Forge Stat (in General)

Wizard'sFirstRule February 26 2009 7:12 AM EST

Forge Stat for 24 hours, is that NW increase or forge fee?

Brakke Bres [Ow man] February 26 2009 7:26 AM EST

nw increase. If it only were the forge fee I had to pay daily...

Wizard'sFirstRule February 26 2009 7:28 AM EST

wow, don't you get more money by fighting? 600k a day isn't much.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] February 26 2009 7:31 AM EST

I forge roughly 600-750k a day. Normal rates are 72-75%
So at best 562k and at worst 432k a day that I earn when forging.

And yes forging efficiency needs to be increased just tad.

Sickone February 26 2009 7:43 AM EST

It's actually NW-equivalent RPM increase, from what I noticed... not 100% sure, but seems to be that way.
You get in there daily even if you're upgrading a huge plus for days at a time.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] February 26 2009 9:10 AM EST

ow I totally forgot one little thing, forging fees which most forgers pay when they forge. Its not much 20-15% but with big upgrades and me doing 750k a day.

So new calculations are as following:
At best 750k at 75% = 562.5k
Which after fees is 562.5-(750*0.15) = 450k

Thats a cool 112.5k I pay every day to have the privilege to use up my BA on forging.

So net I get to keep 450k a day I make with forging.

So yeah, forging sucks... if you want to make fast cash. Just fight...

QBRanger February 26 2009 9:29 AM EST

I agree forging sucks.

Especially if you can make more money fighting, esp if your getting a challenge bonus.

And if your fighting, you can grow a tattoo, adding more potential profit.

QBRanger February 26 2009 9:31 AM EST

sorry for the double post but..

Heaven forbid if you mess up a forge cycle. Then you get 0 CB2 for all those lost ba.

TheHatchetman February 26 2009 11:06 AM EST

That's why I charge 75% as a bare minimum for forging... Otherwise, it wouldn't be too difficult to unretire my 1.1m MPR char and coast along with 100% CB making 1.8-2m /week easy.

Charging 75% nets me 60% of the net worth increase as payment thanks to forge fees, so if I manage 3.5m nw added /week, I make 2.1m... About a 10% increase to what i could make by fighting... At the cost of millions of XP, and potential growth of a tat (though to be quite honest this isn't worth all-too-much on account the only tat i could effectively level while seeking 100% challenge bonus would be at or below 1m lvl (the point where tat nw is worth the least))

The only real money-making advantage to forging is that you don't need your gear to do it, so you can rent out all your stuff and make a decent profit on the side, but with a familiar and an AoF, it wouldn't be hard to do the low-PR 100% CB thing without your gear either...

What needs to happen is either a small forging boost, or for other forgers to actually calculate how much they could make by fighting and all start charging 80-85%...

I don't see the first one happening... The only forging efficiency change since I've been playing was when it doubled when BA regen was halved...

I don't see the second one happening either because everyone has gotten the magic 70% number in their heads over the course of the past 2-3 years, and once you drive a number into the heads of the masses, it's difficult to remove... Just the other day at work a dude was complaining that our prime rib sandwiches cost $7.49 for a large... Over the past year or two, everybody has been convinced via advertisement that all sandwiches should be 12 inches long and cost $5... It doesn't make sense to the people anymore that prime rib should cost more than roast beef...

Same concept here... It just doesn't make sense to those seeking forgers to pay what BA is worth, and the forgers don't know any better than to keep reducing their prices in favor of getting a faster job when it wouldn't be hard to have a permanent stream of money via another character and end up making more in the end without the need to balance your cashflow and make sure you're keeping a certain amount set aside for forge fees and whatnot

Brakke Bres [Ow man] February 27 2009 9:24 AM EST

Ow and I might want to add the RANDOM increase in RPM every frickin' cycle.

I mean what is up with that? Why is it random?????

What is the use of random RPM increase?
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