Strategy Advice (in General)

Newlin [SeeD] January 13 2009 7:24 PM EST

My strategy is obviously based on killing everyone in ranged rounds, and if I can, I easily win fights. But I am not always dealing enough damage to beat certain clan characters and so I win some of the time and not others. So I was wondering if any of you guys had ideas on how I could make some small changes to my strat to deal more damage, but still survive in the ranged rounds. My character currently has a very small AMF trained for opponents with decay. Then I have junctioned trained to 1/5th of my tat's level. The rest is split evenly between AS and FB. Any help would be great and thanks in advance!

TheHatchetman January 13 2009 7:30 PM EST

forget trying to defend against decay seeing as if ya make it to melee, you're usually pretty well shafted by your own arrows and their lack of ability to hit :P Training DM won't cause you to do any more damage directly, but getting rid of enemy AS/GA could do wonders for your ability to mow through their defense.

TheHatchetman January 13 2009 7:30 PM EST

Oh, just remembered, even armor class is dispelable now since the SS change, so there's your damage increase right there :P

Newlin [SeeD] January 13 2009 7:32 PM EST

About how much of my xp should I train into DM?

tasuki [UFC] January 13 2009 7:32 PM EST

I would definitely get rid of FB with your current setup and pump that into AS. Or remove AM and FB and learn DM.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw January 13 2009 7:33 PM EST

If you don't mind siphoning some exp off of your first minion you can hire a second minion and train Giant Strength so that your Hal becomes much more useful. I hear that Hals suck in melee, so you might as well take full advantage of him while you can by increasing his strength and kill potential.

Also, I'd agree with DM. Fireball is exceptionally weak to GA so unless you have enormous amounts of HP, you won't survive long against a team with a decently sized GA.

Newlin [SeeD] January 13 2009 7:36 PM EST

I kinda leaning towards staying as a single minion. Then unlearn FB and pour all of that into DM.

TheHatchetman January 13 2009 7:40 PM EST

I'd say to train DM high enough to nullify GAs at your level which shouldn't be too hard seeing as all of your XP is in a single minion and GA isn't exactly efficient below 3 minions, leaving you with 2 types of GA dispelled GA against anyone using it in a method detrimental to your strat and GA with so much XP into it they're lacking on the HP side, allowing Hal to just soak it up and roll with the punches ^_^

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] January 13 2009 7:44 PM EST

I would not drop the fireball, hal's are weak for damage i here.

three4thsforsaken January 13 2009 7:45 PM EST

Hal does great damage from my experiences

Sickone January 13 2009 11:48 PM EST

I'd say treat it as if you're playing SFBM, if you reach melee rounds you're toast either way : either go 30% HP, 30% DM, 40% FB, or the more agressive 25% HP, 75% FB.
The first is better against heavy ED teams (AS/GA being the most threatening), the second one against the rest.

Alternatively, convert your minion to archer, afterall you have most of the archer gear except the bow itself already... probably best if you pick a mage-seeker bow for it, the Hal already has his built-in ELBow.

Either way, that's how I'd play it, you might like something else entirely.
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