Supportership weirdness? (in General)

AbbathorX March 10 2009 7:21 PM EDT

Since I was gifted with supportership several days ago I have noticed a couple of weird things. I'm almost entirely certain that my per fight rewards have gone down, and I am definitely being attacked at least 30% more often than before. I suppose it could be a coincidence, but it seems highly unlikely. I was wondering if anyone else noticed this type of activity after becoming a supporter? Or is it just all in my head ;p

SuperHD March 10 2009 7:24 PM EDT

dont worry you'll get use to it(+30%attacked..) and i hope the supporter rewards are ok...

AbbathorX March 10 2009 9:58 PM EDT

Actually, so far the increased attacks have cost me my clan bonus, so really all supportership has got me is around 8% less rewards and the ability to burn my BA faster. Not a good trade thus far. We'll see I guess. . .

three4thsforsaken March 10 2009 10:32 PM EDT

Might be because you're score has increased. No way would your rewards would go down, your lose of rewards is probably random noise

Lord Bob March 10 2009 10:35 PM EDT

My rewards went down dramatically a few days ago as well. It was a widespread score drop, not just on your end.

AdminNightStrike March 10 2009 10:38 PM EDT

I can assure you, supportership has nothing to do with the frequency of incoming attacks, nor does it affect fight rewards.

QBOddBird March 10 2009 10:38 PM EDT

I'm willing to bet this isn't an issue tied to your supportership, but rather due to an overall drop in score due to recent changes with the relationship between Score/Training.

AbbathorX March 10 2009 10:43 PM EDT

Good to know, thanks for the responses. I was hoping it was just a random confluence of events :P

Being new to the favorites list, is everyones strategy to just attack anyone near your score to see if you can beat them and then add the ones who it works on to your list?

QBOddBird March 10 2009 10:59 PM EDT

That, or inspect your opponents and compare their strategies to yours, then give them a test fight and if you win by an acceptable margin, you add them.

lostling March 11 2009 12:00 AM EDT

normally you add people who you can get good challenge bonus from :)

Sickone March 11 2009 12:44 PM EDT

"My rewards went down dramatically a few days ago as well. It was a widespread score drop, not just on your end. "

It was Jon's latest "fix" of the retraining score-related "issues".
I've been talking about it for a while but very few seemed to understand what I was talking about, that it will mean a re-emergence of the dead zone soon.
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