Restart? (in New players)

pengtzu February 14 2009 11:32 AM EST

I started yesterday & really botched things. Today I created a new account... and botched things only somewhat less. How can I restart -- bonuses, fresh chance to make money doing the beginner's tasks, etc. -- without creating a new account?

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] February 14 2009 11:33 AM EST

you really can't
its called a multi and that's against CB rules however
you can create as many characters you want to restart with

AdminShade February 14 2009 11:35 AM EST

You can just create a new character or fire all your minions. Getting a new account is not allowed and could be reason to ban someone.

AdminShade February 14 2009 11:43 AM EST

Also the beginner tasks only give a small amount of money compared to when you start fighting.

Your other account as per now has been removed from the game.

Rawr February 14 2009 12:05 PM EST

CB is a long-term game. A little mistake here and there is quite miniscule. Staying consistent (winning with your BA as opposed to draws/losses/stalemates) and high Challenge Bonuses (100% is the highest) is the best way to excel in this game.
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