This is foolish (in General)

QBRanger April 16 2009 5:43 PM EDT

An Executioner's Sword [82x1] (+0) $7,778 $7,779 04:53:06
An Elven Stiletto [55x1] (+0) $6,754 $6,755 04:53:06
An Elven Stiletto [55x1] (+0) $6,754 $6,755 04:53:06
A Katana [74x1] (+0) $7,771 $7,772 04:53:06

All by the auctioneer while there have been 4 spellboosters in the past month.

And I believe perhaps 0 AoJ's.

Can we get a few more higher end items to please spawn?

And a lot less juck clogging up the auctions. Now really, who goes after base low end "rare" weapons?

IMO, the Elven Stilletto is only good for ... well nothing really.
Same for the GoM and the Mec Cape.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 16 2009 5:47 PM EDT

no aoj's naturally spawned since intro. jon said in a thread that they were definitely in the spawn table, but i left the bug on the known issues list until i see one spawn with me own eyes!

ScY April 16 2009 5:53 PM EDT

SoD's SoC's etc. as well

Lord Bob April 16 2009 6:06 PM EDT

"Can we get a few more higher end items to please spawn?"

Please, no. Let's keep rares rare for once.

I'll make an exception for the AoJ. I think that item could use a few spawnings.

"And a lot less juck clogging up the auctions. Now really, who goes after base low end "rare" weapons?"

I'll give you that the constant spawning of useless Katanas, Stilettos and Executioner's Swords needs to stop. Their only use is to disenchant and sell back to the store for profit.

Fatil1ty April 16 2009 6:06 PM EDT

I disagree just because you need something doesn't mean it should spawn quicker. That's what keeps things rare. And also the stilettos etc are good for new players so it's important that a new user can get a weapon that's reasonable asap.

Lord Bob April 16 2009 6:06 PM EDT

"Please, no. Let's keep rares rare for once."

Though I admit I'd like a SoD.

Lord Bob April 16 2009 6:09 PM EDT

"'s important that a new user can get a weapon that's reasonable asap."

Back in the old days we worked our way up through sabers and rapiers, on through the middle weapons, and later up to the low-end rares, and we liked it! I think less of these need to spawn so middle-end items aren't completely ignored like they are now.

..but then again, that's an upgrade cost problem and an N*B problem as well as an issue with spawns.

Thak April 16 2009 6:13 PM EDT

I say what do the new people want to see spawned more in auctions.

What is there take on it?

Colonel Custard April 16 2009 7:49 PM EDT

"Back in the old days we worked our way up through sabers and rapiers, on through the middle weapons, and later up to the low-end rares, and we liked it!"
I was almost about to say that I don't remember this, or that I wasn't around that long ago, but then I remembered that, at the end of CB1, my biggest weapon was an Executioner's Sword. Ah, the good old days.

Lord Bob April 16 2009 10:33 PM EDT

"but then I remembered that, at the end of CB1, my biggest weapon was an Executioner's Sword. Ah, the good old days."

Yeah, mine too. I think I might have saved up enough for a Lochaber Axe right before CB1 went poof, but I'm not sure if I actually got one or not.

QBRanger April 16 2009 10:42 PM EDT

I remember getting my first exec sword for 1.1M CB1. Then paying a forger 1M to get it useful.

And I was so happy to have a real Rare weapon.

Took me about a month to get all that money and I played every day. Enjoying my progression through the ranks, even though I was a very little fish at the time.

Now, in a week, new player have a MH or MoD. And in a month, they have a 10M one.

I wonder why we even have any melee weapons except for the top 6 and perhaps katanas and execs.

Same for missile weapons except perhaps a compound in the very beginning and tournaments.

ScY April 16 2009 10:50 PM EDT

Well the reason why this seems plausible is because of the economy of CB. With a negligible amount of new players relative to the number of players who are already established (~ 800k MPR and up) there is almost no demand for those little swords so you see them spammed in auctions for 1k etc.

The underlying cause of there being a negligible amount of players that can be characterized as new is due to the NUB. With the current top MPR being so high, and the current NUB being what it is, it takes a SHORT amount of time for an interested new player to transcend 800k mpr and become established (where there is negligible need for a katana for example)

Canibus April 16 2009 10:59 PM EDT

You wanted AoJ? I don't care really (no way im getting it yet) but I went to Black Market and voted for an AoJ, just 1 more and its in auction.

