Concerning clan points (in General)

Nehemiah January 13 2009 9:26 PM EST

I suggest we allow clan points to last 1 Day + some time, maybe 3 or 6 extra hours.

Because as it stands now, you have to get on and fight earlier each day in order to avoid having your score drop dramatically.

I dont think this would break anything.

I Hope everyone is well.

God Bless you!

Jesus Loves you!

DoS January 13 2009 9:33 PM EST

Same thing for forging really. If you get on each day, then 24 hours after when you would have fought your score would just drop again, so there is a middle. If it lasted an extra 3 or 6 hours, wouldn't it still do it ?

Nehemiah January 13 2009 9:35 PM EST

Ya the score would still drop, but if it lasted 3 to 6 hours longer, that would mean you could get on a bit later each day, instead of having to get on sooner each day, hope that makes sense, it would make things a lot easier.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] January 13 2009 9:35 PM EST

Exactly what i was going to say DoS. Really the only thing you can do to fight that nehemiah is get other clan members in your clan. Than your not just relying on yourself to get a bonus.

Goodfish January 14 2009 1:09 AM EST

Or spread out your fighting a little bit. :)

bartjan January 14 2009 1:15 AM EST

Wouldn't having the clan points last longer than 1 day also affect other clan's points?
In other words, your relative ranking wouldn't change at all...

TheHatchetman January 14 2009 1:29 AM EST

no dramatic increases or drops so long as you spend your BA as it refreshes :P

DoS January 14 2009 1:34 AM EST

Sleep is so cliche.

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] January 14 2009 2:45 AM EST

you can sleep when your dead, that's what i plan on apparently

winner winner January 14 2009 7:31 AM EST

I agree, I just noticed that my clan points usually drop to the negatives right when I get home because I usually spend most of BA during that time.
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