Breastplate of Exp. (in General)

kevlar February 4 2009 6:25 PM EST

Ok, I'm glad to have another supporter item, but this doesn't make sense to me and I need help understanding the concept behind the BOE.

It grants Armor Proficiency... and AP is a spell that reduces penalties on armor, so why does the BOE carry such big penalties? I think it should be more like a MCM where no penalaties are on it and it helps out other equipment, but don't know if that will make it "2" powerful?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 4 2009 6:26 PM EST

With the Pound where it's at at the moment, I'm just glad this is the first Supporter Item I've felt no desire to purchase. ;)

kevlar February 4 2009 6:28 PM EST

I mean I'm about to get it regardless to support Jon... but it really doesn't seem that great to me.

Soul Eater February 4 2009 6:30 PM EST

I agree if they removed the penalties it would make this armor great!

kevlar February 4 2009 6:32 PM EST

So if we're a supporter and we buy it from special items it is 6 dollars? I remember reading that somewhere when it came out but forgot what to do......

kevlar February 4 2009 6:32 PM EST

Note: if the user you are donating for is already a supporter, the price for just the current supporter item is $6. Only one per user at this price.


QBRanger February 4 2009 6:33 PM EST

Or added Stone Skin for the minion wearing it.

I agree it lacks a lot.

I think Hatch found perhaps a use-on a BL tank, maybe?

kevlar February 4 2009 6:35 PM EST

kevlar is already a supporter, and already got this item at the reduced price.

does this mean since I got supportership when the Mace was the item that I can't get the BOE for 6 USD? It's 11?

Soul Eater February 4 2009 6:37 PM EST

If it didn't have the penalties I would definitely consider buying a couple of them.

Haloki February 4 2009 7:17 PM EST

kevlar i think you should be able to buy it for 6

Varcas February 4 2009 7:23 PM EST

If it upgraded similar to the adam that would be something..

QBRanger February 4 2009 8:16 PM EST

Considering there are only 8 in existence, given they have been out for 2 weeks, I think most of CB agrees with our assessment.

They are nearly useless.

And 1 of the 8 is owned by Jon.

This makes the Mace of Disruption seem tame.

Dark Dreky February 4 2009 8:53 PM EST

Agreed. The BoE is absolutely terrible. Well, not absolutely.... but it is terrible.

A few perfectly reasonable changes:

1.) Ranger's: Make it add SS to the wearer.

2.) Reduce the penalties drastically or eliminate them all together.

3.) Make the upgrade curve very low (as the Adam).

Any others I missed?

Soul Eater February 4 2009 8:56 PM EST

I mean I like the concept of the innate AP but the penalties ruin it.

QBRanger February 4 2009 8:56 PM EST

Problem is that if you eliminate the penalties, you then make the MCM worthless.

Why use it, when the BoE has a better AC, better upgrade curve and gives free AP?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 4 2009 9:20 PM EST

It's a really nice item for defensively minded tanks, I'd be switching to it myself if it wasn't for encumbrance. Using it I'd end up doing more damage (by being able to train BL) and reducing more damage. Sounds like a win win to me.

QBRanger February 5 2009 12:21 AM EST

You would seriously take the BoE over the TSA on a tank?

The BoE only give Armor Proficiency which only lowers the SG damage by 1/2 of the extra portion of the damage. Not 1/2 the whole damage.

And tanks typically do not use armors with high penalties that they need the Proficiency to survive.

I would certainly take the TSA and use BL vs the BoE and BL.

Mikel February 5 2009 12:34 AM EST

TSA much better for a tank, it helps you overcome GA if you have a good amount of HP and increases your ST which also increases your Enc.

I don't see how the BOE could be better than the TSA.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 5 2009 12:44 AM EST

If you believe AP is important to have for a tank out front (Which I do) then BoE and BL are a nice balance compared to TSA and BL.
I get more AC, with lower penalties and more damage than TSA + AP.

Cube February 5 2009 1:01 AM EST

Novice's tank has no HP. The AC would be far better v GA.

Cube February 5 2009 1:02 AM EST

By AC, I mean Armor from the BoE not the Adam.
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