Botcheck Urban Legend (in Off-topic)

chuck1234 April 20 2009 5:54 AM EDT

Has anybody else noticed that the indicative words on the botcheck [both the words] can at times have an uncanny connection to real-life circumstances of the player? Like, for instance, I'm thinking of this girl, and then I get the botcheck love/ wins; or another time with another lass it was much/ pain.

Beats reading the astro page anyday ;)

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 20 2009 6:40 AM EDT

Botcheck horoscopes? I see a possible business venture... ;)

AdminNightStrike April 20 2009 8:07 AM EDT

One of the greatest skills humans possess is finding patterns where none exist :)

BTW, I'm back online. Kind of.

Wizard'sFirstRule April 20 2009 8:17 AM EDT

given a first word, how many percent of potential "second" word that you would consider a pattern? 1%? 0.25%?

Even if it is 0.25%, that's 1 in 400, given that we each do 400 in a week or so (unverified), we are bound to see "patterns", because we only notice them when they have some "pattern" and the actual observed pattern will be more than what it is.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 20 2009 9:29 AM EDT

hmmm, after reading this the next botcheck was warm pus, after some though i do have a fingernail that might be getting infected or ingrown!

the very next botcheck was bias moan, which pretty much sums up a recent thread on these forums.


chuck1234 May 9 2009 11:06 PM EDT

Some serious discussion on the mysterious co-incidences that intrude into our daily life, courtesy the NYT over here.

AdminShade May 10 2009 3:52 AM EDT

kiss // pain

AdminNightStrike May 10 2009 4:01 AM EDT

Ouch... been there, Shade.. been there...

kevlar May 10 2009 4:08 AM EDT

glad it wasn't kiss // dead

kevlar May 10 2009 4:13 AM EDT

man I've had some funny ones... dumb // bus was one of my favs
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