Two things.. (in Contests)

idiotz February 23 2009 8:42 PM EST

Two things happened today, can you guess them? :) 25k one correct, 50k for both.


Hint :: CB Related.

AdminTal Destra February 23 2009 8:43 PM EST

3m score and got your own tat?

three4thsforsaken February 23 2009 8:43 PM EST

you broke 3 mil score?

idiotz February 23 2009 8:47 PM EST

Had Three mil score, Tat correct. :P

idiotz February 23 2009 8:48 PM EST

diotz (Luwal) Tal Destra (Tal) $25000 -- You're a winner! 8:48 PM EST

Should have put that in the last one, One More Prize! :P

Who Can Guess the last one? :o!

AdminTal Destra February 23 2009 8:49 PM EST

1 month in

idiotz February 23 2009 8:51 PM EST

You win both times.. :P

idiotz (Luwal) Tal Destra (Tal) $25000 -- You Win Again! 8:50 PM EST

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