Strat of the Day (in General)

three4thsforsaken February 5 2009 4:44 PM EST

While people are posting strats:

1st minion:
BoE,TG , HoD, MS, EB, AoF

trains 2/3 dex, 1/3 evasion (to get total evasion effect)

2nd minion:
RoBF + Corn, SB

90% HP, 10% PL, tiny AMF (to keep decay at bay), base SS

Believe it or not, with 50% total exp going into evasion, the first will dodge most things (100+ effect is relatively easy to get, ranged multipliers will make you safe in ranged), and if it does get hit it will reduce damage to a much more manageable size. BoE makes it possible to have AP and evasion to keep SG at bay.

In the back, RoBF gives good protection from MM.

In case you are wondering why there is PL on the main damage dealer (the RoBF), it's to keep the evasion tank alive, as it has no HP. By keeping it alive you keep yourself wrapped in damage reduction even though there is no real investment in HP in the actual wall. PL also reduces damage by 10% which makes it all the more efficient.

Sounds like it would be fun, it makes use of both the BoE and SS and lets you enjoy the perks of having one of the few heavy evasion walls.

What you think?

three4thsforsaken February 5 2009 4:49 PM EST

actually you don't even need to train AMF, it'll only hit the 1st minion and deal 10 damage :P

three4thsforsaken February 5 2009 10:42 PM EST

No one wants to try this? Or any suggestions at all? How about training SS on the Evasion wall, and putting a MgS on the RoBF dude.

This strat has so many holes covered:

1. Archers won't be able to get the amount of hits they need because of evasion's massive ranged multipliers. And when they do hit, they will hit for very little with all that AC. SoD teams have even more trouble hitting and even if they hit, the RoBF reduces splash damage to add insult to injury!

2. Melee tanks are much more likely to have less dex (everyone is going huge str) and with lower CTH, I am doubtful they will hit at all. Again, if they hit they're still only hitting a wall.

3. SG is running into a big AC minion with SG, so will not deal that much damage.

4. MM has to deal with both RoBF damage reduction and MgS reduction wo that will do nil damage.

5. Spread DDs have no holes in placement or damage reduction to capitalize on. Good luck cracking this egg.

6. GA can't hurt you since you're using RoBF

7. Other RoBF teams will do very little damage because of low AC.

8. AMF and EC are just wasted exp against you.

Anyone? No one likes to strat talk with me...


Fatil1ty February 5 2009 10:51 PM EST

I like it 3/4ths. It's actually really good. if Evasion is your main strength on the first minion why not use DB's instead of EB's. Another thing is I doubt you'll be able to keep off any single minion TOA archers or big halidon teams who should have big enough PTH to overcome the evasion for enough hits to take down the first minion.

Just for my clarification ROBF reduces DD spells, splash damage, and anything else?

Fatil1ty February 5 2009 10:56 PM EST

also one other point. Why not put the ROBF minion as the evasion.. with an AoF up front. That way you could put a TSA on the huge HP minion with a bigger Phantom link to help against SG,FB,SoD. Any hits that make it past the evasion could be absorbed by the phantom link and assuming only a couple hits it is virutally negligble because the TSA should allow you to regen enough HP back.

Fatil1ty February 5 2009 10:57 PM EST

actually I just realized doing that isn't that advisable without training HP on the ROBF minion because SG would overcome a Phantom link unless it was pretty massive

three4thsforsaken February 5 2009 10:58 PM EST

Well, EBs increase both dex and Evasion for maximum effect. It also imparts a significant amount of AC. And it's cheaper. +100 DBs only give like 800k worth of evasion levels.

As for archers. The biggest archer I've seen with the biggest bow in the game deals 1 million damage. And the biggest Hal I've seen deals 500k - 700k damage. Both of these is with no AC whatsoever. And to continue, at higher MPR it's very possible to get a 200 effect BEFORE ranged multipliers. Good luck double hitting me. 500k damage per round in ranged. That's not going to kill me.

three4thsforsaken February 5 2009 11:01 PM EST

And to continue, you only need to train like 1 - 1.5 mil levels PL to contain all SGs in the game. With AP, they're not going to hit for that much.

TSA is overrated in this case. 3% HP boost is significant, but if you're stacking this much damage reduction, forcing it into you're build would only hurt the team.

Fatil1ty February 5 2009 11:02 PM EST

and you forgot that DM is useless as well...

