Silly idea : BA amount notifier widget ? (in General)

Sickone February 2 2009 7:24 PM EST

Wouldn't it be nice if we would get some form of server-side support for easy "how much BA does my character have" interrogation, so we can have some form of small program/widget in the systray area which alerts us to log on and spend it when we're getting close to the cap (cap 160 currently, so let's say notification at 150 or above) ?


Rawr February 2 2009 7:28 PM EST

every 5-6 hours is a good bet

Sickone February 2 2009 7:36 PM EST

It's not about the time between notifications, it's about the notification itself.
Sure, you can make a standalone widget that you can manually reset each time you log in and burn your BA, and set it to your BA regeneration rate so it will do the same thing, but there are times when the server decides to spit out a few more BA than it should, and other times you simply forget to "set your clock".

PearsonTritonRaveshaw February 2 2009 7:37 PM EST

I'd pay for something like this. Especially if it had an alarm.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw February 2 2009 7:37 PM EST

*hint hint*

BootyGod February 2 2009 7:50 PM EST

It's called a watch...

I've never had a problem knowing when I need to spend my BA.... And I'm not particularly intelligent, so I don't see why anyone else would have a problem.

I'm not AGAINST this idea, but I feel this is the definition of a lazy button.

Cube February 2 2009 7:56 PM EST

So make one

PearsonTritonRaveshaw February 2 2009 7:57 PM EST

Not everybody has a schedule. I burn BA at all different times myself, and I'd rather not have to set an alarm every single time I burn my BA.

DAS bro February 2 2009 8:15 PM EST

ya i have skool and i just get on wen ever i feel like it to burn watever BA i have.. :)

AdminQBVerifex February 2 2009 9:19 PM EST

I think Jon could set this up easily.

Simply have a microsummary page for the page to use as the microsummary, then BAM, whenever you bookmark CB, it will give you a 'live title' option that will list your current BA in it. It's pretty dang slick. I'm not sure if this works for anything other then Firefox currently, but it's a quiet little feature Firefox added back in 2.0.

For an example, go here then press the bookmark button in your browser (firefox only I'm pretty sure) and watch how the browser has a drop down box by the title, simply click it and you'll see a couple options there, those are the microsummaries in action.

Daz February 2 2009 9:22 PM EST

Cube 7:56 PM EST
So make one

Totally didn't know that was there. I should make a firefox extension to just display this somewhere :P

Wizard'sFirstRule February 3 2009 2:01 AM EST

I would just like to ask for a copy for every gadget that is supported by Vista, as long as it is related to CB.

{cb2}ShadeSlayer February 3 2009 1:10 PM EST

On firefox on the toolbar where it says Most Visited and Latest Headlines.

The Button in the middle you can right click on, and change the name of it, the link it goes to, and click the check box that says load this bookmark in the sidebar... then when you open firefox you can click the button and on the left hand side of the browser you will see the bookmark come up and it will tell you the amount of BA you have. I will try to post a screenie for this as well.


{cb2}ShadeSlayer February 6 2009 9:57 AM EST

did anyone even read this after i posted?

{CB1}djschlotte February 7 2009 5:39 PM EST

i simply have an alarm on my mobile that goes off every 5 hours and 20 minutes (since I'm at 10/20). i don't have to set an alarm every time, it resets itself.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] February 7 2009 7:23 PM EST

If you're gonna be at the computer to see a widget/gadget accumulate your BA, why not just leave CB open and check it whenever you sit down in front of your monitor?

AdminShade February 7 2009 7:33 PM EST

I just miss any BA after I go sleep. Apart from that I don't easily miss unless I'm on holiday or drunk (like now)

PearsonTritonRaveshaw February 7 2009 7:36 PM EST

I play games and easily lose track of time. Also, I don't have a cell phone so I can't set an alarm or anything.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw February 7 2009 7:42 PM EST

Verifex, the mini summaries won't work for CB. They work for some other sites but not CB.

Sickone February 7 2009 8:36 PM EST

"If you're gonna be at the computer to see a widget/gadget accumulate your BA, why not just leave CB open and check it whenever you sit down in front of your monitor? "

I work at the PC (yes, I work at home), I play games on the PC, I watch movies and TV shows on the PC, I read books on the PC, I chat with people I know on the PC.
From the moment I wake up 'till the moment I go to sleep, the computer is on... and sometimes, even when I sleep, the computer is on... I've had windows uptimes of over 10 days without a reboot or shutdown.

You would be quite shocked to find out just how often you can go "wow, it's really been over 8 hours since I checked CB already?", especially when you have a deadline to meet and a lot of other things on your mind, and 30+ hours of no sleep behind you.
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