Hand-drawn portraits v 1.5 (in Services)

chaosal February 17 2009 2:21 PM EST

250k suggested 'donation', but really it depends on how happy you are with it. if you don't feel it's worth that much, don't pay that much; if you like it more, feel free to go over :)
pencil and/or ink on paper. color (and female characters) at your own risk. no computer modification available at the moment.
give as little or as much detail as you want, but know that anything you don't specify is at my discretion. attitudes, poses and actions, weapons and armor- the more you specify (especially with reference pictures) the closer the end result will be to what you have in your mind.
oh and backgrounds will take quite a while because i'm a bit detail oriented (read: OCD)

my deviantart account has examples of my work

chaosal February 17 2009 3:20 PM EST

--Current Listing--

Completed: Queue:
  1. Hakai
  2. Kevlar
  3. Wasp
  4. Fatal1ty
  5. Jiraiya
  6. Slayer333
  7. Antifish
  8. Henk Bres
  9. Shadowsparkle
  10. LightningRaider
  11. Tal Destra
  12. Rawr
  13. Ernest-Scribbler
Let me know if you want your name added or changed.

QBOddBird February 17 2009 5:26 PM EST

Check it out, me and my paint program decided to color your image.

Once again, thank you for doing this for me! Your artwork is awesome.

Goodfish February 17 2009 5:38 PM EST

That actually looks totally rad.

chaosal February 17 2009 5:59 PM EST

cool, i'm glad the colors and everything worked out for you :)

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- February 17 2009 6:25 PM EST

Nice urp ^^

chaosal February 18 2009 7:19 PM EST

14. Shade

i think i found a better style i can do for females... almost done with Hakai's then you'll see... :)

chaosal February 18 2009 7:56 PM EST

any input?

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] February 18 2009 7:58 PM EST

nice i like that

chaosal February 19 2009 9:03 AM EST

--Current Listing--

Completed: Pending: Queue:
  1. Kevlar
  2. Wasp
  3. Fatal1ty
  4. Jiraiya
  5. Slayer333
  6. Antifish
  7. Henk Bres
  8. Shadowsparkle
  9. LightningRaider
  10. Tal Destra
  11. Rawr
  12. Ernest-Scribbler
  13. Meso
  14. Shade

i think i had forgotten to mention Meso's re-add. she got her request in right before Shade.
sorry things are going a bit slower- i'm pretty much limited to one sketch (or major re-work) per night. i play with the designs in my head/on paper during downtime (driving, uploading, compiling, eating) to more efficiently use aforementioned sketching period.

chaosal February 19 2009 3:49 PM EST

kevlar is removing his name for now, so wasp is next

Goodfish February 19 2009 3:56 PM EST

I like your new design for females (besides the eyes). It looks really, really good.

chaosal February 19 2009 4:22 PM EST

thanks- redoing the eyes is part of the rework, so we'll see how it turns out

chaosal February 19 2009 5:39 PM EST

Hakai: version 2

Goodfish February 20 2009 12:32 AM EST

That's awesome!

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] February 20 2009 1:05 AM EST

I must agree. I absolutely love my pictures. <3

chaosal February 20 2009 8:54 AM EST

reverting the eyes to v1 for inking

chaosal February 20 2009 7:53 PM EST


Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] February 20 2009 9:29 PM EST

♥ My pictures are soooooooooo prettiful! ♥

DH February 21 2009 12:22 AM EST

I would like to sign up for the special list. Ive seen some of your work and its very good.

I would like a really high quality Space Marine fighting an Ork.

If you are unfamiliar with what im talking about go to www.gamesworkshop.com.

I will pay WELL for this commission. Please contact me via PM for negotiations of this commission (if interested)
Conditions of the Commission:

Original artwork to be mailed to me via USPS in a flat, non folded protective envelope. Prefer size to be roughly 8 x 10 inches (please sign your work, also work can be reviewed via deviantart for final versions and editing)

Must be original work. (ya i know..duh..but one time i commissioned an artist and opened a book to see he had just copied it out of a book..)

Color artwork = more commission.

Thank you

chaosal February 21 2009 11:41 AM EST

Hakai: colored

chaosal February 21 2009 1:01 PM EST

Wasp: version 1

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 21 2009 1:02 PM EST

That would be pretty cool, DH. ;)

chaosal February 21 2009 2:07 PM EST

Wasp: version 2

chaosal February 21 2009 3:11 PM EST

Wasp: version 3

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] February 23 2009 4:42 AM EST

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE PICTURE. So, so so much. It is beautiful. I would like to thank you very much for taking the time to do it. *happy tears*

chaosal February 23 2009 7:27 AM EST

my pleasure; I'm glad you like it :)

chaosal February 26 2009 8:10 AM EST

Sorry for the unexpected delays, some stuff came up.
Hopefully I'll finish up Wasp's piece tonight.

