Strat Advice (in General)

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] March 9 2009 1:37 AM EDT

I need some help with my strat. i now it is a pretty weak one that is only good against 1 type of enemy. However i want to change this. I am currently in the process of getting a SoD upgraded so that I can replace it with my exbow.

doing this however won't solve all my problems. So I was wondering if the doing the following would be a good idea;
- change my BoNE to a MH
- since MH has innate VA i can then untrain my VA and put it all into my HP (would take me up to ~6mil HP)
- untrain my BL and then put all of that experience into my DM (would take that up to ~5mil trained)

i think doing this would be far more helpful than what i have going currently. it would mean that i would probably only hit around 1-1.5mil for every blow (instead of the max of 4.8mil i have reached) but with the increase in DM and innate HP should be able to last much longer against mages which are my main problem.

if anyone else has any other suggestions that could help me that don't involve me changing to a Mage (i might consider a RoBF if someone really sells it).

Kong Ming March 9 2009 8:05 AM EDT

If mages are the problem, why not invest in a mageseeker bow instead? A SoD is a good way to reduce multi minion teams to shreds though. An exbow is not known for causing massive damage but its useful against tanks. I guess your best bet is to find out what type of opponents are you having problems with and solve those problems.

Flamey March 9 2009 8:08 AM EDT

MH + VA isn't to be underestimated. The extra 20% is still mighty helpful. Also you'd want to keep your BL unless you do decide to go Archer of course.
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