The BMVG Is Dead. (in General)

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] March 31 2009 2:54 PM EDT

Quit making threads for it. Throwing away 67 Votes just so we can get out an item "that the community really needs" is idiotic.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] March 31 2009 3:02 PM EDT

I think you mean, "the 67 people who voted for an item the community doesn't truly need are idiots."

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] March 31 2009 3:03 PM EDT

Clearly someone needs one.

AdminShade March 31 2009 3:05 PM EDT

what should be voted for then?

and besides, if nobody votes or makes a thread for it, people will either just vote randomly and not generate anything, or just follow each other as sheep...

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] March 31 2009 3:05 PM EDT

How does the community not truly need it? Its what was chosen by the first BMVG, then it was overridden by the people who wanted an AoJ, who created a new BMVG to start getting those out. Just because an item is new, doesn't mean you drop the current BMVG to get it out. Not to mention the people who randomly have been voting on a SoD and a SB.

So the BMVG is dead, now its just another thread that can be made that people will ignore.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 31 2009 3:05 PM EDT

Titan called me an idiot. Now my life is full of despair. A meaningless, empty void. *sniffle*

Anywho, I just spawn whatever the BM wants me to. And before anyone says something about Hitler: If Hitler spawned in CB's black market, I very well might vote for him, too. ;P

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] March 31 2009 3:09 PM EDT

That's how most people think marl, that's why last week when the voting difference was only a few votes the BMVG should have been created for the AoJ not the Corn.

Steve G March 31 2009 3:12 PM EDT

the BMVG has been split in half, those who have an AoJ and those who dont

winner winner March 31 2009 3:13 PM EDT

I'm pretty sure a corn really doesn't make much of a difference to your strat, an AoJ could be the difference between a win and a loss for someone with a familiar strat.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] March 31 2009 3:14 PM EDT

What about those of of who don't use junction, and still voted for the AoJ.... where do I fit in.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] March 31 2009 3:15 PM EDT

I run a familiar strat. I need an AoJ, I've been following the Corn BMVG since it was the first one. For a numbers run down for everyone who doesn't want to look it up themselves: since the creation of the BMVG for the Corn, which was made first, we have had 17 Votes for the AoJ, 5 for a SoD, 1 for a BoNE, 2 for Spellboosters, 2 for an AoAC and 2 for a Steel Brigandine.

winner winner March 31 2009 3:17 PM EDT

If people who want an AoJ to be spawned don't vote for it this week, then how are they ever going to get enough votes to make it the BM item?

chaosal March 31 2009 3:17 PM EDT

there's no law stating that there can only be one BMVG at a time... granted, it makes more sense that way, but with such a disruptive item as the AoJ, it's understandable to want more in circulation so having two concurrent BMVGs is fine. i agree that it would be pointless if we just created a new one every time we wanted an item rather than following the current group(s), but perhaps this situation calls for just such a split.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 31 2009 3:20 PM EDT

Chaosal, the voice of sanity. Albeit inefficent sanity, yet still sanity.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 31 2009 3:21 PM EDT

Marlfox, the voice of a fellow who cannot spell "inefficient".

chaosal March 31 2009 3:21 PM EDT

the inefficiency pains me indeed.

Haloki March 31 2009 3:24 PM EDT

why not start a thread saying next week aoj please i would have voted for that next week if the corn got out. most people would have ( i think) but then again, just complaing when you dont get your way is what cb has turned into ..... for some.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] March 31 2009 3:28 PM EDT

The AoJ would of been next after the Corn was voted through, it had the most votes following the Corn. But instead, the majority of "important people" as I'll happily be refering to them from now on, decided that what CB really needed was AoJ's and as such, the only thing that should be put out, is what they tell us to put out.

GoLDeNGaTE March 31 2009 3:38 PM EDT

Calm down Silva, sheesh...I'm sure most people who have voted for the AoJ already have one, we are just recognizing the fact that 1)you can't get an AoJ anywhere, 2) without AoJ's, running a familiar strat is next to useless...aside from the facts that there are more than six times the Corns than AoJ's in the game, and that there is one in Rentals (guess no one needs one THAT bad), Chaosal said it best earlier in the thread which im sure you have read, and it should have ended at that...
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