NCB (in Services)

AdminTal Destra January 18 2009 2:25 AM EST

This is mainly for the top 10-15 players.

This is the deal, my NUB runs out in Feb. so March 1st I will be creating a NCB. If you would like I will run a NCB for you. You will be supplying all equips and all money towards buying BA. The reason why I'm offering is because well, I can't think of any strats I would like to attempt and it makes it so you don't lose out on your top spot because of running an NCB. At the end of the six months, or earlier if you call it quits, you will get all the equips back and then will have the chance to purchase said character for a mere 50% of normal going rates. If you don't want said character I will sell it and keep the proceeds. My only payment is the money I make while fighting.

You decide if this is a good plan or not. CM me if interested or post here to brainstorm.


AdminTal Destra January 18 2009 3:01 AM EST

null and void unless i get an AWESOMELY good deal

AdminTal Destra January 19 2009 2:19 PM EST

got a really nice offer from DoS so I will do his first

DoS January 19 2009 2:20 PM EST

Should only take like 2 months~
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