Strat talks III :D (in General)

three4thsforsaken March 29 2009 10:00 PM EDT

This is an open thread for any strat discussion.

Rules: As a courtesy, before you post a strat please comment/critique about at least one strat above you. The first post is exempt from this rule :)

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] March 29 2009 10:02 PM EDT

Single Minion RoBF

small AMF or DM

what do you think?

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] March 29 2009 10:25 PM EDT


I think you'll find it difficult to last until melee, and with the robf as your only damage source i dont believe you will do enough damage.

Rawr March 30 2009 2:58 AM EDT

The only single minion RoBF I've seen out there is PK's. He trains a large amount of AMF and HP. So I'd guess archers are his main problem. Or any physical damage for that matter.

My strat question:

How can I beat RoBF teams? Specifically, Yhew. I am almost double his MPR but his AMF/GA kills my mage then his RoBF slowly, but surely, eats me.

My possible solutions:
1. Stack AC on my sg mage.
Pros: mitigates GA damage. Cons: Makes me more vulnerable to AMF, and lots of money.

2. Train DM, since he is a 4minion enchanter team he is quite vulnerable.
Pros: wipes his AS and GA, making it much easier for my SG mage to pick him off. Cons: I'd need a fairly large one (probably a whole minion devoted to it), so my HP would take a very significant hit.

I personally am leaning towards number 2.
Any suggestions?
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