So to everyone -> Black Market for the win. :)

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] April 16 2009 11:09 PM EDT

I think I said this before, but base weapons and armor stats should go up along the increasing MPRs, somehow. Of course, while keeping them as strong as they are relative to each other. It makes 0 sense that we all get stronger and stronger, while our arsenal becomes weaker and weaker.

Passive % bonus to equipment stats based on strongest ones?

Hey, I can't bring forth a real algorithm, but the static status of loot is not logical in CB's reality, where all goes UP, forever.

Wizard'sFirstRule April 16 2009 11:18 PM EDT

do new player really need the cash bonus? I am sure that they still make lots of CB without the bonus similar to how someone can run a NCB for money (except they still get free BA).

Shark April 16 2009 11:45 PM EDT

you all forget CB1 so fast

Cb2 is just Cb1 part 2

bet theres not even anyone but a few of us old timers from cb1 who remember the 50% everything goes dinky re-scale?

its all the same just a different day

wait..thats what you all do best

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 17 2009 12:16 AM EDT

In relative terms it is kinda of the same it took me a while to get a loch back in the days and Exec's and claymores were useless except for a profit margin from camping in the same period i can get the best weapon (opinions vary) in about the same time... those low weapons become useless in a short period of time....unless there is alot of new players layoff the lame low weapon spawns.

Daz April 17 2009 12:24 AM EDT

bet theres not even anyone but a few of us old timers from cb1 who remember the 50% everything goes dinky re-scale?

I joined in the wake of it. People were still crying about it.

Honestly, I think there should be another one now. Just make it clear that the amount of effort that people have put in is still the same, its just that the numbers are slightly different :P

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 17 2009 12:27 AM EDT

okay now i am going to argue vs myself.
This same thing was said when I was playing nearly ten years ago.
The items that are rare are rare for a reason. when people camped stores they would camp for a week, and some guy would walk in and grab "their" Loch and they would make a big fuss that there was not enough spawns for lochs. same story different year.

Soul Eater April 17 2009 12:41 AM EDT

I got my AoJ so I'm not worried although mine is a bugged one, I hope to get fixed someday since it's killing my networth.

Shark April 17 2009 12:58 AM EDT

i like the way warlord daz thinks :)

Shark April 17 2009 2:08 AM EDT

its almost comical in itself knowing how people start to squirm some when you even mention RE SCALE lol :) can we all say that together now

come on you can do it!!!!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 17 2009 4:30 AM EDT

Heh, this is just my Tulwar campaign.

There's no reason for so many low end items, and we've slowly been seeing a change in armour.

But nothing for weapons.

It's silly that you can get a Katana in the AH for usually less than some of the low end wepaons in the Store.

Jon's only answer to me was that "I'd lost the feel of moving up the weapon ranks".

But no one does that now (and hasn't for a very long time), not when you can buy Kats and Exe's for a pittance, and no one sohuld be advised to do it either, when each individual BA is worth so much more.

But it seems like something Jon doesn't want to change.

QBOddBird April 17 2009 1:28 PM EDT

If Jon wanted us to move up the weapon ranks - really wanted us to - he'd have done things differently.

Nobody's going to "move up the ranks" when there are lots of better weapons available at prices that are easily attained and when each individual BA is constantly becoming more valuable (whether you are moving from a higher regen rate to a lower or if you mean the bonus, each BA is still becoming more valuable constantly.)

So if these items were to be good for something, there would have to be an actual shortage of the "rare" items that we all can easily obtain now. You know this community, though - everything needs to be both available and affordable. Might as well delete the smaller weapons, because NOBODY will approve of a change where they can't have everything they want :P just look at the AoJs!

Demigod April 17 2009 1:36 PM EDT

There's no reason to have so many of the entry level weapons when they're all equally useless after playing for just two weeks.

I'd like to see half of the entry level items disappear or, better yet, make them less-useless. But then again, I enjoyed moving up the ranks in CB1 despite never getting one of the famed Lochs.

QBRanger April 17 2009 1:45 PM EDT

To compare this to the AoJ is just plain wrong.