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] February 26 2009 3:43 PM EST

I still love my artz!! :D

I was wondering if you actually were taking DH's offer seriously...?

chaosal February 26 2009 7:01 PM EST

i assumed it was serious, didn't sound like a joke...?

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] February 26 2009 7:02 PM EST

No, not at all. But if that is something you are willing to do, I would also like to purchase original artworks and frame it :D

I luffs artz

chaosal February 26 2009 7:38 PM EST

ah gotcha. certainly, if anyone wants something more detailed for cash, standard commissions run $10+

Wasp: version 4

chaosal February 27 2009 8:14 AM EST

--Current Listing--

Completed: Pending: Queue:
  1. Fatality
  2. Jiraiya
  3. Slayer333
  4. Anti fish
  5. Henk
  6. Shadowsparkle
  7. LightningRaider
  8. Tal Destra
  9. Ernest-Scribbler
  10. Meso
  11. Shade
  12. Vaynard
  13. DH

  14. the names have been changed to protect the innocent. and the guilty. but primarily the spell checker.

chaosal February 27 2009 3:26 PM EST

ah forgot the <br> tag. that last one is just DH, then a note afterwards :P

and Wasp's piece is now completed.

AdminShade February 27 2009 3:37 PM EST

Fixed your list and <br>

your work really looks good :)

chaosal February 27 2009 4:18 PM EST

ah well thank you and thank you :)

chaosal February 27 2009 8:45 PM EST

Fatality version 1

chaosal February 28 2009 12:16 AM EST

Fatality version 2

chaosal February 28 2009 6:47 PM EST

Fatality version 3 minor spelling change

chaosal March 2 2009 12:29 PM EST

--Current Listing--

Completed: Pending: Queue:
  1. Jiraiya
  2. Slayer333
  3. Anti fish
  4. Henk
  5. Shadowsparkle
  6. Tal Destra
  7. Ernest-Scribbler
  8. Meso
  9. Shade
  10. Vaynard
  11. DH
  12. Hakai
  13. Zenai

Note: Fatality's pending piece is version 4 (filled letters)

Fatil1ty March 2 2009 12:39 PM EST

looks great bud, what do I owe you

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] March 2 2009 12:50 PM EST

I'd like to be added to the list. =).

Soul Eater March 2 2009 1:21 PM EST

Dang you've got quite some talent and a nice little bussiness going.

chaosal March 2 2009 3:32 PM EST

sure thing-

14. Kefeck

thanks; it's not exactly salary-scale income, but if you're good at something never do it for free ;-)

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 2 2009 3:55 PM EST

He even does the Joker references, this guy's got it all!

chaosal March 3 2009 10:52 PM EST

the joker does make some interesting points :)

Jiraiya: version 1

chaosal March 4 2009 7:16 AM EST

my apologies- I left LightningRaider out of that last update unintentionally; he's right after Shadowsparkle.

chaosal March 7 2009 3:08 PM EST

Jiraiya: inked

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- March 8 2009 2:58 PM EDT

Hey man I love it! haha you don't need to ink it! I can't wait to frame it and put it up next to my computer!

chaosal March 8 2009 5:20 PM EDT

well hope you like it inked, cuz it'd be pretty hard to undo it :)

chaosal March 9 2009 9:38 AM EDT

ah... it seems chatmail gets deleted after a while (or capacity?) so if you guys wouldn't mind, it'd be easier if you could put your descriptions and change requests here on the thread so they don't get lost.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] March 9 2009 10:54 AM EDT

What I want:

In the style of Gears of War the face and hair.
Big musculair arms and legs.
I want something that looks like plate armor but sleeveless.
Holding a big broad sword in front of him.

Visualize a wall minion in CB.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- March 9 2009 12:31 PM EDT

Sorry, I meant color! :D !! As in you don't need to color it! -Jir

chaosal March 9 2009 1:53 PM EDT

lol gotcha. picked up some stamps, so should be getting it mailed out within the next few days.

Goodfish March 9 2009 10:05 PM EDT

For the sake of keeping things straight after I've changed my mind over and over...

I want a female elf archer similar to the picture here:
Cool eyes, circlet, and gauntlets. A bit more "Necromantic" than I'd like but it may give you some inspiration.

Another good (albeit very revealing) picture is here:
I really like this hair/skin tone and the "armor" style is really cool. Her brooch looks really cool as well, and I love the Glaive (the weapon to her left, our right).

Although instead of seated, I would prefer a shot in which she is nocking an arrow or something equally... less boring.

