Skill idea: Power Attack (in General)

three4thsforsaken December 28 2008 3:28 PM EST

This skill sacrifices PTH or CTH for more damage. I think it'll be cool...

It'll compete with BL though, that's kind of bothersome. But I think tanks should have an option to try to hit less for more to actually break GA caps.

AdminNightStrike December 28 2008 3:35 PM EST

Sounds like a copyright violation with Wizards :)

QBOddBird December 28 2008 3:54 PM EST

Indeed, I immediately thought of DnD's Power Attack / Improved Power Attack.

three4thsforsaken December 28 2008 3:55 PM EST

and shocking grasp isn't? How about magic missile? I sense a theme, don't you? xD

three4thsforsaken December 28 2008 3:56 PM EST

actually now that I think about it, what CB really needs is Cleave!

QBOddBird December 28 2008 4:00 PM EST

True, Magic Missile is a commonly used spell name of Wizards', though its use in CB is different than in DnD (a missile, multiple missiles as levels increase.)

Shocking Grasp sounds a bit like Bigby's Grasping Hand...

Your suggestion on the Power Attack functions exactly like in DnD, though. Increase in power for sacrifice of accuracy.

And yeah, Cleave would be cool! >:D If you kill the enemy that round, you immediately hit the next guy in line.

AdminNightStrike December 28 2008 4:30 PM EST

Or maybe just feats in general...

That would certainly give a place for the more binary skills/spells.

Unfortunately, there's no real leveling system, so there's no easy way to say "Ok, you've gained a feat". There are several choices (battle count, current realm, score, PR, etc...) but none of them are something that jumps up and screams "Perfect!"

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 28 2008 4:31 PM EST

before adding more melee only skills i would like to see some all purpose or magic based ones.

three4thsforsaken December 28 2008 4:36 PM EST

like metamagic skills!

Maximize spell: spell deals maximum damage possible each round, however skill requires you train it 50% of spell's level to be effective.

Spell Penetration: AMF resistance

iBananco [Blue Army] December 28 2008 11:08 PM EST

Improved Flurry Attack!

QBOddBird December 28 2008 11:19 PM EST

Improved Spell Penetration: more effective AC penetration

we could change SG to be a melee, forward firing magic missile and just use this skill! :D

QBOddBird December 28 2008 11:20 PM EST

...and by we, I mean not me, because I don't have that kind of ability. xD

Wizard'sFirstRule December 28 2008 11:44 PM EST

so we have a skill that enhance magic? what benefit does it serve other than trading skill slot for more damage? both skill and DD takes up XP. seems redundant. Most mages don't use skill anyway, and just tack a AP onto it. Think about it, mages need the concentrated XP, giving it a skill that enhance it might as well be a straight boost to DD damage.

QBOddBird December 29 2008 1:26 AM EST

The idea would be that you have a choice, BBB.

1) focus your exp into your spell, making it more damaging (yet still random) and more resistant to AMF


2) put exp into both the spell and the skill, making the damage maximized for the spell level, but reducing overall damage and making you more vulnerable to AMF.

Besides, tanks have all the skills. They even have a tank-specific ED.

Ancient Anubis December 29 2008 3:34 AM EST

thats a great idea MM has always sucked how bout a special attribute that devlopes, i mean would need a large mm like for the 5mil level in MM u get for each round a 50% chance of a second missile being fired and at 10mil levels it maxes out with I guaranteed hit like usual, 75% chance of second Missile and 50% chance of a third missile. :P
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