Jon removed a skill that quite a few people based their character on. And made an amulet that did the same function. This is not like a corn or a BOM that is a luxury, the AoJ was a necessity for those already on the junction route.

One can then say: "well what about weapons?". And I will say there are at least 6 choices for melee weapon and 5 for missile weapons. There is no other choice for the AoJ.

As many of us stated, it would have been far better if the AoJ was a supporter item instead of its current status.

I agree that the NUB effectively made all non top notch rares useless. Why get a katana and sink 5M into it over a couple months when you make that in 1 week with the NUB?

Why not wait to get a corn when it is 3 days of fighting for a NUB? There is now no reason to go after less than top notch rares due to the current bonus structure we have enabled new players with. And with all that money in the CB system, a trickle effect does occur to older players.

But in a game such as this, where items are not customizable, why do we want rares to be rare? Why not let everyone who needs a rare eventually be able to get one? Is that not what Jon wanted with the NUB as it is? Who are we to question his goal for the game?

We can question the low end rares as with the NUB they are about as useless as a buggy whip.

100k to the person who gets the movie reference my last statement came from.

QBRanger April 17 2009 1:46 PM EDT

well considering Google is here, that offer is rescinded.

Talion April 17 2009 1:59 PM EDT

Personally, I think the spawning rate of rare items if just fine.

Items that can be used by new users spawn more often and are cheaper. Items that can only be bought by veterans having lots of resources spawn rarely.

I like things the way they are now.

Here's an idea: Create a thread in the General forum to encourage people to vote for the item you need to spawn. Oh, right, already done and usually quite effective.

Aera Cura April 17 2009 2:02 PM EDT

Staying Alive December 2008 ^^


QBOddBird April 17 2009 3:24 PM EDT

"Who are we to question his goal for the game?"

LOL, as if any answer to that would stop us from doing so. I question it every time I'm reminded of how the NUB works.

Phrede April 17 2009 4:49 PM EDT

The only thing that needs to be changed is that rares need to be more expensive. We need to get the USD back in this game. Jon - lets also double the naming cost while we are there - we need to keep the game going.

The veal and the mash combo - didnt go down that well - i'm suprised

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 17 2009 10:08 PM EDT

I'm sure the comparison is still valid, but ages and ages ago I posted prices of Exe's and Kat's in the AH and some *more* expesnive low end rubbish from the item store.

Bar things like base whips/daggers for new characters (that don't want to use a Tattoo or DD to start with), there is absolutly no reason for the majoirty of the weapons in CB, when the 'stater' rares can be purchased (or rented if unavailable...) for the same price, or less.

Seriously, who would spend 25K on a x9 Beaked Axe from the store, when you can get a x 11 Kat for that much in the AH.

Let's get rid of the Tosh no one uses, and up the spawn rate on 'rares'. They aren't really 'rare' any more, with more Kat's than active users, and it would just open up more choice for everyone.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 17 2009 10:11 PM EDT

Edit: Ages ago NS made a post with a very valid point about this arising from the, er non traditional, nature of the cost of NW upgrades CB uses.

If we followed a more traditional route, and the better base items were more expensive to upgrade than thier lesser brethren, then this wouldn't even be an issue.

QBRanger April 17 2009 10:14 PM EDT

Or perhaps make it so you can disenchant these lower items, so you do not lose everything.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 17 2009 10:16 PM EDT

No one owuld still buy a Beaked Axe that costs more than a Kat though. There's just no reason to do so.

It's like the DCMs. All these weapons are are new player traps. Even with 100% Disenchanting.

As they could have been spending precious BA with a much better weapon, and probably fighting better/higher for more rewards.

There is no reason to use a Tulwar. Ever. (Unless a tourny is made that's Tulwar only, of course, but you get the drift! :P)

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] April 17 2009 11:52 PM EDT

I agree with most of everything stated in this thread. It is absurd to have these common weapons when there are low end rare weapons that people can buy in the store for less. I think that the problem for this is caused by the quickness in which the NUBs make there money. I do not, however, think that we should take away their monetary bonus as stated by someone else earlier in this thread. Even if someone spends their NUB really well they will still be behind many veterans in NW.
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