Also, I would like three familiar-like "minions" around the archer. These could look like wisps, trails of colored light, or animals. I'm currently leaning towards dark-colored wisps.

The bow must look cool, and I think a magical effect on the arrow would look rad as well. Just not fire, that's cliche. Haha.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] March 10 2009 2:55 AM EDT

nice "position" those elfs are in :P

Wizard'sFirstRule March 10 2009 4:51 AM EDT

I think it is just the outfit. Put her in jeans and a t-shirt and she's just relaxing casually.

chaosal March 10 2009 8:00 AM EDT

these descriptions will come in handy, rather than digging through old chatmails trying to piece together the order...

and of course not flame, that's not very magical :)

Goodfish March 10 2009 4:34 PM EDT

I just hope that this time I don't change my mind... I've already done that four or five times. ;)

chaosal March 10 2009 8:27 PM EDT

lol no worries... s'long as i haven't inked it yet, it's not set in stone

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] March 12 2009 10:44 AM EDT

What i want is hard to describe. I'm wanting you to draw Kat's first tattoo, I'm also going to let her describe it for you and ill be paying the commission. If you do not like this arrangement let me know ok?

chaosal March 12 2009 3:05 PM EDT

sounds fun... who is Kat? I await description :)

..well, not that it's next on the list, but you know what i mean.

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] March 12 2009 3:06 PM EDT

Kat is known on here as Wounded

Neo Japan March 12 2009 4:19 PM EDT

whats the waiting list look like, because i just got inspired for a pic.

chaosal March 12 2009 4:26 PM EDT

--Current Listing--

Completed: Queue:
  1. Slayer333
  2. Anti fish
  3. Henk
  4. Shadowsparkle
  5. LightningRaider
  6. Tal Destra
  7. Meso
  8. Shade
  9. Vaynard
  10. DH
  11. Hakai
  12. Zenai
  13. Kefeck

let me know if i left anyone out, or you want your name changed.

chaosal March 12 2009 7:01 PM EDT

14. Neo Japan

Goodfish March 13 2009 2:06 AM EDT

I've been waiting so long for my picture to get started, I can't wait to see how it turns out! :D

chaosal March 13 2009 7:37 AM EDT

yeah, some stuff's been coming up...

bout halfway done with slayer333's v1; as soon as that's complete and submitted i'll start on your design while waiting for response

chaosal March 14 2009 5:54 PM EDT

Slayer333 version 1

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] March 14 2009 6:17 PM EDT

That is dead on :)

chaosal March 14 2009 10:20 PM EDT

Slayer333 inked

Little Anthony March 14 2009 10:21 PM EDT

i want to sign up as well.

chaosal March 14 2009 11:50 PM EDT

//no problem

queue.push(Little Anthony);

Goodfish March 15 2009 12:55 AM EDT

I'm next! :3

iBananco [Blue Army] March 15 2009 1:07 AM EDT

You should totally make this a stack.

chaosal March 15 2009 12:10 PM EDT

workin on the design now :)

and a stack wouldn't be fair to the ones who ordered first...
though i have been considering a priority queue- kind of like an auction where whoever has bid the most is next in line ;-)

i was recently thinking about having two queues: one normal like this one, and one 'bidding queue' as described; i'd alternate between them so the people who just want to wait in line as normal still get their turns.

any thoughts?

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] March 15 2009 8:16 PM EDT

i say only one line so people like me who are broke don't have to go through a bidding war

chaosal March 16 2009 12:58 AM EDT

yeah there's not really a reason to make it any more complicated...

AdminNightStrike March 16 2009 1:54 AM EDT

You don't need a *reason* to make things more complicated... just do it! :)

lostling March 16 2009 2:07 AM EDT

anything to earn more money ;) let the impatient ones pay for it

Little Anthony March 16 2009 2:28 AM EDT

you know those heroes standing on dragon classic pics?
Let's have me standing on "CB world" :D
thank you !

//woot wooot

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] March 16 2009 2:44 AM EDT

I am all in favor of 2 lines. Many deviants do 2 lines, 1 bribed, 1 normal waitlist. In this case, the highest bid would be the bribe. You're very talented and are providing a service that takes up time you could be doing something else. There's no reason that you shouldn't profit off of it.

And as for the "don't discriminate against the poor people" protest, there'd still be the lower priced line. No one's really losing out.

chaosal March 16 2009 8:12 AM EDT

mistakenly removed Ernest Scribbler, right after Tal.

i think i may well include the other queue. in defense of the standard queue, any given person will only be allowed in one queue at a time, so the standard will be (approximately) half as long.

and i'll include cash at the rate of 2m/USD. may be slightly below the going rate, but that encourages CBD... or a reasonable commission fee ;-)

i will re-draft and post the rule set later as version 2.0 :)
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