Opinions needed on NCB strat (in General)

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] December 17 2008 6:38 AM EST

When I finally get around to starting my new NCB which just seems to be further away, i had the following strat in mind.

Minion #1
Train: 1/2 HP, 1/2 SG, Armour Prof.
Equip: AoI, NSC, CoI, HoC, BoF, TSA

Minion #2
Train: Junc. to 1.0 effect. Remaining 1/2 AS, 1/2 AMF/DM
Tatto: Halidion Familiar
Equip: Corn, DB, BG, AoM, BoM

The reasoning behind this is that the Mage will be the main damage dealer. The other minion is used for the extra support. The Halidon was chosen as i have decent Tank gear, as well as only having enough equipment for 1 Tank and 1 Mage. It is used to deal damage during ranged and hopefully kill some minions.

This strat needs to be able to run successfully until I have enough encumbrance that combined with a ToA, that my equipment will fit on one of the minions, which i'm guessing will b somewhere in the 2mil MPR range.

So any comments, is it a crazy strat. should i change any of the equipment or o with a different tattoo. However he most important question that needs to answered is will it work.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] December 17 2008 8:50 AM EST

So you're end result will be T/M and not E:F/M?
Where is the T is an archer?

Quick kill strategy I see with DM and an archer.

Alright first of all a few comments.

Retraining in a NCB is never advisable.

Why not use the SG mage to be the main damage dealer? Allow the enchanter to save up the EXP and just train junction and DM? Lose the AS and save the exp for later purposes. So retraining wouldn't be so harsh.

The rest looks rather solid. Any NW's for the weapons your using?

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] December 17 2008 8:58 AM EST

i could do that. i was going to probably retrain after the NCB had ended, though it was depenadant on the whether i could improve challenge bonuses or not.

the weapons will be a MoD (~ 83mil NW, not sure if i'm going to upgrade the x anymore for the time being) and an exbow (~ 60mil NW when i start and finish the upgrades).

the other equipment will be DB's (~20mil). the ST enhancing equipment will be covered by the ST granted by the ToA and their own bonuses, so really i just need one of the minions to have approximately 160-180 mil NW available in encumbrance.
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