More ideas he who is immortal (in General)

Ancient Anubis December 25 2008 4:25 AM EST

OK how bout a nice cb Face lift.

I reckon we need a new look. Not sure what u guys reckon but here's some ideas.

We have a homepage for the game
But how bout we redevelope the main page where we do most of our work.

Lets call it the Battle room.

ok i'm doing this in words so hopefully i can describe it ok like for u guys to understand.

Ok the side bar as it stands is good nice and quick to use for the most part but for the main screen how bout we have something like this.

At the top we have a rolling banner displaying the top 3 battle clans and the time at which the number one clan has been there (This then gets linked to a stats page which shows the top 10 times for at the top without dropping).

We then have the main character of use displayed straight up showing equipped items and stats just like when we go to manage and select a character.

Under this we have several links called Personal Armoury, Training Ground, Battle Report and the Vault.

Personal Armoury will lead to a page showing every piece of equipment we have its stats, item nw, whether its named and how long for and also whether its being rented and who bye for how long.

Along with this i propose remove the armour storage of each character and make one vault (Personal Armoury) with a limit of 50 armour items, 15 weapons and 10 tats for every character created. This is on top of the gear they are wearing.

I would also like to c a rental system that extends up to at least 1 month rent and possibly up to 1 year. This would be run via the Personal Armoury page.

The Training Ground is just a replacement link to the side bar link 'Train'.

Battle Report links to the the fighting stats however i would like to c that page changed so it shows the win loss % and overall stats like it does, Shows the last 25 Battles, with an option to another page that show last 500, and after the 25 battles show the 24hour battle summary we currently have but on the same page.

The Vault is a single storage facility that can be used by the user to fund anything on any character (for economic clans its the vault of the user that is used to work clan stats not the individual characters).

And at the bottom we have an overall rank for main characters. Not sure how we could do this but it could combine the Main fighting characters - MPR, PR, Score. Something along this line

These changes would mean some links would be removed like the ones
* Equip
* Train
* Manage
in the side bar however we would maintain the the active character to change between the ones we have.

Also if we have said changes character limit could be reduced to 3 Fighter, Forger, and Gladiator

The fighter of course is the main dude whose strat we use to fight people.

The Forger is a character that gains exp through forging and with this exp it Grows in level with each level giving say 0.5 increase in forging efficiency with the amount of forging exp required for the next level going up in to be decided rate. The cap could be say 20% but this would take like 5 years of forging to achieve.

And the Gladiator would be peoples automatic entry player into the tourneys. No need to sign up when ever there is a tourney the character is enabled provided with any provided gear and is able to fight until the tourney ends ending its ability to fight on.

Anyway what u guys think and do u guys have any other ideas to spruce things up

Dark Dreky December 25 2008 11:35 AM EST

I didn't have time to thoroughly read through this post... but, I do like some of the 'face lift' changes. I like the idea of rolling the top three (or five or whatever) clans and their respective scores at all times. I feel this would increase clan competition. I like the Vault idea as well.

Welp, back to the Holidays! =)

Ancient Anubis December 25 2008 7:32 PM EST

quick correction

'Along with this i propose remove the armour storage of each character and make one vault (Personal Armoury) with a limit of 50 armour items, 15 weapons and 10 tats for every character created. This is on top of the gear they are wearing'

should read

'Along with this i propose remove the armour storage of each character and make one vault (Personal Armoury) with a limit of 50 armour items, 15 weapons and 10 tats per user. This is on top of the gear the is equipped to the characters minions.'

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 25 2008 10:31 PM EST

I think these ideas for the most part are good. I how ever think that having a smaller limit on the vault is not a good thing. My reason is simple what about people that buy items to rent.....when the rental is done where does it go if the "Vault" is full? I propose something simple......Personal Automated Rentals and Paid Storage. Yes I said it and to me it makes sense in terms of room. Lets say you hit the cap of what you can have in your vault but you dont want to give up your things just to make room for that cool new item. What if you wanted to start a new CB Rental Service but dont have all the time to watch everything that is going on or cant swing that deal because you are not around. Well here ya go. Personal Automated Rentals could make things easier and more efficient for those who want to do rentals but want to have a closer eye and more control on them than in the regular rentals. You could set it up to where if you dont want to rent to certain people then it would automatically refuse them. Someone could click on your rentals Link/Tab and see what you have for rent. For Paid Storage if you dont want to give up that item then Rent a space. It could stimulate the Economy and if people are delinquent on their payments then it could be cycled into the Auctions or sent to rentals or taken out of monies earned during fighting until the storage fee is paid off. Just a few ideas :)

Ancient Anubis December 25 2008 10:41 PM EST

My vault idea actually has pretty close to the amount u can hold now u can only hold 10 items, armour tat combined per character with 5 character max so this vault of mine actually provides extra space by keeping tats seperate from the armour and honestly not that many people have more than 15 weapons in their stores. Just some clarification

BootyGod December 25 2008 10:43 PM EST

Lots of good ideas, but honestly?

The one I'd like the most is the Armor vault. Make it supporter only, of course.

Ancient Anubis December 25 2008 10:43 PM EST

Oops nother point the vault is being miss represented what your referring to is the Personal Armoury, the Vault is actually just a single storage facility for our cb$ attached to the user not any particular character, to be accessed by all minions for whatever is needed eg bsing

QBOddBird December 25 2008 10:45 PM EST

We just got through with re-theming CB, which took several years and multiple abandoned attempts and eliminated custom themes *sob*
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