Lude Botchecks (in General)

Steve G December 22 2008 12:30 PM EST

k so you know how everyone pastes their funny or clever botchecks into chat, ive recently gotten one thats gone a bit above, ive pasted it into chat twice and gotten kicked by hakai, and given a long speech about it

personally i dont think this should be in the game, jons been warned on this word before if i can recall as well

but surely i shouldnt be punished for something the game produced

i wont paste it here but if an admin would like to PM me or something i could show/tell the botcheck

Steve G December 22 2008 12:31 PM EST

i just got killed in chat by hakai for saying that i made this thread, lovely abuse of powers

QBOddBird December 22 2008 12:32 PM EST

Please refrain from trolling the moderators.

Please refrain from using vulgar slang in Chat.

Please refrain from making stupid forum posting decisions in the future.

Thank you and goodnight.

/heads to work

Steve G December 22 2008 12:33 PM EST

oh and when she kicked me today she said in PM that she wouldnt have if i hadnt been rude to her last night, can you say trivial grudge carried over? i dont think anyone with powers should be able to do such a thing

Steve G December 22 2008 12:35 PM EST

thanks for showing that op abuse is still alive and well, good luck to you CB im outta here. feel free to chatmail me links to new games im in the market

Andy December 22 2008 12:35 PM EST

They can and they will naos just shut up and leave it ok?

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] December 22 2008 12:35 PM EST

No. You got killed in chat for refusing to stop. It has nothing to do with the thread. In fact, I had not even looked at the thread until after the /kill.

It would have never escalated this far if you weren't so rude about it to me. I simply asked you a simple favor: to not bring it up in chat again.

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] December 22 2008 12:42 PM EST

And as for my little comment about last night, you are absolutely correct.

All I said was, "Steve, please don't bring that bot check up in chat again. Take it up with an Admin, thanks"

And for whatever reason, you considered that to be a personal attack of some sort.
You said, rudely as possible, something to the effect of, "it's not my fault, the game said it so it makes it ok, I don't have time to deal with Admins, and it's not like I'm going to make a thread over this freaking out"

You then preceded to throw a 15 minute temper tantrum last night as well. I let it go because it was late and I chalked it up to lack of sleep.

I log in today to see you have an entire discussion going on about it. I kicked you. Because you were asked not to bring it up. That should have just dropped the conversation.

Did it? Oh no. You then threw another 15 minute temper tantrum. And I let you. Because I didn't want to deal with the drama of /killing you. And then, when the subject was dropped and we'd all moved on, you ran back into chat and tried to start it up all over again. And I killed you for it.

So, go ahead and ignore me. Call me names. Send me nasty CMs. I don't really care. But you will be kicked when you deserve it.

Steve G December 22 2008 12:44 PM EST

are you still here? please don't post in my thread this is a legit thread and if you cant keep it ontopic then please don't post, i would think that's fair is it not

if you don't have anything to contribute about how jon should remove such words that allow combinations like then then don't post, simple

Mirick December 22 2008 12:50 PM EST

actually i believe s/he's entirely entitled to answering your criticism which YOU brought up in your thread.

Steve G December 22 2008 12:57 PM EST

there's a difference between responding to criticism and then regurgitating the entire incident here

either way i don't care anymore, everything i have is for sale i've quit

Mirick December 22 2008 12:59 PM EST

no, there isn't, because you did exactly the same thing, except you left out a whole bunch of rather important details.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 22 2008 1:04 PM EST

Another sad day for CB... is getting along that hard?

PearsonTritonRaveshaw December 22 2008 1:34 PM EST


AdminShade December 22 2008 1:49 PM EST

Rave: the lude apparently should be Rude, or otherwise I wouldn't get it.

While I have no part in this I find it a loss to see someone leaving over such an argument.

I myself also have had my share of rude bot checks but I've never thought to myself to take those up with Jonathan to be changed or filtered.

Lord Bob December 22 2008 1:50 PM EST

This is why I don't use chat.

MissingNo December 22 2008 1:52 PM EST

Nawh, Steve told me what the botcheck was. And it was very, very lewd. XD

Lord Bob December 22 2008 1:55 PM EST

Now I'm interested in what it is. Can someone CM it to me?

QBsutekh137 December 22 2008 2:07 PM EST

We should have a contest to guess. *smile* I have a couple choice ideas in my head! The prize winner could take home the winnings of all the admin fines, if the phrase was as lewd as this thread would indicate!

Lord Bob December 22 2008 2:14 PM EST

Hakai sent it to me. I found it funny. If we do a contest, I must be excluded.

AdminShade December 22 2008 2:40 PM EST

You shouldn't be excluded, the bot check in question should be...

Anyway, does anyone mind me closing this thread? All it seems to do is making people flame one and another...

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] December 22 2008 2:47 PM EST

Steve and I both agree that this thread has lost it's point. We both agree to let it die ^_^

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] December 22 2008 2:56 PM EST

Admin plz close this thread no more flamers

Colonel Custard December 22 2008 3:03 PM EST

i cant b-leave all u guys r trying 2 close this thread n hide tha TRUTH! wat is wrong w/ u!!

Hakai n Shade r drunk w/ poweR!1 Steve G is leaving n he wants 2 kill da game! Tal is a fool!!! A FOOL!
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