Borgin/DoS (in Public Record)

Goodfish December 24 2008 12:20 AM EST

First off, DoS is awesome.

Second off, DoS is selling me a base MCM for 550k. I don't have the money now but will pay as soon as I possibly can- probably within just a few days. DoS will send me the MCM now as per his chatmail and the cash will be sent over as soon as I slaughter enough people. :)

DoS December 24 2008 12:32 AM EST

Yup, happy holidays! Sending after I post.

DoS December 24 2008 2:23 PM EST

Adding on 600k for elbow, will be on the road soon so I'll send it over once I see confirmation. Thanks!

Goodfish December 24 2008 2:27 PM EST

Confirmed. That's a total of 1.15M to be paid off ASAP, but I'd like to extend the "few days" to "two weeks" if that's alright. :)

DoS December 24 2008 2:31 PM EST

Good with me :)

Goodfish December 24 2008 3:57 PM EST

ELBow received, will start sending cash as soon as I start making some! :)

Goodfish December 29 2008 3:24 PM EST

[Ex-Goodfish]DJ (Dominus Rex) DoS (Test11) $400000 -- 750k remaining 3:23 PM EST

400k paid, 750k remaining. I should be able to pay it off in about a week. :)

Goodfish January 4 2009 7:23 PM EST

[Ex-Goodfish]DJ (Dominus Rex) DoS (Test11) $750000 -- debt paid. thanks :) 7:22 PM EST

All paid off. :D

DoS January 4 2009 7:24 PM EST

Awesome, thanks!
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