Two not new ideas for forums (in General)

PearsonTritonRaveshaw December 10 2008 10:24 AM EST

Well here are a couple features I hope will be implemented: Editing posts and quoting.<p>

Editing posts: Well, this would allow you to edit your post if you made a mistake or something instead of reposting. I've heard that the fear was that people would be able to go into old forums, edit their posts, insert un PG things, and have it fly completely under the radar. Well, how about you can't edit any posts on locked forums, because if a forum is too old it gets locked. Also, when a forum is edited, it is bumped.

Quoting: Yeah, we all love to quote people, so why not have an actual quoting feature? If you were to quote, it might look a little something like this:

[CB1]Gun said:
*[CB1]Gun hugs back as he's in a good mood now

Of course, it would look a bit better and not so makeshift. By the way, I pulled the look/outline of it from other forums, so it can be modifried (the letter R rocks) to look the way Jon likes it or something.

Post your comments, ideas, suggestions, etc., but keep your flames to yourself.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw December 10 2008 10:27 AM EST

Sorry about the length of the underscores, it looked fine on the confirm post page.

QBJohnnywas December 10 2008 10:28 AM EST

Edits are out also for things such as Public Record postings and FS/WTB posts. Too easy to change original details to scam or get out of deals by changing the terms.

QBJohnnywas December 10 2008 10:31 AM EST

Besides I like double posting.

THe quotes thing would be pretty good.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw December 10 2008 10:32 AM EST

I had not considered that. How about PR threads are not editable then? The only other obvious workaround I can see with that problem is a lengthy one. If your curious, it would make it so public record threads are written and co-written, and in order for someone to edit the post they would need the permission of the co-author. So, for a Rave/OB1 deal, if I were to edit the post, I would need OB1's permission.

This is too much of a hassle so let's just make it so PR threads cannot be edited.

QBJohnnywas December 10 2008 10:35 AM EST

It would be the easiest option. Especially as so much of the trading side of CB rests on the PR forum.

Daz December 10 2008 10:42 AM EST

Actually, if you have both the quote and the edit, Scams shouldn't be possible.
You quote the first post in your PR post, that way if there is an edit it's unchanged in your quoted post :P

Of course, it should be disabled in FS/WTB...

PearsonTritonRaveshaw December 10 2008 10:59 AM EST

Good idea Daz, but that would still be a bit of a hassle because everyone would be required to quote someone's PR thread when they agree to the terms. More than likely, it would be an unwritten rule that would shoot over new players' heads.

[P]Mitt December 10 2008 1:46 PM EST

How about canceling pending Chatmails if they have not been received? I've proposed this before and it would definitely be useful in the case of selling or buying: if you CM somebody and circumstances change, you can cancel that chatmail and send a new one.

Lord Bob December 10 2008 1:56 PM EST

I would like quoting, italics, etc. A full html editor along the lines of boards like phpBB would be nice.

Editing I can do without.

QBsutekh137 December 10 2008 2:14 PM EST

You can make italics, bold, etc., just use HTML...those tags are pretty simple...

Quotes would be cool!

Lord Bob December 10 2008 2:29 PM EST

Well, yes, I do do know HTML. But a little button at the top of the posting box makes things so much easier. And we wouldn't have to worry about hard-coding line breaks with <br />.

QBsutekh137 December 10 2008 3:46 PM EST

Yes, the <br> need is somewhat dreadful on the HTML front...completely agree it could all be made a little nicer...

Flamey December 10 2008 3:49 PM EST

We can get a WYSIWYG editor because Jon can't figure out a way to keep the <nospellcheck> tags, and therefore doesn't want to implement it. He was working on one and that was his reason for not implementing it.

Let's use some logic, editing posts would only be for General + Off-topic. There would obviously also be a time stamp on each time you edit. Possibly a version saved, like the wiki saves previous versions for all those sceptical people.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw December 11 2008 8:29 AM EST

Yes, a saved version would be great. That gives me an idea. If a post is edited, it will say it on the bottom something like "Last edited on: <time and date>," and it gives you a link to see previous versions. Like, "View original post" with a link to it, and/or "View previous versions of this post," if it has been edited multiple times.

Rawr December 11 2008 10:28 AM EST

editing seems... unnecessary? Just post a new post

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] December 11 2008 10:35 AM EST

if you get Verifex's Greasemonkey app it does the (br) for you and has the nospellcheck on a button look for it on here

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] December 11 2008 10:35 AM EST

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] December 11 2008 10:36 AM EST

sorry its not working so here goes again
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