CB the New Smartphone Craze?! (in Off-topic)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 17 2009 9:25 PM EST

This not exactly what you might think ladies and gents of the CB community. I am not asking if it can be done I am posting by request what I have experienced. I have used the Apple iPhone 3G and the Samsung Omnia i910. In no way is this a side by side comparison I am not a critic or knowledgeable enough on smartphones and therefore I am not qualified to do so. Now on with the Experience.

Apple iPhone3G: (Safari Browser)

Logging In/Out: Logging in is easy and almost a joy since it is so fast and helps you but remembering everything for your next visit, logging out however is a nightmare since the Logout link is not even present so you have to close out the window and hope that when you restart it you are not still in CB otherwise to clear out the browser you have to restart the phone.

The Graphics: CB is Crisp Clear and Very Pretty. Sometimes though since it is by Touch/Tap you have to work at getting somethings centered and picking the options for what you want but once you get used to it, its not a real problem just a matter of patience.

The Fighting: Is very Slow though as the refresh takes a long time (about 5 or 6 seconds) between fights. It sometimes refreshes your BA but sometimes you have to hit the home link to refresh your BA in order to keep a proper count.

BA: You can acquire more BA but sometimes it locks up or kicks you out of the site. Do not ask because I do not know and you still cannot get the page to go away.

The CMs: Are fast but there is a few glitches with the reply sent link sometimes. If you do not hit it just right you can make it send and sometimes wipes out the message. Still a Plus in my book though since it can be used.

Quicklinks: Are able to be used but once again are slow because of the refresh rate. I have found that if I open them up in a new Tab things go faster but only in the new tab the old tab gets slower.

The Botchecks: I have found only work sometimes, so far for me it has been a hit or miss. I have a 75 - 80% pass rate for Botchecks so not bad.

Samsung Omnia i910: (Opera Minibrowser & IE)

Logging In/Out: Is not bad at all you just can not have it remember your information since sometimes you have to retype everything in order to login without getting the message stating that you do not have a valid email address. Logging out is a pleasure since the link shows up in the page.

The Graphics: Whereas it is not as good as the iPhone 3G it is still appealing to the eye, CB looks pretty good(you can turn up the settings to look as good as the iPhone or even a little better but it eats up the battery in half the time). Since it is Touch/Tap and Stylus you do not have to worry about making things centered just scroll with a fingertip to get in the general vicinity and tap it with the stylus. You want things to be bigger double tap the area and it will, want more then scroll up on the right side it will get up to 200% of the original size still can not see enough get Glasses.

The Fighting: Is pretty fast only about a 2 or 3 second lag when it is running slow, 1-2 seconds is the average I have gotten, so not bad at all for fighting during a break or lunch. It also auto refreshes your BA so you dont have to hit the home link to keep the right count on your BA.

BA: Getting more BA is a Breeze you click the link and it auto opens in a new mini-window(the same as with your computer) you put in the number you want and click enter and it is a done deal.

The CMs: Are not all that fast but you can still send them, there are no glitches and it runs pretty smooth. You can receive as long as you refresh/hit the home link as with your computer.

Quicklinks: Are just too fast to use(you click they appear/disappear faster then you can move the stylus) I have found however that if I open them up in a new tab then they are easy and fast and the original window does not slow down but switching between the windows can be a bit tricky unless you just close and refresh.

Botchecks: Are pretty easy for this phone I have a 100% pass rate although I you have to scroll from one side of the screen to the other just to get to it.

Now those were the Mini-Browsers The Omnia has IE on it as well so if CB wont work in one it will work in the other.

Logging in/Out: Is the same as with your computer it does not,however, remember your email/password so you have to retype everything no matter what. Logging out you have to click the go to frame then click the logout link but other than that it is not a problem.

The Graphics: It looks ok but is bulky and you have to Click into the Frame to see everything properly

The Fighting: The Fighting is ok but you have to Click the back link and select the next opponent in order to advance. This is about the same fighting time as the iPhone about 5-6 seconds. You have to hit the home link to refresh your BA in order to keep a proper count which sucks.

BA: You can not buy more BA for some reason I have not figured this one out.

The CMs: Are able to be read but answering them is a pain you have to select the frame go to it click in the tab then you can answer......in short it takes way to long.

Quicklinks: Are able to be used as with a computer but once again because it is too bulky you have to Go To Frame in order to make use of them and they are a bit slow.

Botchecks: Are actually easier and faster in here than in either the Safari or Opera Mini-Browser 100% pass rate.

Overall I say that CB or the phones with a few tweaks will be totally awesome for killing time and keeping up with the rest of the dedicated crowd.

Once again folks I am nowhere near being and expert on this I am just relating what I have experienced. I am sure that some of this is operator error or I simply have no idea how to fix something that might be simple to change. If you know more than I do and have tested either of these phones on CB and know what the fix is then feel free to correct any of my mistakes. I do ask though that you do not confuse people with outright false statements. If nothing else lets try to make things better and more viable for CBing!

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] February 17 2009 9:33 PM EST


those wiki links can make things much easier on certain phones and the buy ba links should work there.

QBOddBird February 17 2009 9:39 PM EST

Hey, if CB could be tweaked to work easily with cellphones, it could easily be the best available cellphone RPG. o_o

bartjan February 18 2009 12:12 AM EST

Fighting on the iPhone still is somewhat broken, as it scrolls down the page each time you tap 'fight'.

Also, CB could really use a smarter layout for telephones, as now all the useful parts of the page (like the fight button, the botcheck prompt and the result of your battle) are all over the page, so you spend a lot of time zooming and scrolling. When the CSS re-theming is finished, making a special phone layout should be easy.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] February 18 2009 12:37 AM EST

For fighting on the iPhone I usually just VNC into my home computer and burn that way, its actually a bit faster :x

AdminNightStrike February 18 2009 2:15 AM EST

Thank you for this, Zenai! Have you had any luck with java on any of your phones?

Brakke Bres [Ow man] February 18 2009 2:23 AM EST

N95, not a real smart phone, not with touch screen anyways, displays CB perfectly, scrolling enabled. However no chat.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 18 2009 8:11 PM EST

Your Welcome NS anytime I can help I will :) So far I have not tried to put anything on my phone....since I am not that smart on smartphones (XD) maybe someone else could give me a few instructions I'd be glad to do so and will post on here what my results are. I just dont want to lock up my phone or my friends phone if there is a better way to do it :)
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