Organ Doughner [Fees Dirt Cheap] February 5 2009 11:02 PM EST

I like it. You should test it out to truly see if there is any problems with this strat. :].

three4thsforsaken February 5 2009 11:04 PM EST

There is a base SS in here. It incredibly cost efficient with the 20 HP minion, but oh so easy to dispel :(. Perhaps putting it at around 500k would do the trick.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] February 5 2009 11:44 PM EST

This strat sounds pretty good. I will try to get my friend to try it out. :)

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] February 6 2009 1:22 AM EST

I have a question why does the 2nd minion have Corn, SB and shouldn't he also have an AoF? Also I think mages would be the hardest to beat since they can hide behind several other minions or just fry you with FB in range.

Rawr February 6 2009 1:41 AM EST

"3. SG is running into a big AC minion with SG, so will not deal that much damage."

Wait, what?
Higher base AC = more damage, no? I doubt the + on the armor will make up for the huge sg bonus, despite the Armor Proficiency. And if it does, well, then good.

three4thsforsaken February 6 2009 1:41 AM EST

Yeah, that was a typo.

The 2nd minion should have a RoBF, MgS, and skill based equips to pump up the PL. You could also just train more PL and go for AC equips, though with your shield and tattoo slot taken, I am doubtful that you can get decent AC.

Rawr February 6 2009 1:44 AM EST

So its weakness is an enemy high AC wall with big SG or CoC? maybe?

three4thsforsaken February 6 2009 1:47 AM EST

"3. SG is running into a big AC minion with SG, so will not deal that much damage."

yeah another typo (I've really got to proofread) replace the 2nd SG with AP. But anyway, prior testing has shown that AP puts a huge dent into SG damage. With enough + on the equips (not too bad of an investment) the damage should definitely be controlled. At least I would assume so, I haven't done the exact calculations on that part. If it's bad, swap the MS with a MgS. Or even move the RoBF to the front and train AMF (take off the MgS of course).

three4thsforsaken February 6 2009 2:01 AM EST

Plugged in some numbers, with a fairly good AC set (under 20 mil) SG would get a 44% boost in damage but the total would be reduced by a 33% (no SS) leaving you at about 95% original effect which is certainly managable.

BluBBen February 6 2009 2:03 AM EST

"1st minion:
BoE,TG , HoD, MS, EB, AoF

trains 2/3 dex, 1/3 evasion (to get total evasion effect) "

I'm really interested in the concept so I think I might try it.
My idea is a little tweak to your though, training 33/33/33% HP/DX/Evasion

And using the following items
BoE : To get the AP of curse ^_^
TG : It's between TGs and EBs but I think the extra AC will do better here.
SC : Same thing as for TGs, both this items will require some testing to see wich will be best though.
EB : To get the huge DX and Evasion bonus, pretty obvius
SoC : Will do better then MS at least I think, it doesn't really give as much damage reduction as MS but it doesn give any negatives to DX and evasion and doesn't boost SG damage.
AoF : What other amulet for an Evasion wall? ;-)

BluBBen February 6 2009 2:15 AM EST

(I'm only talking about the Evasion wall idea here, not in any particular strat)

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 6 2009 7:05 AM EST

My strategy could probably really easily convert over, but it would leave me wide open to mages, whereas my current strat destroys mages.
I mean, there is not too many archers/tanks compared to mages now-a-days, so I don't think it would quite so advantageous to switch.
(Although, you invented both my strat and the one in question, so maybe I should trust you.) ;)

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] February 6 2009 7:14 AM EST

MM will still hurt you, particularly from the crazy boosted familiars, I ran a RoBF strat last week with roughly 3/4 xp in amf and it was still hurting :)

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] February 6 2009 4:45 PM EST

It would also be hard to make a heavy evasion tank minion because Dex doesn't added to ENC.

three4thsforsaken February 6 2009 5:21 PM EST

Rubberduck: If you have 3/4ths of all your exp into AMF and you're still losing to MM based teams you have to consider how much more MPR they have than you cause that's not normal.

Elite: Hmm, Didn't know that. You only need around 20-30 mil encumberance, but yeah I guess that's a big problem.

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] February 6 2009 5:34 PM EST

It was more like 2/3 in amf actually. I didn't say I was losing but that MM still hurt, I think they it be pretty good against your strat.

Fatil1ty February 6 2009 5:43 PM EST

that dex issue is actually a HUGE problem You would have to train some level of HP in order to get the enc so your evasion wasn't reduced

three4thsforsaken February 6 2009 6:29 PM EST

Not really, with the boost ability of Evasion at around 2 mil MPR, I would be surprised if you couldn't put on a alright wall set. 20 million NW ish?

BluBBen February 7 2009 8:47 AM EST

I have trained this strat on my spare char Ulquiorra Shi. Now I would just need a 2-5mill levels RoBF to test with =)

BluBBen February 7 2009 10:12 AM EST

That was more like a question if someone wants to loan me a decent size RoBF for just an hour or so ^_^
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