Item Naming (in General)

kevlar February 8 2009 2:02 AM EST

So, if you are naming an item where the cost of upgrades is high at low levels like a Corn or AoF.. will you get a bonus to them if the + is less than 13? It says that you get a 4% bonus (rounding up) and a +13 would be 0.52 (rounded up would be 1). Is that right?

DoS February 8 2009 2:04 AM EST

Correct. From the blacksmith wiki page "If the total AC of the armor is between 1 and 25, you will get a bonus of 1."

kevlar February 8 2009 2:06 AM EST

thnx DOS... I didn't check wiki on that one... :/ FAIL

DoS February 8 2009 2:07 AM EST

No problem :)

kevlar February 8 2009 2:08 AM EST

actually where is the "blacksmith" entry in the wiki? Is it a sub category under something else?

DoS February 8 2009 2:13 AM EST

I'm not sure, it should be my first wiki edit though. Heh that is how I got to it a few days ago anyway.

kevlar February 8 2009 2:14 AM EST

I just used search and found it, but it isn't on the main page in "help!"
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