is the funniest thing I have ever seen. you will quit the game because people are attacking you and having them do so doesn't hurt you in any way.... hmmm. you do realise that even though your clan might not be as high ranked as before it only is affecting you by losing about 5% bonus probably. maybe a little more, but not a huge amount. and it doesn't hurt you any more than that.

Yukk December 8 2008 8:49 PM EST

I have single players who have attacked me over 200 times in one day. As someone said, it really doesn't affect you.

Rizy December 8 2008 8:51 PM EST

if you don't want to be a part of it don't be in a clan. it's an optional feature.

Colonel Custard December 8 2008 9:19 PM EST

I don't understand where this notion comes from that older players are beating up on and holding down newer players because they're new. You're in one of the "ALL STARS" clans, which are currently locked in fierce battle against a number of other people. As mentioned above, it really doesn't even count as "beating up on" you since you experience no ill effects. Unless your primary goal in this game is to have won 80% of total battles fought, or something, it shouldn't do much.

The only other way in which it can affect you is that your clan bonus is slightly reduced. That's a negligible difference, and it should happen regularly in clan fighting that rankings change and bonuses fluctuate. If your clan leader decides to kick you out because you can't stay positive, all that it means is that your clan (or clan leader, or someone) was stupid, which is why this whole thing started. You're better without them.

By the way, if you do get kicked out of your clan, or if it disbands, I'd like to say that I'm sorry. Just know that no one I know of so far has anything personal against you. Competitive fighting is a part of the game. Personally, I'm not offended that my character is on your fight list. I still don't want you to quit over something silly like this.

Mikel December 8 2008 9:31 PM EST

Sage, it's nothing personal towards you.
The bigger you get the more people that can farm you that are already higher up. The only difference is they have added you earlier to their fight lists in order to get a little extra cash bonus from the bounties :) Just relax and be resilient. You're clan is still getting a 13% bonus.

QBsutekh137 December 8 2008 10:22 PM EST

I agree 100% with Mikel, Sage. His words are like your name. Not the plant. *smile*

Not sure why folks seem to be so quick to jump, but I guess it is all this clan stuff going on. Relax. I think clans are stupid. And I firmly believe it is OK for other people to think that, too.

Or not. *smile* It is true that getting beat on doesn't hurt you here. Not like Warbook. Not like other role playing games out there. And that's by design. Please stick around and enjoy the journey, and burn all the BA you can!

QBsutekh137 December 8 2008 10:23 PM EST

Oh, and welcome to CB! I'm sorry I missed your new player introduction, I don't give a hearty "hello" the way I always should!!!!

Xiaz on Hiatus December 8 2008 11:27 PM EST

Two words. Pwned.

Windwalker December 8 2008 11:33 PM EST

Look on the bright side. If you were bigger it would be much worse :D

Wizard'sFirstRule December 9 2008 12:57 AM EST

getting attacked is actually a good thing (tm). it give you XP and money even when you lose.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 9 2008 1:05 AM EST

been a long time since that was true

Wizard'sFirstRule December 9 2008 1:09 AM EST

I seem to gain a bit of XP and money after I log off. must be just my ignorance and distorted reality. :P

Cube December 9 2008 1:44 AM EST

That would only be from defensive wins and draws, not losses.

Last Gasp December 9 2008 2:06 AM EST

"This is how you treat new users?"

It's because you're in a clan... deal with it or leave the clan... ahh, but you like those rewards you still get, yes? So you'll stay in the clan for as long as you can and get those extra rewards.

Fret less about being attacked and more about building a strategy that works.

Guardian December 9 2008 12:13 PM EST

Experience: 36,857


and thats true, because i burn my 160 ba and train. when i log next time i hav this exp points.
I am beein so heavily farmed that i receive all this exp.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 9 2008 12:36 PM EST

your mpr growth curve has suffered over the last few days rather than showing a dramatic increase which would occur with free xp of around 80k. perhaps you forgot to train?

Aera Cura December 9 2008 1:12 PM EST

I was out of town for a couple days.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 9 2008 1:19 PM EST

sorry, the above reply was for the post directly above mine regarding free xp for defeats.
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