Andy's PR thread for 3 people ^^ (in Public Record)

Andy February 26 2009 11:27 AM EST

BG (+13) NW:4,351,764 3.1mil by krono
BoM (+20) NW:798,040 2mil bid by deifeln8
Thingy (+10) NW:1,495,095 Named AoF 7mil bid by Assist

Confirm send money and the items will be your ASAP!

DoS February 26 2009 1:06 PM EST


kronopolous February 26 2009 1:09 PM EST

sent 1.3M the rest to come within a day...please send the money so I can send my current pair of BG's for the remainder I owe you.

Andy February 26 2009 1:54 PM EST

Andy (More BA) kronopolous (ET) A Pair of Beleg's Gloves ($2395335) 1:53 PM EST

He's paying rest on payplan...

Andy (More BA) deifeln8 (Test11) A Buckler of Mandos ($798040) 1:54 PM EST

Sent DoS!

GoLDeNGaTE February 26 2009 3:17 PM EST

Confirmed. will send $$ soon,

GoLDeNGaTE February 26 2009 3:21 PM EST

(Thursday Evening) Andy (More BA) $3500000 -- half for the AoF:) 3:20 PM EST

Andy February 27 2009 11:35 AM EST

Andy (AhDat) AssistToTheRegMan
(Strictly Fo My Ninjas) Thingy ($1495095) 11:35 AM EST
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