??hehe (in Off-topic)

alaskanpsyko January 21 2009 5:13 AM EST

is it bad that i barely have enough attention span to read some to most of the posts???

AdminShade January 21 2009 5:54 AM EST

It's even worse that you creat spam because of it... >:(

PearsonTritonRaveshaw January 21 2009 7:43 AM EST


00 January 21 2009 8:51 AM EST

How is it spam??? its in off topic. i can put a picture of a rabbit climbing a jungle gym if i wanted to, its off topic!

AdminShade January 21 2009 9:04 AM EST

Still, spam shouldn't be introduced to this game. Even while it is off-topic, making 10 threads after another with not even an off-topic topic (i.e. nonsense) is reason for a fine.

Apart from that (i.e. back on topic). It isn't bad that he doesn't read all of the posts, as long as he reads the right ones. :)

Brakke Bres [Ow man] January 21 2009 9:09 AM EST

/me wonders why this isn't closed yet. Or at least why this topic isn't dead yet?

alaskanpsyko January 22 2009 11:17 PM EST

ha ha

PearsonTritonRaveshaw January 23 2009 7:16 AM EST

Shaaaaaaade! Just because you're an admin now doesn't mean you have to act like it 24/7! Hehe =P
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