FlowDog/{CB1}Zenai_U'Lanya Deal (in Public Record)

Zenai December 14 2008 8:46 PM EST

RoS and a FF for 950K and the Xfer Fees to be paid ASAP

Tal [G6] December 14 2008 8:47 PM EST

Flowdog (Tal's Bank) {CB1}Zenai U'Lanya
(Z's Tattoo Mule) A Fire Familiar ($189790) 8:46 PM EST
Flowdog (Tal's Bank) auctioneer (auctioneer) $700000 (bid 120628) 8:42 PM EST

dont worry about xfer fees it was only like 8k

Tal [G6] December 14 2008 8:48 PM EST

Flowdog (Tal's Bank) {CB1}Zenai U'Lanya
(Z's Tattoo Mule) A Rune of Solitude ($11030) 8:22 PM EST

made a boo boo

Zenai December 16 2008 2:56 AM EST

{CB1}Zenai U'Lanya (Cawez) Flowdog (Tal's Bank) $958000 -- For Preset Deal 2:54 AM EST

Paid in Full including Xfer Fees.....doesnt matter how small if I include the xfer fees in the original deal I will pay it....just a matter of honesty to me :D Thanks for the help and I am now another step closer to my goal!
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