Multi: WarDancer and Lighthalzen (in Public Record)

AdminShade January 24 2009 11:35 AM EST

Banned Lighthalzen and reset WarDancer.

Lochnivar January 24 2009 12:54 PM EST


Shade is an admin now?

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] January 24 2009 12:57 PM EST

yes he is a full admin

GM January 24 2009 1:11 PM EST

Read "Promotion, Wooo!" under news. ;)

Lochnivar January 24 2009 1:16 PM EST

/me bangs head on wall.....

.... that was a joke....

GM January 24 2009 1:17 PM EST

We're all friends here, no need to pretend you were joking ;)
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