Adding Decay (in General)

Newlin [SeeD] December 25 2008 6:54 PM EST

On my character Black Arrow, would it be wise to add a base decay?

AdminShade December 25 2008 7:05 PM EST

base decay could help, but it could also cause your enchanter to die much much faster. I'd say try it out when your character is a bit bigger :)

Nehemiah December 25 2008 7:29 PM EST

its a coin toss, on fights against players without AMF, it can help a lot, on fights against AMF the decay hurts you instead.

if you plan to avoid players with AMF it maybe what your looking for, see if you can keep a stable list of players without AMF that give a good challenge bonus.

if you cant keep a good list, may not want to keep, might be worth a shot though, when it does land it does the job!

I used it while, but eventually un-trained it, i might try again at some point.

God Bless you!

Jesus Loves you!

Tyriel [123456789] December 25 2008 7:40 PM EST

One important thing to remember is that adding a DD spell or a weapon to your minion will make your HF spawn IN FRONT of your minion.

Other than that, using a HF, you prey on people with AMF, since that is wasted experience against you. If you add a base decay, your enchanter may wind up hurting itself just enough that their AMF may be letting them win.

However, a base decay is such a small amount of experience, you might as well try it out at some point to see how it goes.

QBsutekh137 December 25 2008 9:50 PM EST

Yes, Decay changes minion order, but a minion can never die of Decay-AMF backlash. Don't forget that.
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