Yay, I got Baptised today!! (in Off-topic)

Soul Eater April 20 2009 2:42 AM EDT

I am so happy I got baptised today. I love Jesus and please don't flame this thread, if you don't have anything nice or pertinent to this thread please don't post. This is something important to me. Thanks.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] April 20 2009 2:46 AM EDT


BadFish April 20 2009 2:49 AM EDT

Jesus seems like he'd be a cool guy, if he were around today I would definitely hang out with him. High-five!

QBOddBird April 20 2009 3:03 AM EDT


Soul Eater April 20 2009 3:43 AM EDT

*Reciprocates BadFish's High Five* And yes I would be very happy to meet Jesus. I am very excited to live my life for Christ. I got a full immersion baptism today, which happened to be my Pastor's retirement day as well. So I will have a good memory to remember him by. And I will miss him.

blackshadowshade April 20 2009 6:36 AM EDT

Hey, congrats, Gogeta!

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 20 2009 7:19 AM EDT

Congratz G4!

Demigod April 20 2009 7:41 AM EDT

Congratulations, and yes, it's a nice way to remember the man (though I'm sure he'll still come to your church).

AdminNightStrike April 20 2009 8:18 AM EDT

Where do they still do full immersions?

blackshadowshade April 20 2009 8:26 AM EDT

I did a full immersion in the Swan River in Perth a couple of years ago. :)

Sickone April 20 2009 8:34 AM EDT

Congratulations on your soapless bath !
So... what name did you get ?

GoLDeNGaTE April 20 2009 9:29 AM EDT

Congrats Gogeta!

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] April 20 2009 9:31 AM EDT

Must be a great day for you. It's all that matters so, hey, enjoy it!

Soul Eater April 20 2009 1:13 PM EDT

My Church has Baptismal Tub that's like 4 feet deep. They fill it up like 3 feet.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] April 20 2009 1:20 PM EDT

Gratz Gogeta.

I remember getting baptized like twelve years ago. We had a tub like you.

lotien April 20 2009 1:40 PM EDT

hey NS i did my baptism outside in winter lol but congrats Gogeta i gots a new brother in christ lol

Revs April 20 2009 1:54 PM EDT

Congratulations! And equally important, blessings on keeping your testimony public in the face of possibly adversity. ;)

{CB1} DeFiAnT [Jago] April 20 2009 3:44 PM EDT

I'm very happy for you. What a special day, I hope you remember and charish it forever.

j'bob April 20 2009 8:32 PM EDT

Congratulations Gogeta! Most important is how happy this has made you and how your belief affects you life in such a positive way.


Daz April 20 2009 8:36 PM EDT

Warlord shadowshade 8:26 AM EDT
I did a full immersion in the Swan River in Perth a couple of years ago. :)

That is gross. Did you at least disinfect yourself afterwards?

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