GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer (in Off-topic)

TheCakeIsTheTruth March 19 2009 4:52 PM EDT

Any play it. I recently got back in SA, and I'm thinking of trying the multiplayer. Has any tried it and could tell me how good it was?

AdminShade March 19 2009 5:03 PM EDT

SA and multiplayer? I'd rather play GTA IV's multiplayer, much better worked out and much more freedom.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] March 19 2009 6:28 PM EDT

SA has no multiplayer option

TheCakeIsTheTruth March 19 2009 7:31 PM EDT

It's an add-on (mod).

I haven't tried it yet though.

Unappreciated Misnomer March 19 2009 9:25 PM EDT

gta4 on my ps3 is wicked, if i only had a pc with GTA:SA the flying planes perk would be awesome.

TheCakeIsTheTruth March 19 2009 9:31 PM EDT

I thought GTA IV was overated. If GTA:SA and GTAIV had the exact same graphics everyone would enjoy SA more. And personally GTA IV doesn't have that true GTA feel like VC and SA.

Now I have to add more words, because of the lack of words/abbreviations in the CB dictionary.
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