Now that I'm out of debt I need direction (in General)

Rawr February 5 2009 1:28 AM EST

I've got a perfect sized tattoo, Corns for my enchanters, AoFs and AoIs, etc. I've got my core set of items. What do I go for now? I've stacked some armor on my 1st minion to drop archer damage and it has worked pretty well (takes 2 rounds to kill Ino while Sakura dies in one). My last minion is rocking the Elven Hauberk and Shadow Cloak so its got decent early magic reduction. Sakura has 0 AC to slow down SG (which is my main weakness). Any item suggestions to further power my strategy would be fantastic. Thanks!

DoS February 5 2009 1:31 AM EST

You should probably start buffing the + on your gear now. *shrug*

Organ Doughner [Fees Dirt Cheap] February 5 2009 9:13 PM EST

I'd like to forge up the + on your gear after i'm finished with my current job :].
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